“My mum caught me talking to a boy”

I am a Syrian muslim girl, born and raised in England, turning 20 in a month. I am second year Pharmacy student, currently revising for my end of year exams (eeek), I wish that was my problem though, but oh nono nooo.

Basically, I have a group of friends- consisting of girls, but this year a group of boys have become closer to us, and me and this guy- Foyzul have become really close- we call ourselves library buddies- we go to the library together everyday and get a lot of work done, and it’s really good; we motivate each other a lot- I get more work done when I’m with him. So we are currently on our holidays, and we’ve still been talking- video calling, mainly to motivate each other to revise, and ask each other for help etc etc. Continue reading

“I want my girlfriend back so much”

My girlfriend recently broke up with me after we were in the most ideal and wonderful relationship. We’re both seventeen, and maybe it was just us being young, but even people around us have commented that we seemed to have some sort of deeper connection, and the whole thing felt very soulmate-ish, if that makes sense.

The thing is, that we’re both girls, and things started to go downhill after my parents found out. Continue reading

“Is my girlfriend forcing me to be with her?”

I met a girl online a few years ago when I was 16. We started a relationship because I believed we had a future, she told me she was planning on moving to my country when she was older, before we even met. In mid 2015, she had an idea where I lived in her country with her for 1 year, and we’d move back together which would have started January 2016 and ended January 2017.

The first month I lived with her, she told me the 1 year would end up as 5 years, I was alright with this, even though a tad disappointed (I’m a family person and I knew I’d miss them). Recently she’s been upset about not being sure if she wants to move to my country at all, leaving me here wondering what to do with myself, I can’t leave her because I’d miss her and I have too much stuff here to move out now. Continue reading

“He’s texting a girl from work a lot”

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder about 4 and a half months ago. About 2 months after we started our relationship, I cheated on him. I felt terrible about it and I’ve never had so much regret. He found out about a week later and was very upset but forgave me because he had cheated on his previous girlfriend.

According to him, he knew what I was going through in a sense. Since then, I haven’t even talked to another guy. But lately, maybe over the past month or so, I notice him texting a girl from his work. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this but it’s almost like he texts her nonstop, definitely more than he texts me. I don’t want to bring it up to him because I don’t have any real cause for alarm and I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, but it really bothers me. It wouldn’t bother me as much if they were talking about work related things but it’s more personal like where he is, what he’s doing, and her guy problems. I’m not sure if I should talk to him about it or just try to ignore it. Please help.

“My parents are constantly fighting”

My parents constantly fight (I’m 12-14.) I don’t like it because my mom doesn’t want to be with my dad anymore, but she is doing it for me because we only have one income and it is my dad’s. When my dad goes on business trips, everyone is much happier, but when he is home there is always fighting.

I really don’t like it and kind of want them to just divorce because it scares me and it has since I was little (5 or so). I think I’m becoming depressed because for a while I have just wanted to die and when my dad is away I feel better. What do I do, because I like my dad but he really upsets me, my sister and my mom when he is home because he is always miserable. Help please!!

“Do I make a move on him?”

I’ve been friends with a guy for a little over two years now. I had a crush on him when we first met, but he was in a long-term/long-distance relationship at that point, so I just stuck with friendship. About a year later, they broke up, but I had just started dating someone (we didn’t last long).

About a month later, he started dating someone else, and they’ve been together up until a few months ago. When we first met, he was always very physically affectionate, with hugs and back rubs and such. Once he started dating his most recent girlfriend, however, we didn’t see each other nearly as much, partially because we didn’t have any classes together and partially because he was spending time with his girlfriend.

Now that he’s single, we’ve been spending a lot of time together and he’s become really physically affectionate again. We hang out in his apartment, eating food and watching movies. I’ve slept over a few times, and we end up cuddling in his bed (just sleeping). I really like him, but I’m not exactly sure what to do. I’m not the most confident person in the world and I can also be kind of oblivious. Mainly, I’m afraid to make a move and possibly ruin a friendship.

“My fiance thinks I’m putting him down”

My fiance and I have been together 5 years, we also live together. He works in flooring, and makes great money.  I am a dental assistant, and soon to be registered nurse. In November 2016 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and lymphatic cancer.

I don’t want to sound overly confident, but the health field is my thing, I know a lot about it, and I read tons daily, and I have a pretty good understanding about the human body, anatomy and physiology.  Ever since I decided to go back to school to become a RN, I felt my fiance started getting intimidated by my knowledge. Continue reading

“Is he shy or just not into me?”

A friend of a work colleague asked me out for coffee after we spent an evening chatting on a work night out. We knew of each other before the night out but had never really chatted before. They’re older than me, but I know that they have a thing for younger women (this guy has a reputation for messaging women at night, randomly, nothing too creepy but still – not great!)

I went for the coffee and we (I think) had a great time. Chatted naturally and whilst the date ended with no physical contact (not even a hug,) he text me that evening to say it was good to catch up. I’ve text him since with a tiny bit of small talk but he hasn’t asked me out again. He hasn’t been creepy or inappropriate. Given his reputation I am surprised he’s not being more forthcoming… Am I being stupid why hasn’t asked me out again? His friend (my work colleague who doesn’t know about our coffee date) told me he was single, shy, and a really nice guy and I do get that vibe from him. Is he shy and waiting for me to ask him out? Or – just not that into me?!

“Do I deserve a second chance?”

I had a relationship a couple months ago with this guy that I still adore. We broke up because I have emotional and mental issues – I was abusive and controlling but for the most part, unaware.

He didn’t say anything but slowly got distant and did things like have a headphone in when we were on dates. I’ve matured and seen the awful ways I treated him, I’ll regret not seeing what a monster I was, for the rest of my life. Continue reading

“I want to get back with my ex”

My girlfriend of 1.5 years has recently broken up with me. After a few drunken fights, mainly down to us both, but mainly me being stubborn, she said the relationship was just too stressful for her and that she wanted to be single.

This has been a real eye-opener for me and I know I can be better if we got back together. She claims she still loves me and that she doesn’t want anyone else. We hung out recently after not talking for a week and it was awkward. What is my best chance at getting her back? I have some friends saying give her complete space and let her come back if she wants, but I also have friends saying I need to keep some contact with her so she doesn’t forget why she loves me. What do y’all think? What about social media.. is there anything I can do specifically to make her miss me more at this point?