“I’m torn between this girl and all my friends”

I have a new girlfriend, we have been dating for about a month. but some of my friends demand that I break up with her, or else I will lose theirs and many others, respect. Why?

One night, a bunch of friends gathered at the beach, late in the night. I was busy the following day so I didn’t go. This gathering lasted from about 12 to 4pm. My girlfriend secretly took her dad’s car to drive to the beach. She has no licence, and not much experience (we’re both 16.) Once the night was over, many of her girlfriends got drunk, I’m not sure if she was drinking or not. She had to drive her friends back home, probably just to her house. One of her friends told one of my friends about the night, and described how she got home and the way my girlfriend was driving. She wasn’t angry at her, she said she found it fun and it was crazy. She was driving unlicensed, she ran several red lights and was driving on the wrong side of the road supposedly. Continue reading

“She wants to know if I am willing to change”

My girlfriend went through my phone while I was sleeping, and saw texts I sent to a mutual friend of ours about another girl, whom all three of us know. The texts said how I found her cute and physically attractive and that her demeanor and voice are also attractive.

Obviously when my girlfriend read these it was unsettling and was very wrong on my end. She wants to work on our relationship but it’s hard. She wants to know if I am willing to change and make it work. But I am stuck between breaking up with her because she deserves better than me, or working on things.

“I cannot get this girl out of my head”

I met this girl online 4 years ago, when I was 16 and she was 14. I fell in love with her, we talked every day, but never saw each other. She lives in Idaho, I live in Oregon. Back then, we couldn’t see each other cause of the distance, and there was no way our parents would take us to see each other. It was definitely a romantic relationship, she was perfect personality wise, and so beautiful.

After 2 years, we had a falling out, I feel because we literally never saw each other. I didn’t have a job, could barely drive to the store, and tried keeping everything a secret from everybody. She’s legit and real, there’s 100% no chance of her being not who she says she is, we’ve Facetimed, Snapchatted thousands of times, talked/seen many friends + their social medias and everything- she’s real. I still love her, I still care about her, I still think about her not every day, but definitely a lot. We’ve talked on and off ever since, but I haven’t heard from her in at least a
year now. Continue reading

“Shall I try to stay friends with my ex?”

I dated this girl for a little over a year. We were very close, closer than I had ever experienced with someone before. Going into college, our relationship seemed to go very well for a few months.

At the beginning of November, however, she switched gears completely. She stated that she no longer “loved me like I wanted her too”, and it evolved to us breaking up, temporarily at first, then permanently. We had established we very much wanted to stay friends, but my attempts to maintain contact failed. Eventually she told me she didn’t see me in her life at all, but the way she talked and how she had suddenly decided that seemed wrong to me. Continue reading

“We are arguing because of her issues”

My girlfriend thinks she doesn’t have my full attention no matter what I do, because when we began talking months ago I liked pictures on Instagram while we were talking, not even dating. She assumes that I have eyes for everyone ever since that incident, no matter how much I reassure her, she won’t take me for my word.

She likes to bring up hypothetical situations and when I give my answer, it isn’t good enough or she twists it to fit her argument. She has a lot of self doubt and she blames me for it, we have come back to this same argument time and time again and this is literally our only problem in the relationship. She has threatened to leave me plenty of times but never has and she says my words don’t do anything, but it seems my actions don’t either. Continue reading

“My male best friend has a girlfriend”

I have a male best friend. He’s always been in love with me but I was in a relationship and that created some distance . I broke off my relationship due to some issues and we became quite close again.

But then I thought he was over me but suddenly he’s seeing this girl and they are dating. We both lost our virginity to each other and he keeps saying he wishes he could be with me. I can’t stand him dating her and I think I should break things off with him. We still have sex often, even though he now has a girlfriend. I’m just confused on what to do.

“Not ready for a sexual relationship”

So, my boyfriend has been with me for 7 months now and we haven’t gone anywhere sexual because I’m only 16 and am not comfortable with that. He begs me all the time for nudes and stuff and I always deny it.

So recently he asked me if I was asexual and I looked it up and said “I guess.” The next day he asked me if it was okay if he got sexual with this other girl, with no love involved. I felt sick to my stomach so I said “I don’t deserve to interfere with your happiness so do whatever makes you happy.” Because I feel like since I can’t provide what he needs I deserve to be left behind. Continue reading

“Her constant small attacks are destroying me”

I have been in a relationship for eight months with my girlfriend. I have not felt the same since we got back from summer vacation. It started like most relationships, and we had our “honeymoon” phase. But that only lasted halfway through the summer. When we got back to school, things suddenly changed.

I have begun to notice the things she does wrong. Suddenly we can not go a week without arguing at least once. I can admit that 50% is me being an instigator, and no argument needs to happen. But the other 50% really upsets me, especially when she tells me that it’s nothing to be upset about.

For example: she will constantly find something wrong with me. I mess up speaking, she points it out. I mess up helping her with homework, she says, “I thought you said you were good at math.” Continue reading

“My girlfriend keeps in contact with her old flings”

My girlfriend of two months has her ex-flings (not ex-boyfriends) in her phone contacts and in her social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat), including one she was flirting and talking with during OUR talking stage. She claims to not have entertained anyone else after we became “official.” Either way, this irks me, and I don’t know whether or not I’m being insecure or if I should say something because she should cut them all off. I should mention that I was hurt in my past by a cheating ex, and I have major trust issues that I am working on. What should I do?

“Her male best friend told her to break up with me”

A few months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me after we had an argument. (It was an online relationship and I know it sounds crazy, but we just clicked.) We were talking and she told me she had to think, so I let her go for a while. About 30 minutes later she finally called and we talked. I tried to come to a happy medium so we could both be content, but she told me no. And that she’s so sorry through her crying, she just ended it. Her reasoning was that she didn’t have time for me with school and money problems arising. I had always felt like there was more to it.

Flash forward to now (months later), she tells me her “best friend” at the time told her to break up with me. But he then went on to tell her that he had liked her a month after she broke up with me. She denied him, but it just upsets me. I feel like she shouldn’t have brought him into it at all on that level. Am I right to feel this way?