“I’m stuck in a loveless marriage”


Hi, i need some advice. I’m stuck in a loveless marriage. She has no interest in me at all. Early 40’s, 2 kids, successful career, things should be good but they ain’t.

Can’t leave and put the kids through that. I’m married, so I signed on for better for worse. I need advice as to how to inject some passion and fun back into our lives. I’m an introvert, shy, and not able to talk to her about it, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Yeah I know, man up, but easier said than done…..

3 thoughts on ““I’m stuck in a loveless marriage”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Time to invest back in the romance. Take walks (they are free!) and talk about your day. Take a date night once a week even if YOU have to look up baby sitters. Plan trips. Go back to what sparked your interests together. Send a flirty text or two during the day to intrigue her. Send her funny ones to make her think nice thoughts. It’s just like dating again, but you have a higher chance of sex.

    If that doesn’t work try marriage counseling. She also might have a medical issue (change of life is right there – I know. I’m having issues two years after having my kid with reduced hormones making sex hard for us both.) YOU might be having a medical issue that she’s not said anything about (hello, halitosis!). Maybe shouldering most of the household burden is getting to her and she only feels like the roommate now. I’ve no idea since you only gave me a couple paragraphs to work on, but it doesn’t matter, because ultimately you two are not communicating what you need.

    Start today. The longer you wait the worse it will get. “Squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    The big red flag to me is that you can’t talk to her about it. How long have you been together? What other things are you unable to talk to her about?
    As difficult as it may be, you have to be able to talk to your partner if you want it to work.
    Start there

  3. Mary Claire says:

    One of my favorite things to suggest to people with relationship troubles is finding out your Love Language, not sure if you’ve heard of it. You can take a test online (just google ‘love language’) and it helps you figure out what way you feel loved best. It changes all the time and it’s different for everyone, but I think it’s so important to know so you can feel loved the way you need and she can too!

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