“Did I cheat on my boyfriend?”

Well, basically, me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly two years, and for the last few months he hasn’t been giving me what I need physically (even just like hugs and stuff, and of course, sex). It’s just because he isn’t a very physical person, and he used to be just for my sake (which he didn’t tell me until recently) and he wanted those things too at the time. I am very much deeply in love with him, but recently we’ve been going through a hard time as he doesn’t think the “spark” is there, and often he’ll joke about us splitting up.

Anyway, last night I stayed in a different part of the country for work and after work me and some colleges went out for a few drinks and cocktails. We all got drunk, and I was staying at my friends for easiness, and to save on a hotel. When we got into bed, he started kissing my face and hair, and things somehow escalated (he asked me if it was what I wanted, and I replied that I think so, but we were drunk, so I didn’t mean it at all) then he started kissing my mouth and fingering me, and because I was drunk, I just let him, but when he tried to put his penis in me, I refused. Also I refused him this morning when he tried to put his penis in me again. I felt a bit violated since he kept trying after I’d said no, and when he said it would be our secret, I told him that we couldn’t do it and pushed him away.

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“I practically begged him to stay with me”

So, me and my ex were together for about a year. He was starting to get concerned about some issues we had, and pretty much put us on a break. I practically begged him to stay with me, told him I was willing to do whatever it took to make things work, but still continued to get “I have to think about it.”

After being told that so many times, I felt like he didn’t want to be with me, and eventually came to conclusion that nothing I could say or do would help, and chose to break up with him. We didn’t speak to each other until 5 days later and have pretty much been decent since then.

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“I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is gay”

For a while now, I think I’ve kinda known my boyfriend is gay. He hasn’t opened up about it or “came out” but, I’ve always known. The way he acts, the way he walks, even the way he talks just screams GAY.

I’ve tried to tell him I’ll be fine and ready to accept the fact but he keeps denying the fact. Most of his friends watch me like I’m crazy for being with him. And when he kisses me, which he rarely does, I feel like I’m kissing myself, I feel like I’m kissing a girl.

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“We’ve never met in person, but I feel so connected to him”

Someone just give me some advice. I’ve been talking to a guy I met online for a couple months, and although we’ve not met in person, we’ve grown pretty close, messaging everyday and so on. We planned to meet at the end of this month, but now I am having huge regrets; I live in Newcastle and he lives in Wales and even when I go to university in September, we’re still a good 3 hours from each other.

On top of this, there’s even a possibility that I’m going to study in Greece! I’ve told him about this of course, but he still wants us to meet. Now I’m really not sure because I’ve read so much about a) how foolish it is to start university in a relationship with somebody who lives elsewhere, and b) how crushing long distance can be.

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“I really like him, but don’t see a future with him”

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now, and up until April, everything was great. He made me feel so happy and relaxed — he’s a super great guy! But, in April, he left to go back home a few states away, and stayed there for about 2 1/2 months.

We texted sometimes, but never had full conversations. I only missed him occasionally. When he initially told me he’d be gone for so long, I was a wreck, but when the time came, I was totally fine. Now that he’s back, he’s living with me and my friends until he finds a new place with his friends.

Things haven’t really been the same. I can’t stop questioning if I want to keep dating him or not. I do like him a lot for sure, he’s always respected my boundaries and opinions, and even though I’m asexual (and he’s got a high sex drive) he’s never forced me into feeling like I need to do things with him. When he does make little advances, I don’t feel uncomfortable, but I don’t exactly want to do it nor do I find it necessary in a relationship.

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“I want to be friends, but he’s lost interest in me”

Hi, I need your advice on how to move on. Well, in March at work, a guy approached me and we became friends. He was very sweet to me and we often texted each other. I realised the chemistry between us was not bad. I saw him as a friend, nonetheless. He started becoming clingy and I felt quite uncomfortable because at that point, we barely knew each other.

Slowly, as days go by, he kept coming to my seat and was very touchy and came too close to me (I cringed). I felt pressured and wanted him to give me the space I needed. Sometimes we talked about our past experiences and I counseled him a little. I remember telling him why I was very wary of guys (I have yet to heal fully from the pain someone caused me).

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Online Dating Tip: Show, Don’t Tell

I think we’ve all heard this advice in some form, but now here’s science to back it up.

In a study on online dating, researchers created sample dating profiles and adjusted two different types of information:

  1. The first type, they called “selective self-presentation.” This referred to the number of positive self statements made in the dating profile. For example, “I have an amazing network of friends,” or “I have a high-level job with multiple responsibilities,” are statements that make the dater look good — bragging, basically.
  2. The second type they called “warranting.” This referred to the presence of corroborating sites in the dating profile. For example, if the profile had a link to a personal biography page, or a blog the person regularly contributes to — showing, basically.

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“My boyfriend ignores me when we’re out and blows me off for his friends”

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. We have never had a fight, but there are some things I want to talk to him about. I feel like I can’t though — I don’t want to upset him. There are so many things that are bothering me and I don’t think I can hold them in anymore.

It first started a few months ago, when we were in a group of people, and I wasn’t really saying anything because I’m a shy person, and he just steps in front of me and cuts me out of the group. Another time, we were at a party with a bunch of his friends, and I didn’t really know anyone, but he would just leave me alone and go talk to a group of girls. He’d go up to his friends talking about how one of them looked like Anna Kendrick.

Another time, I asked him if he could pick me up from school, but he told me he was going out to lunch with “the guys” and I believed him. Later on he tells me that he actually went to coffee with a girl, Johnnie. She’s his friend, so I wouldn’t be too upset about it if he didn’t lie to me, but, the lying is what made me upset.

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“I’m trapped in a relationship with an emotional bully”

I feel trapped in my life. I’m stuck in a relationship with the father of my son, and it’s miserable. I can’t stand him and he can be an emotional bully, but we live together, and I feel like financially, I have no other options. I’m already living paycheck-to-paycheck.

I want to move down south, but can’t because I feel too guilty taking my son away from his family. I still have strong feelings for a guy I was briefly dating, who remains a friend, that I chat with every now and then, but, I know I don’t have a shot with him romantically. My job stresses me out to no end. I feel like I’m always unhappy and drowning.

I know what would make me happy but it’s all out of reach. I feel like I have nowhere to turn or anyone to talk to so I just keep it all bottled up.