“I feel guilty about my emotional cheating”

About three years ago, I met the guy of my dreams. We have been dating for 2.5 years, and I truly love him. I feel like we connect emotionally and physically, and I know that is a rare find!

I’ve never felt so close to someone. However, since a few weeks ago, I have been starting to feel attracted to a colleague. One night, I got drunk and slept over at the colleague’s house. At night nothing happened, but in the morning, when we were sober, we held each other and talked about our feelings of attraction for each other. Continue reading

“I’ve moved in with a really angry boyfriend”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 7 months, and I recently moved in with him 4 months ago. What I didn’t know until after, was how angry he gets. We will fight, and recently we have been fighting at least once a week about my personality and attitude problem.

Every time he gets mad about something, he will try to reason it out with me and tells me that I have an attitude problem and that I’m selfish with my own thoughts and actions when I don’t conform to his demands. He has thrown glass cups and whiskey glasses at the wall, punched walls, and kicked down chairs out of his frustration and anger towards something I caused. Continue reading

“He says he’s committed to me, but he wants to keep living with his ex”

My entire relationship has been a series of “do this and be this way, and we won’t have any problems.” I have a hard time being controlled and breaking down walls to trust people. Finally, after all my efforts and much wear and tear emotionally, I have given in to every request.

That is not the problem, though. My issue is the last two years, I’ve been getting serious. After the ring and time invested with one another’s children, I feel betrayed and manipulated. I have been accepting of him living with his ex and kids half of the week. He would assure me they were done over and over again, yet he had me tip-toeing around her because I shouldn’t “rub it in.”

It recently came to light for her that he and I have been together. She is accepting of it now. Only problem is, he admitted to having sex with her monthly to make sure she was being faithful. Now that he wants to stay fully committed to me, and she knows about who I am, he has stopped and doesn’t want to do it. Continue reading

“I don’t think my boyfriend is in love with me”

I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 months now. We are both in our late 20s. The relationship started off great but now I feel like we hit a plateau and it is not progressing. We have both had many stressors in our lives since we started dating so I don’t think we have had it easy.

Our past relationship experiences are quite different. We both have had a serious long term relationships except my experience was positive and his experience wasn’t. Many friends have told me that his last relationship was awful and it had a negative affect on him. He also believes it has created some emotional baggage for him. He has told me that he often feels closed off. Continue reading

“My boyfriend wants me to talk to other guys”

My boyfriend has 4 jobs including grad school and we never see each other.  I’m perfectly fine with having a mix of a long distance relationship and a seeing each other relationship, but he thinks I grow unhappy and wants me to talk to other guys while we continue having our relationship.

I’m personally not that girl but he insists he doesn’t want me to have sex with them, just talk to form some type of relationship. I’m at a loss…

“Our sex life has become non-existent”

I am a 25-year-old woman, and my boyfriend is 27. We’ve been living together for 3 years and have been together for 4 years. Our sex life has recently become non-existent, and we don’t know why. At first, we blamed it on the stress (end of the year), but now it’s been a month and a half.

We love each other and have a good relationship. I don’t know how to get things going again. I need advice please. Our relationship is great except for this one thing. I am getting very worried. (I’m sure he is not cheating.)

“My boyfriend bought gifts for an ex”

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, live together, shared bank account etc. We are behind financially so I knew not to expect Christmas gifts. My birthday was also a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to return one of my gifts since we needed the money and we would repurchase it later. I returned it.

I found out today that he sent a gift card for $50 to some girl that he went out with briefly that dumped him. He says I have no reason to be upset and am over reacting, and that he was able to have money to do this, and couldn’t get me something for Christmas because I’ve gotten gifts from him for 4 years. I know in my heart I’m right, but wanted another opinion.

“I’m afraid for him to see me with my shirt off”

Last year, I left a 5-year-long abusive relationship. A large part of the abuse came from my ex’s humiliating name-calling during fights. Names often centering around my body and the word “fat.”

I have always been self-conscious of my body (I have been roughly 50 lbs overweight for most of my life), but that experience really left me mindf*cked. Now, I am free of him, and on my way to loving myself. Part of that includes eating healthier and exercising. I’ve been feeling great and do not feel discouraged to continue. Continue reading

“I regret breaking up with him so we could pursue our dreams”

Hi! I’ve been thinking about something for three years that i don’t really feel about discussing with friends, but I really need advice!

About three years ago, I had a lovely boyfriend. He was an amazing guy, and we just fit really well. But our future dreams were really different! He wanted to do another college degree on the other side of the country and go to America and live there for a while. My dreams were scattered before we got together, by an accident which left me with a big disability. But I still wanted to pursue going to New Zealand for a year, because my family is from there. I also still had to have two operations and finish my degree, which was super stressful and hard.

I broke it off after six months of exclusive dating, but I still loved him. I broke up with him because I wanted us both to follow our dreams. Continue reading

“Now that she has a boyfriend, she has no time for a best friend”

My best friend and I are extremely close. She has stuck by me through my hardest times. I have a significant other, and she is fully aware of that. However, I never fail to make time for both of them individually, because they are so every close to me.

Recently, she acquired her first boyfriend. Of course, I am happy for her. I’m so happy that she’s happy. But now, she spends all of her time with him and almost seems to be annoyed by me. Whenever I try to squeeze in time with her, she tells me that I’m acting like her mother and to let her just be with him. I respected their space for a long time, but it’s really starting to hurt not having my best friend around anymore. I love my significant other, of course, but we all need a female best friend. What should I do?