“I’m in love with my grandfather”

My grandfather and I are in love?

I’m 18 and he’s 70…I know it sounds terrible and awful and it’s not something that should ever happen. But he had to move in with us about six months ago and we really clicked. We binge-watched TV shows and ate ice cream and had so much fun! We just kept getting closer and closer. Eventually we sat on the same couch, and a while after that we ended up holding hands. Fast forward – we ended up kissing, and since then we’ve both admitted we are in love each other. We both agree that we do not want actually “all the way” sex unless we live together alone, but we’ve pretty much done everything but.

I must clarify, although he’s 70, he looks waaay younger. My dad is 60 and he looks older than my grandpa. My mom has even admitted, innocently, that he’s an attractive older man, like, he could be one of those old guys with a 20 year old girlfriend. Anyway, we just have so much fun together, and we are so in love. I don’t know what to do. We both want to live together, alone, but we don’t think that will ever be able to happen. I know it’s crazy and terrible and weird, but we honestly love each other. Can someone give me advice on what to do?

4 thoughts on ““I’m in love with my grandfather”

  1. A Wise Man says:

    So, you say your dad is 60 and your grandfather is 70? I guess that man had it going on well before his 10th birthday! Clearly you need to eat his brain so you can absorb his power and be the fertility god of the new generation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What you are referring to is called victim conditioning. You need to get the hell away from your grandfather and let your parents know what’s going on. What he did was sick and you have my sympathy.

  3. acci0story says:

    Girl, this is fucking wrong. You might think you love him but seriously it’s a family thing…you can’t love him. You can have a good relationship with him but everything else is just fucking wrong

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it’s very wrong. What he’s doing is preying on you. He’s a full grown senior adult and knows how wrong it is. This will mess you up probably for the rest of your life. Any children you bear have a very high chance of being seriously handicapped and have several inbred desieses. Check out the royal families who have interbred around the world. Heck, just google that and see what pops up.

    You think anyone is going to want to hire you when they find out about your family?
    You will be the sole provider once everyone in your families cut you off and he’s about to have huge old people medical bills. Try deadline with those bills on your own. He can’t. That’s why he’s living off your parents.
    I can’t even imagine how terrible it would be for any kids you have to have to deal with that at school when they find out Mommy and Daddy are grand baby and grandpa. They will be social pariahs.
    Plus you could be charge with elderly abuse if he has any kind of dementia and most likely DOES since he’s living with your parents. Try getting rape off your public record. You have to register everywhere you ever live once you get sex offender status and can’t live certain places because they’re too close to schools, daycares and elderly homes.

    Tell your parents NOW. Don’t let your future go to waste.

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