“I’m being forced to choose between my boyfriend and family”

I am 16 and I have been dating someone for 6 months. At the beginning, everything was perfect. He is the most loving, hilarious person I have ever met. I had my parents approval and everyone said we were the cutest couple.

But, my mother developed hatred toward my boyfriend. She now thinks he is disrespectful and a bad influence. She judges him and blames him for things he doesn’t do, and is now forbidding me to go out with him. I love him but she wants me to end things. I have tried fixing things and have invited him over to my family, but it only seems to make things worse.

I don’t feel loved or supported at home, and am constantly being told that everything I do is wrong. I also feel unsafe and scared for my future. I think I have met my future husband, and the fact that I am not allowed to date him is giving me severe anxiety and depression.

I don’t know what to do, because I can’t chose between my family and my boyfriend. I need advice.  At this point, I don’t want to live in my house anymore.


“My husband beats me and cheats on me”

My husband and I just moved to a new home in a different town. He promised me that this move would be good for us as a family (we have a kid together) and that he would do better and help out more (I work a full time job at home and take care of the bills and the home ,basically on my own). My husband’s temper has only gotten worse the longer we’ve been together… He’s already hit me and choked me a few times… When he actually DOES get a job he can’t hold it for longer than a month because he’s always threatening his coworkers and going off on his bosses.

He’s talking about going to the military and while part of me is excited to FINALLY be able to relax and get some real help (financially) another part of me is scared that he’s gonna end up one of those military men that beat on and cheat on their spouses (he’s already cheated on me 5 times.)

Maybe this is a stupid question but what do I even do at this point? I can’t leave town because he broke my car. Every time I try to throw him out he guilts me into letting him stay to work it out but then talks a bunch of crap behind my back … He doesn’t help with our child, just closes him in his room until I come out of my office during my lunch break or when I’m off… What do I do?

“Massive argument with my boyfriend and mother”

My boyfriend is a loud Italian man. He is younger than me by a handful of years. He has the biggest heart I’ve ever encountered. His Italian anger can be rather in your face. This last weekend, we spent time at my mother’s installing a sprinkler system for her. He generally enjoys being around my brother and mother. He feels like family.

However, she took us to dinner and told him to order whatever because the food was cheap. She saw the bill and cracked a joke about how half of the bill came from his meal. Then on the way home, she drove and isn’t the easiest to ride with – she drives jerky and all gas, all brake, she managed to slam on the brakes heading toward a stop sign. The left over food from dinner went flying and he and I got choked by our seat belts. I commented on how food went flying and he tried to play it off by cracking a joke about her driving. She snapped. Continue reading

“My boyfriend slept with his cousin”

My BF slept with his “cousin” and they live together. I found out because she called me to tell me she was his wife and raised his kids. At first it made sense why he never invited me to his home but later found out by him, that he wasn’t married, and it wasn’t his real cousin.

He confessed saying he slept with her a handful of times after his divorce and they grew up together and his aunt who couldn’t have kids raised her so they weren’t biological cousins. They live together and I asked for him to move out or she move out. So he agreed to moving out but needs about three months to get financially ready. Continue reading

“I have to choose between a career and my family”

My parents are strict: doctor, lawyer, engineer. You know typical high pay employment. I like arts. I like it but more importantly I like being able to choose my focus, my topic. If I’m not interested in it, the outcome is pretty brutal.

They don’t really recognize that I detest the topics related to those jobs (doctor, lawyer, engineer). So basically I am stuck between gambling my options; trying to pursue a career in the arts, without my family supporting me, or I can give up what I love, and possibly make some good money, and have my family.

I’m lost. Very lost.

“Why wasn’t I invited out to dinner?”

My boyfriend of 2.5 years has two older brothers, both of whom are in relationships (that began after ours). Yesterday, him and his two brothers and their girlfriends (who live out of town) took their mother out for a special dinner.

I was not invited, as he assumed I “was busy” without even asking. I live pretty much on the way to the restaurant, and had literally nothing going on. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and still am…. yet he refuses to apologize as he feels he did nothing wrong. I only found out about said dinner when I saw photos of everyone that their mom posted on Facebook, when I texted him. His reply was “I guess you can still come”. By the time I got into my car and called, they were leaving. Am I right to be upset? I feel like shit because in my opinion I look like the jerk for not being there.

“Where do I fit in the picture?”

Family of 4, hubby quit his job 5 years ago to go to school. I have been supporting him emotionally and financially through that time. For 4 years we would talk about our dreams after he graduates, which has helped me get through this long journey.

But the past 6 months he’s been so busy, we haven’t been talking as much. I asked him about jobs he is applying for, and he informs me that all our plans we have been discussing are no longer an option  – and he is applying for jobs in places we have never talked about! I’m hurt, these were our dreams as a family, not just his dreams, so where do I fit in the picture?

“Am I just being insecure?”

I’ve been in a serious relationship with a man for 7.5 years now. It started out great. We went places, on vacations with our kids together. Then we stopped for money reasons, but we still did all our staycations together with our kids. When vacation time came…we spent it together, whether or not we went anywhere.

BUT… two years ago, during Spring break I was surprised when he took just his daughter away for a few nights without us, because I couldn’t afford to split the cost. I felt ditched, left out, just because we couldn’t afford it. Continue reading

“I’m stuck between my family and the guy I love”

I need help. I am stuck between a rock and a wall, between my family and my love. Yesterday, I came home from college, my grandfather, brother and dad helped me move out. When they came to my dorm to take everything out, they met my African-American friend. They had no idea that he was actually my boyfriend, it was very recent and I do not share personal details of my life with my parents.

We moved everything out, came back to my house and while unpacking, jokes were made about me needing a boyfriend. I said that I did not need one because I already had one. Everything was silent, my mom was mad at me for 2 days and on the third day she finally spoke to me. Continue reading