“I want to get back with my ex”

My girlfriend of 1.5 years has recently broken up with me. After a few drunken fights, mainly down to us both, but mainly me being stubborn, she said the relationship was just too stressful for her and that she wanted to be single.

This has been a real eye-opener for me and I know I can be better if we got back together. She claims she still loves me and that she doesn’t want anyone else. We hung out recently after not talking for a week and it was awkward. What is my best chance at getting her back? I have some friends saying give her complete space and let her come back if she wants, but I also have friends saying I need to keep some contact with her so she doesn’t forget why she loves me. What do y’all think? What about social media.. is there anything I can do specifically to make her miss me more at this point?


“Is it a rebound relationship?”

My head is spinning and I don’t know that what my mind wants, is actually what it wants. I also don’t know what is the right thing to do in my situation. Help.

About 8 months ago I moved away from Cali to New York leaving my girlfriend of 4 years and we started to do the distance. Our relationship started to go sour and my girlfriend started blaming me for the reason things were going bad because I was pursuing my dreams. She wanted to break-up multiple times but I guess I convinced her to stay with me and maybe it will get better. Continue reading

“Shall I tell my ex about my side chick?”

I broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago. It’s been two weeks with no contact, but long story short, I lied, strayed and hid stuff from her due to pressure from Uni, financial issues, and depression.

By strayed, I mean I did stuff I did not usually do, including have a ‘side chick’ who had no idea about me and my girlfriend being together.

My girlfriend found out about another incident where I drunkenly messaged an old flame and this old flame sent my message to my girlfriend who found out about it months later.
Basically, I became a guild-ridden self-loathing individual and she didn’t recognize me. She still says she loves me, just not the way she used to, and yet, she hoped I would change.

I’m trying to change now, trying to be better and fight this depression, but now my girlfriend and me have broken up…should I even bother telling her about the side chick? Or should I tell the side chick that I lied to her? Or should I just move on from the side chick and hope for the best?

If I want even the smallest bit of reconciliation with my ex, I don’t want this to pop up and hurt her in the future. I’m done with the lies, but is there a point to hurt her unnecessarily?

Please help.

“My girlfriend is always lying to me”

I’m 16 years old and I’m in a relationship for over a year now. I really love her, but it’s getting more frustrating every day. She never cheated on me, but I caught her in a lie A LOT of times, not big lies, but they are still lies and now I have trust issues.

Everything she says to me, I suspect it, I’m not sure anymore if she is being honest to me or not, so this is getting out of control. I just can’t believe her, I was thinking about breaking up but I can’t do it, I love her and I can’t imagine my life without her. By the way, yes, we did talk about this topic multiple times but I still can’t trust her and I feel I’m being lied to, I need any advice.

His girlfriend doesn’t know about his gay sex”

I became friends with this guy who is significantly younger than me (he’s 25). I mention his age because I do feel somewhat maternal towards him. He’s in a swinging relationship and very open about his sex life with me. He’s also openly bisexual.

Recently he’s been having a LOT of unprotected man on man anal sex (receiving). As a friend, I told him I was worried and even asked if he was on Prep. (He isn’t. ) I also notice he’s lying a lot to me lately. (He’s very bad at it, lol). He’s also put on a significant amount of weight in the last 3 months. I feel like he’s in a very self destructive state. Continue reading

“I love a girl who isn’t interested in me”

I need advice. There’s this girl I like (I’m a girl as well). We have known each other for a long time. Recently, I’ve had a romantic interest in her and I told her so and we continued on as friends.

Last night, she told me she loves me, and she broke up with her girlfriend that night, providing screen shots for proof. But the next morning, she tells me she fixed their relationship and she’s sorry… I told her it was fine, when it obviously wasn’t. I was heartbroken. We haven’t texted all day and I still love her. What should I say?

“My drug-using girlfriend is ruining us financially”

A few months ago, I bought a house and moved my girlfriend and her 4 year old son in with me. I am 21, she is 32, the loan and title are in my name only etc. She makes around $16.25/hr and has never had a problem paying bills. Since we have moved into this house, she has been coming short on bills every month and I have to cover her, as well as pay for groceries.

I also do the majority of the cleaning, because if I don’t, the place becomes a wreck. I have found evidence that she has been buying and using pills recreationally. I have found over$100 worth in her purse at a time. When I confront her, she becomes very defensive and upset, but it is ruining us financially. She has severe anxiety and depression. I want to end the relationship but I am worried for her and her son. I know her parents would take them in, but I’m still worried about what will happen and I don’t know how to approach this. I wouldn’t care as much about the pills if she wasn’t lying to me and costing us so much.

“My girlfriend isn’t romantic at all”

I’m in a 5 month relationship and yesterday we had a bit of an argument, we were playing basketball and when we sat down I asked her a rather silly question but it was serious, would she go to my games when I joined the college team, she replied with ‘I don’t know.’

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit angry because I always try to make her happy with everything and even if she has to lie to me I would figure that the correct answer is yes. I got thinking why I was angry at that little thing, even though it would have been best to say yes. From what I thought, I was angry because I just don’t see her fair share of romantic stuff. It’s not about effort because we see each other every day and always talk but it’s a bit more than that. Continue reading

“My weed-smoking girlfriend says she likes another girl”

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years now. She’s currently away in college, 9 hours from me, while I work back here at our home. In recent times she has been smoking a lot of weed (which she never did before going to college) and overall just talking to me less and less.

I don’t really care too much about the weed smoking, it’s truly not an issue, but when she came back for spring break, she said she’s been contemplating breaking up with me because she’s developed feelings for a female at school. Continue reading

“Our sex life has gone downhill”

I tell my girlfriend what I want in sex. I need her to be more spontaneous about things. She’s super sensitive about me touching her. It’s been 5 years and I feel like my sex life isn’t where it needs to be in the relationship. Am I overreacting about the situation?