“Both me and my married brother like a girl”

So… I’m in my mid-twenties and have never been in love. I have had crushes and whatnot, but often move on quickly enough. I’ve also had people confess affection for me, though in a cruel twist this tends to put me off…

However, I’ve been friends with someone for the past few years, and I think I might be starting to fall for them. I’m no expert, but I think there’s been some flirtation and hidden signals, and I notice quite a lot of glances coming my way when I’m not looking. Though there’s a good chance I’m reading into things too much… Continue reading

“Are we wasting time because it’s never going to work?”

Me and my boyfriend have been together 18 months. I sometimes feel like we’re just too different and we’re wasting time together because we’re working on something that’s never going to work. I love him so much but sometimes I feel that I feel more for him than he does for me and it gets me down a bit.

I try SO hard to make things good with us.  If we argue I’m the only person to fix it, if something’s wrong, I fix it. We live about 3 minutes from each other’s house and I’m at his house everyday but when I ask him to come to my house he never wants to…. I always have to make the effort. He does spoil me a lot but I just feel like a lot of our relationship is one sided. I ask very little of him and I really don’t get much in return of what I ask for him. Continue reading

“My mom and I constantly argue”

I can’t seem to stop fighting with my mom, and it’s tearing me up inside. We have big differences in ideology and faith and obviously age, but we’ve always been pretty close. She came to visit me during Thanksgiving, and I found myself becoming very easily annoyed with her (and other family) and snapping and fighting.

Since then, it’s been so hard to go very long without having a huge argument over politics, opinions, each other’s choices, etc. She makes me feel like if I question her logic (I have been in school in the science field, so it’s hard for me not bring up objections to logic), that I think she is stupid and I hate her. But I have explained it’s not personal, then she says incredibly mean and cruel and yes, illogical things to me. Continue reading

“His twin brother wants to date me”

So about 5 or 6 years ago I was occasionally talking to this guy. Nothing serious. We texted sometimes, maybe had 2 phone conversations but never dated or anything. The first time we hung out we ended up having sex. Next day went on as if nothing happened. We only had sex one more time after that before we just eventually drifted to other interests I guess you can say.

Fast forward 4 years later, me and my girls would chill out with these guys that my friends grew up with. Guys were really chill… liked to genuinely have fun and yada yada. One of the guys always flirted with me and eventually made it clear that he liked me so I asked a few people about him to see what vibes I would get. One source revealed he had a twin brother.

OMG! Once that was said to me it made sense why he looked so familiar of another person – the guy I slept with years ago.  Ever since learning this, I basically friend zoned him. I never once revealed that I slept with his brother because frankly it wasn’t something I was too excited about and I didn’t want it to change how they viewed me. His brother in question moved down south and started his life there with a whole new family. Been there for a while and doesn’t seem to come back to where we live anytime soon. So me and the current brother have actually been on a date because he always asked but I felt bad after. IDK, like I  feel like it’s inappropriate and also pretty gross in a way but then again this happened yearssss ago and the family has a new life somewhere else. What should I do?

“I don’t see us getting together because of our families”

My best guy friend told me that he likes me like a lot, and I am confused. We have been friends for more than a year. I am single and I don t want to be in relationship, and I never had one before.

I have promised my mom to not have one until I graduate (we are both 19). I don’t think I am mature enough for a relationship, but deep down, I feel I also like him, as most of the time I can’t stop thinking about him.

We are really close, but I ended up telling him that I don t want to be in a relationship with anyone, and the friendship we have is more important than that. This was three months ago. We talk on and off now, because he always ends up telling me that he wants me and can’t get me out of his head, and my other girl best friend (who is also friends with him) keeps telling me how much he wants me and is really heartbroken. Continue reading

“Her coworker threatened to kill me if I try to go anywhere near her”

I was in a relationship with someone for close to 3 years. We had decided early on that we wanted to get married. Recently, though, she broke it off, shifting all the blame on me.

I took the blame, being the nice guy, and she originally gave me a chance to win her back. But soon after (the next day), she retracted any chance to be in her life. She said she had been unhappy for a while, but never told me anything. I didn’t see a big change, since she was always negative.

I haven’t faltered once in the relationship with love. I always wanted to be there for her, but she ended the relationship without any chance for me to try to make things better. I am worried for her, so I told her family about the situation, and even they don’t know what’s wrong. She won’t answer to anyone in her family, and she’s lying when she says she’s talking with her family. Continue reading

“My mom is having a hard time with me being away at college”

I am a freshman in college right now. My college is about an hour-and-a-half away from home. I had to work really hard to convince my parents to let me go to that college. I come home every other week. My mom really wants me to transfer to a college that is closer to home. I don’t really want to but, everyone keeps telling me that my mom is having a really hard time adjusting to me being out of the house. I really want to stay at the school that I am at but, I don’t know what to do.

“I’m tired of being called out for my family’s amusement”

I’m a guy in my mid-thirties. During family get-togethers, my step-sister’s husband (who also happens to be my father’s drug dealer) makes a point of ridiculing me in front of as many people as possible. He brings up embarrassing past events and generally does his best to humiliate and disgrace me.

If I ignore him, he gets increasingly more personal and aggressive. If I try to defend myself, my father immediately interrupts me with a litany of nonsense words or big fake belittling laughter before I can get a word out. Any time I’ve tried to talk to my dad about it, I’m “being to sensitive,” “imagining things,” or “can’t take a joke.”

I’m tired of being called out and then immediately shut down for others’ amusement.

“I like him, but he’s so attached to his mother”

I’m a single mom with 3 girls ages 2, 3, and 5. I’ve been single for about 2 years now and just recently met a great guy. He’s also a single parent with a little girl, age 9. He’s a pilot so he frequently travels.

His mother lives with him because while he’s gone, she takes care of his little girl. Which I think is sweet! He’s a good guy and seems very willing to be a part of my kids’ lives and he’s very understanding of my busy schedule. We’ve only been on 3 dates within the past month.

I’m basically new to dating after being in a very long (abusive) relationship and I need to take it slow and casual at first. But the only thing is, this guy is soooo attached to his mother. Which I think is nice BUT he asked me if it was okay to bring her along our last date. It was at the park to let our kiddos play so I said sure. But thought it was a little strange and I honestly wasn’t ready for all that. She ended up not coming and it sounds bad, but I was relieved. Continue reading

“My mom gets mad at me for yelling at my boyfriend”

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years. Our anniversary is the end of February. We have had some major problems, I have bipolar disorder and used to get really mad and even yell at him over stupid shit. I wouldn’t call it abuse, but it definitely wasn’t nice. He stole money from a friend’s grandmother. His friend not mine. He got mad over a Facebook post and left for four days and wouldn’t tell me where he went. He told me 6 months later that he cheated on me.

That was a year ago. I stayed because I love him and I honestly feel that he will try to be better and so far he has. He has been honest with me this far. He told me the night he stole the money, he told me about cheating. I never had to find anything out from someone other than him. It’s been a rocky road. I want to marry him despite all of the stuff I just wrote. I love him and I trust that he is doing all he can to be a better person. Continue reading