“I think I’ve developed feelings for a girl”

I attend an all-girls school. This new school year a girl moved into our school and ended up in my base class. She seemed really nice, and I was excited to get to know her. It’s been a few months since the beginning of the year now and I think I’ve developed feelings for her. I’m unsure, as previous to now I never would’ve thought that I was anything other than straight.

Whenever she talks to me I seem to tense up, and I often catch myself staring at her. At first I thought that it was some sort of ‘platonic crush’, but I have no idea. This has made becoming friends with her a problem. One day I might be completely confident and we’ll talk etc., but on other occasions I’ve found myself to be completely anxiety-ridden whenever she speaks to me. What do you guys think? Am I actually crushing on her or what?

2 thoughts on ““I think I’ve developed feelings for a girl”

  1. Stella says:

    Attraction is not defined by gender, what you’re experiencing is normal. Out of all the girls and your soul recognized her, I think you should allow yourself to see where things go. I’m sure she’s been sensing the vibes coming from your side, and she would have been distant if she wasn’t comfortable with the idea. Society has shaped our thinking into believing that we should be straight, thus up until now you haven’t considered the idea, until you met this girl. I wouldn’t call it crushing on her as much as simply your inner being wants to simply be with her. From my personal experience, up until three years ago I also thought that I would never date any girl. I have been dating my girlfriend for almost two years now, and I have never had a better relationship in my life. Let go of what you think you are and allow yourself to simply be, things will work out as they should

  2. Dave says:

    All human beings are bisexual, to some degree. It is the people who proclaim the loudest how “straight” they are that are the most confused, as far as sexuality goes. Your body is showing obvious signs of “chemistry” / sexual attraction to the girl you write about. You should just tell her that you are attracted to her. At worst, I think she will be flattered. At best, you might gain a new lover. Nothing wrong with that. Just go with your feelings, and don’t try to over-analyze too much. You think you might like her. Well, you do.

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