“Am I just being insecure?”

I’ve been in a serious relationship with a man for 7.5 years now. It started out great. We went places, on vacations with our kids together. Then we stopped for money reasons, but we still did all our staycations together with our kids. When vacation time came…we spent it together, whether or not we went anywhere.

BUT… two years ago, during Spring break I was surprised when he took just his daughter away for a few nights without us, because I couldn’t afford to split the cost. I felt ditched, left out, just because we couldn’t afford it. Continue reading


“Do I get back with my daughter’s dad?”

Going to try and keep it short…
I got pregnant by someone I hardly knew. The guy spent 3 years in prison and now that he’s out I thought I would try and have a civilized relationship with him for the sake of my daughter.

Now here’s the issue.. I find myself talking to him a lot now. I’m happy in a relationship already so I don’t want to, or plan on having a romantic relationship with my daughter’s dad. I’m so surprised at how good we are getting along, we laugh a lot, and it just feels so wrong. I try to stop his flirting but he is so persistent and dammit, he’s so charismatic. It’s weird, I don’t want a relationship with him, and don’t want to ruin the relationship I have now, but I’m having a hard time trying to stay away. HELP PLEASE!!

“My boyfriend never has sex with me”

Can you imagine being a 41 year old woman and you have no life?! Your kids treat you like pure shit and your boyfriend would rather go out drinking beer and watching football than spend one single minute alone with you.

You never have sex…oh, wait a minute, you might about once a month, or every 2 months, and only then because you cry that you never have it. So nice to have to force your boyfriend into having sex with you. Makes you feel like a disgusting piece of shit. Is he getting it elsewhere? Continue reading

“Is this child my husband’s or not?”

Here’s the deal: my husband had an affair with a married woman. We separated when I found out in the most horrific way and remained that way for over a year before reconciling. I now know everything about what happened and have moved past it.

Here’s my one problem. After we separated, he continued to see her for several months while she was still with her husband (both of them intimately). She got pregnant during that time and her husband refused to claim the baby was his, instead insisting it must be my husband’s, because it was born handicapped. There was never any sort of DNA testing done and the child was given up for adoption to a beautiful family (yes, I met them). My husband just wants to forget the whole thing and let it be, but I honestly don’t believe this child could possibly be his. It looks NOTHING like our children but identical to the other woman’s child with her husband. I want a DNA test done to confirm either way before I even begin thinking about telling our children about this other child. Am I crazy? Should we just move on like the kid doesn’t exist? How do I get him to do the DNA test?

“Should I be with this married man to further my career?”

I’ve been struggling with a decision I’ve recently made, or if I should make the complete opposite decision. I have asked very few friends and family for their words of wisdom, and wanted advice from an outsider’s perspective.

I have recently taken on a new career (in the arts, freelance) and met an extremely successful, well-known artist in this same area with highly notable contacts and connections, who frequently takes trips/travels to exotic locations for jobs. We immediately took a liking to one another (a little too much). Continue reading

“My boyfriend hits me”

My boyfriend and I have a child which is why I’m thinking so hard about it. I don’t wanna leave him because we have a baby together…but he has hit me. He yells at me. He insults me. He’s choked me and punched me. That’s only when we argue…he says it’s my fault. But when we’re okay, he’s sweet…he does favors for me, he makes sure me and my son are okay…I don’t know what to do…

“My intuition has been pulling me in a direction but I’ve been fighting it”

I have been with my kid’s father for almost 5 years, but broke up after 2 years and then got back together to work things out. We broke up because he said what he was looking for wasn’t me, but then we tried to make it work again and this time around things were going so well.

Then slowly but surely, things have gone back to what it was before. He makes me feel like I’m not doing enough in the relationship and at home. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 kids and I’ve only stopped working for a year to care for our 4 year old and 11 month old twin girls. Continue reading

“I’m married to an abusive husband”

This is a deep thought question so I’ll try to keep the details short.
I’m married to an abusive husband. We have one child, I have another who is much older from a previous relationship. I went to my attorney to divorce said abusive husband. Before I continue, I should say that my husband is a doctor. This will be important later. He has a high income, yet most people don’t realize that we don’t have cash on hand, it’s tied up and we are in debt. But, he does bring home a large amount of money.

He went to counseling with me. There, we discussed how we fight with each other because my cleaning isn’t up to his standards. (I am in no way filthy. I’m just not one of those OCD people like he is). The therapist suggested we hire a housekeeper so we wouldn’t fight about it. So we did, and it mostly worked. Continue reading

“My husband was texting another woman”

My husband and I have been together for 10 years ( 5 years married.)  For the most part we are happy and we have 2 handsome boys. Sunday I was going through his phone and he had this weird flirtatious conversation with a male friend I didn’t know he was talking to. Long story short, it was actually a female ( he put it under a male name so I wouldn’t notice) and they work together.

Looking through phone records they don’t text each other everyday, but he has erased all their messages. He swears that all the conversations before have been innocent and they were only joking in the messages I saw, and that he doesn’t have feelings for this girl and I have nothing to worry about. He said the only reason he changed the name and erased the messages was because he didn’t want me to get mad. He says he’s really sorry and didn’t mean to hurt me and he swears there is nothing going on. Continue reading

“I want to end my relationship”

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6.5 years. We have 2 children, a 4 year old daughter, and 1 year old son. I am completely miserable with him and can’t bring myself to leave. He used to be married to another woman. She cheated and they divorced. A long time ago his mother told me that she was the love of his life and he’d never love anyone like that again. I told him about it and he said it wasn’t true, but honestly who would be dumb enough to say that it is true? Now after going on 7 years and 2 kids, still no proposal, and I’m starting to figure out she was right.

My boyfriend is obviously not very attracted to me, we have sex once a week, if I’m lucky, and the only reason that happens is because I drink enough to initiate it. I’ve lost the ability to try to have sex with him while sober. I know that sounds gross but it gets worse. Continue reading