“My girlfriend wants me to fire my coworker”

My long-term relationship girlfriend wants me to fire a coworker. She is devastated, has nightmares, is taking medication… it’s more than jealousy.  I have a good friendship with said coworker and nothing inappropriate has ever happened from either end, but we did become good friends.

We have hung out numerous times in the past, with my girlfriend, as a group. My coworker has a pretty cool group of friends. I connected with her and her friends more than anyone else in this city and I can understand how that could make my girl uncomfortable. Continue reading

“Should I break up with my girlfriend?”

I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just over a year now and I’m starting to realize that I no longer see a future with her. I try to stay in love, but everyday it seems like an uphill battle.

I have noticed small changes in my attitude as of recently, such as finding other women oddly more attractive than usual, finding myself more impatient and irritated with my girlfriend, and more interested in going out to parties with my friends.

I’m not the type of guy who wants to leave his girlfriend for the hope of a one-night stand or anything sexual, I’m just looking for someone I can see a future with. However, I still have many feelings of compassion for her. I’m afraid that breaking up with her would cause her to perform poorly this semester and that our mutual friends would reject me. I just want her to be happy and us to be nothing more than close friends. Any advice would be extremely helpful, because I don’t want to let these feelings drag on too long.

“How do I convince my girlfriend to not get a tattoo?”

How do I persuade my girlfriend to not get a tattoo without it making her feel like I’m trying to control her?

My girlfriend has recently brought up her interest of getting a tattoo and as someone who finds tattoos on women to be a real turn off, this is pretty concerning for me. I mean absolutely no offense to girls with tattoos. It’s just not for me. I’m worried it might affect our sexual relationship. I do love my girlfriend a lot but I’m not a very sexually active person as it is. I fear that her getting it would just push my desire to have sex even lower. Continue reading

“My girlfriend restricted my access to hanging out with women”

Trevor says:

Now, I would like to preface this by pointing out that my girlfriend is not cheating on me. It’s not just because I’m stupid or naïve. I just understand certain things about her that would be a very long story to share on this. She’s an extremely territorial person who has since restricted my access to hanging out with women.

I understand this because of her past and background. However, she insists that she should have the ability to hang out with other men. This bothers me. She goes out with them, let’s them buy her drinks, and such. My territorial — and fairness — side pings here as this being something that isn’t fair.

Kenna says:

What my boyfriend doesn’t understand is that I live in this new area, find it very difficult to make friends, and want to be able to go out and have fun. I try to make female friends too, but I just find it more difficult, since the girls in my life seem to be more flaky than the boys.

I understand that the men who hang out with me want to sleep with me, but I would never sleep with them. I would never cheat on my boyfriend. I love him dearly, and I’m not sexually interested in any of them. I don’t let him hang out with women, because it’s like him to hang out in groups of people, so it would be unlike him to hang out one-on-one. I, however, do not like hanging out with large groups. It’s just different.

“She doesn’t even bother giving excuses for being distant anymore”

I’m 21 years old, and I’ve been dating my girlfriend for just over two years now. Neither of our parents know about our relationship, so spending time together is difficult, but we’ve been managing fairly well.

Last year, she was a first-year art student, and I’ve been giving her all the space she needs in order to experience everything college brings with it. But lately, she’s been extremely distant. She shoots down most of my attempts to see her, and she doesn’t even bother with excuses anymore, we didn’t talk much on the phone as she preferred to do it in person, but now we don’t talk on the phone at all. Continue reading

“I need to be with her or get over her”

I met this girl in 2011 and immediately was hooked. She was always very reserved and I didn’t know much about her. It intrigued me. After about a year of chasing her and being led on, I had enough and tried to move on.

I started dating my current girlfriend of 4 years to get over her. She turned out to be a Godsend and is beautiful, funny and ambitious. I couldn’t be luckier. But of course I never stopped talking to the first girl and she confirmed she had feelings for me. I tried many times and stopped talking to her completely for over a year, but there is always something pulling me back in. Continue reading

“My girlfriend lied about her ex”

So my girlfriend lied about her ex. When we were at our talking stages see claimed that she didn’t talk to anyone the way she talked to me. But I recently found out she was telling her ex that I was nothing to her, and she would even have me under the impression that she was asleep while she was talking to other guys.

We are now together but I am finding all of this out now. I always suspected her ex but she told me a lie, and now I found out the truth and it wasn’t through her. I really like her but know I feel like I cannot trust her like I used to. What should I do?

“I’m torn between this girl and all my friends”

I have a new girlfriend, we have been dating for about a month. but some of my friends demand that I break up with her, or else I will lose theirs and many others, respect. Why?

One night, a bunch of friends gathered at the beach, late in the night. I was busy the following day so I didn’t go. This gathering lasted from about 12 to 4pm. My girlfriend secretly took her dad’s car to drive to the beach. She has no licence, and not much experience (we’re both 16.) Once the night was over, many of her girlfriends got drunk, I’m not sure if she was drinking or not. She had to drive her friends back home, probably just to her house. One of her friends told one of my friends about the night, and described how she got home and the way my girlfriend was driving. She wasn’t angry at her, she said she found it fun and it was crazy. She was driving unlicensed, she ran several red lights and was driving on the wrong side of the road supposedly. Continue reading

“She wants to know if I am willing to change”

My girlfriend went through my phone while I was sleeping, and saw texts I sent to a mutual friend of ours about another girl, whom all three of us know. The texts said how I found her cute and physically attractive and that her demeanor and voice are also attractive.

Obviously when my girlfriend read these it was unsettling and was very wrong on my end. She wants to work on our relationship but it’s hard. She wants to know if I am willing to change and make it work. But I am stuck between breaking up with her because she deserves better than me, or working on things.

“I cannot get this girl out of my head”

I met this girl online 4 years ago, when I was 16 and she was 14. I fell in love with her, we talked every day, but never saw each other. She lives in Idaho, I live in Oregon. Back then, we couldn’t see each other cause of the distance, and there was no way our parents would take us to see each other. It was definitely a romantic relationship, she was perfect personality wise, and so beautiful.

After 2 years, we had a falling out, I feel because we literally never saw each other. I didn’t have a job, could barely drive to the store, and tried keeping everything a secret from everybody. She’s legit and real, there’s 100% no chance of her being not who she says she is, we’ve Facetimed, Snapchatted thousands of times, talked/seen many friends + their social medias and everything- she’s real. I still love her, I still care about her, I still think about her not every day, but definitely a lot. We’ve talked on and off ever since, but I haven’t heard from her in at least a
year now. Continue reading