“I cannot get this girl out of my head”

I met this girl online 4 years ago, when I was 16 and she was 14. I fell in love with her, we talked every day, but never saw each other. She lives in Idaho, I live in Oregon. Back then, we couldn’t see each other cause of the distance, and there was no way our parents would take us to see each other. It was definitely a romantic relationship, she was perfect personality wise, and so beautiful.

After 2 years, we had a falling out, I feel because we literally never saw each other. I didn’t have a job, could barely drive to the store, and tried keeping everything a secret from everybody. She’s legit and real, there’s 100% no chance of her being not who she says she is, we’ve Facetimed, Snapchatted thousands of times, talked/seen many friends + their social medias and everything- she’s real. I still love her, I still care about her, I still think about her not every day, but definitely a lot. We’ve talked on and off ever since, but I haven’t heard from her in at least a
year now. Continue reading

“Should I say ‘I love you’ first?”

We’ve been dating for 7 months now… traveled together many times and everything seems to be fine. I already feel in love with him but never said it. He keeps telling me that he thinks I am a great girl but it’s too early to judge me. He also talks about how he’s not emotional and how he hardly says “I love you” to his family members. Should I go ahead and say it first? In all honesty his actions show that he really cares and does have feelings for me but he never says it straight up.

“He used to be the man of my dreams”

I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years. I am currently 26. When I was a teenager, he was the man of my dreams, but as we aged and matured, we’ve became roommates that hold each other down from actual love possibilities, for convenience of our children and living situation.

He feels differently, though. This weekend we had an argument about something stupid. And he left. I figured a hour or two to blow off steam. But when I woke at 5 am, he was nowhere to be found. Instant panic attack. I called , phone’s off …

He strolled in at 2 pm. After hours of mixed emotions and thoughts of where he could possibly be. He told me he was at the hospital. I’ve already basically premeditated his funeral, mentally prepared to be a single mom, and had a partial break down. Inside , the damage was done. He left. He didn’t call. He turned his phone off. I wrote him a proper notice to leave , and slept alone last night. Continue reading

“I’m falling in love with an escort”

I have been seeing an escort for paid sex on an irregular basis since April. I had seen other girls before, but this one was the first that I liked enough to see again. I understand you may have already judged me as some vile pervert just from those first sentences, and I would not blame you. I take no pride in it, but hear me out. I really like her. We connected on a physical and intellectual level, I enjoyed the conversation as much as the sex, which says something as the sex is incredible.

I also think that because I’m the only client near her age — I’m 24 and she’s 21 — she feels that she can open up and relax with me. Last time we met she didn’t seem to want me to go, despite my paid time being up, because we were so deep in conversation. I had to stop it to leave as I felt bad I was taking up her free time. She also seems to like that I care that she enjoys our time as much as I do and comments about my oral skills every time.

I’ve recently joined the Army and start in less than a week. I told her that this means I can no longer see her due to the risk on dismissal and that this week will be the last, but she wants to write to me while I’m at training and even said she wants to send me pictures to keep my spirits up. I’ve had feelings for her since we first met, thus why I continued to see her, but I thought she would never see me as anything more than a client. I’m still not sure. It feels like she’s taking a personal interest in me, but I might be misreading the situation. I also don’t know how to win the heart of a girl who has men pay for her company, not that her profession bothers me.

If something were to blossom between us, I wouldn’t put any pressure on her to stop. That can only be her choice. I see her on Saturday, I’m thinking of just telling her how I feel. I doubt she’ll be shocked, but at least I’ll know where I stand after that.

“I’m falling in love with a girl I just met”

I just ended my relationship, now I think I might be in love again, and I don’t know what to do. I just moved to a different country, and even though I tried to make it work long distance with my girlfriend, we didn’t make it. It was a pretty tough thing, but that’s life.

I think I’m just missing someone in my life, because a few days ago I met this girl, and think I’m falling in love with her. The thing is, she’s not interested in me, and I don’t know what to do because I don’t know how to date anymore after being in a relationship for so long. And worse yet, she seems really interested in my friend (who knows I like her and is not doing anything, but still I feel really bad watching her flirt with him). Continue reading

“I’m confused by what my ex-girlfriend wants”

Me and my girlfriend broke up last Thursday because she needed space and learn how to find happiness within herself. But she said she still loves me.

Sunday one of my friends got In a argument about how I deserved better and weirdly, that day she was acting like we were dating again. Later on that day, she texted one of my exes and told her to leave me, her boyfriend, alone and block me. But on Monday, things went back to normal, and we were still broken up.

I get depressed a lot and Tuesday I woke up very in a bad mood and cut myself. When I told her, she didn’t seem to care and said she couldn’t talk anymore. I told her that it was okay, and later she texted me saying she didn’t mean forever. That confused me super bad and we started to talk again, but not like we were back together. Continue reading

“I’m in love with my friend’s girlfriend”

I have a really good friend that I met in my medical school days. We texted all the time, would go for dinner every alternate day, go to the movies, talk for hours on phone, study nights together for our final exams, basically all types of friend stuff.

For the last two to three months, I have been developing feelings for her and it literally sucks. I can’t take this friendship to the next level because she has a boyfriend who is also a very good friend of mine.

I decided be distant from her to suppress my feelings. I stopped talking to her and have avoided her on many occasions, but, she is not letting me to do so. She call me every single day for combined studies at her place, and cooks for me. She asks me questions like,  “Why are you are behaving this way?” Continue reading

“I’m in love with my best friend, who lives in New Zealand”

I live in America and I have a best friend who lives in New Zealand. We have been talking for four years. I am in love with him and he feels the same. I am hesitant to try long distance right now, though, in the past I haven’t been. In the past he was scared, and now its me who is afraid. We have been besties through a lot, so I know our friendship can survive a lot, but I am scared if we broke up we might not be friends, and that would basically be unbearable for me. He does wanna move here, but doesn’t have the money at this point, and it would be a year or more before he did.

I really do love him – he’s great to talk to and gives good advice, and I can tell he really cares about, and loves me. Should I try long distance???

“I’m in love with my wife’s sister”

My wife & I have been married for 15 years. Before I say anything about my current & long lasting situation I want to just make it clear, I love my wife.

My situation is this: for the last 15 years I have been in love with someone else, too. I met her just a few weeks after I met my wife. From the first time I saw her, I fell head over heals for this beautiful girl. ( I will use a fake name of Amy for her) From day one Amy & I hit it off. But there were two problems. 1) I was dating my now wife at the time. 2) The biggest problem, Amy, was her sister. Only four years younger than me.

So there is my problem. As wrong as it sounds, I have been in love with my sister in-law for the past 15 years.

In my 15 year marriage I have had awesome memories, good times & bad times. No kids though. On the other hand, in the years since Amy & I have known each other we have found more & more things in common. We enjoy the same music & hobbies. We can easily talk for hours at a time. We have become each others best friend. Helping each other through whatever life tosses our way. It was only a matter of time until, in various indirect ways, we both made it clear that the feelings were the same for each other. At one time just last year we had an “almost kiss” moment.

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