“My boyfriend is driving me crazy”

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months. We were going strong. We went to prom together as our first date. We had an amazing relationship at first. But by the second month he started talking to one of his ex-girlfriends. She had moved on and had a boyfriend before he asked me out.

This caused a lot of fights between us. His ex hated me and tried breaking us up multiple times, because her boyfriend also used to like me. Eventually they came to an agreement (without me saying anything) to not talk. So things were fine until his other ex came into the picture. She started taking him on an emotional toll and making him upset all the time, which really made me upset, but i didn’t mention anything. Continue reading

“My boyfriend hits me”

My boyfriend and I have a child which is why I’m thinking so hard about it. I don’t wanna leave him because we have a baby together…but he has hit me. He yells at me. He insults me. He’s choked me and punched me. That’s only when we argue…he says it’s my fault. But when we’re okay, he’s sweet…he does favors for me, he makes sure me and my son are okay…I don’t know what to do…

“My girlfriend restricted my access to hanging out with women”

Trevor says:

Now, I would like to preface this by pointing out that my girlfriend is not cheating on me. It’s not just because I’m stupid or naïve. I just understand certain things about her that would be a very long story to share on this. She’s an extremely territorial person who has since restricted my access to hanging out with women.

I understand this because of her past and background. However, she insists that she should have the ability to hang out with other men. This bothers me. She goes out with them, let’s them buy her drinks, and such. My territorial — and fairness — side pings here as this being something that isn’t fair.

Kenna says:

What my boyfriend doesn’t understand is that I live in this new area, find it very difficult to make friends, and want to be able to go out and have fun. I try to make female friends too, but I just find it more difficult, since the girls in my life seem to be more flaky than the boys.

I understand that the men who hang out with me want to sleep with me, but I would never sleep with them. I would never cheat on my boyfriend. I love him dearly, and I’m not sexually interested in any of them. I don’t let him hang out with women, because it’s like him to hang out in groups of people, so it would be unlike him to hang out one-on-one. I, however, do not like hanging out with large groups. It’s just different.

“When will I meet my boyfriend’s family?”

So I’ve been officially dating my boyfriend for almost a year. I’ve known him much longer, but due to complications I’ve never met his family. Nor has he met mine despite me offering. When is the appropriate time for this? I’m at a point where I’d rather just get it over and done with. I’ve hinted at getting it over with, because it is something that’s giving me quite some anxiety, but then it’s always just “it’ll come.” At this point I’m even starting to doubt whether they are aware of our relationship or not. What am I to do?

“I have feelings for my best friend”

Hi, I have a problem and I was wondering if I could get peoples’ honest opinions about it, because honestly, I am utterly horrible with relationships and feelings, and I figured there are likely people out there with more experience and relationship smarts than me. I honestly feel kind of stupid for going somewhere for advice because I’ve always been the kind of person to keep my problems to myself, but this has been going on for about a year and I guess I’m just tired of not knowing what to do.

So, anyway, here goes. My best friend and I go way back – we’ve known each other since before we went into elementary school. But, in this last year or so, I’ve been starting to finally realize that I’ve been starting to like her as more than friends. Continue reading

“I’m having sex even though I’m saying ‘no'”

In high school, I was one of those people who just wanted to be accepted. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a boy who I thought I was in love with. (Cliche right?) Anyway, that started my downward spiral and I ended up having sex with several different people, just because it was easier to do it than to say no.

My reason behind that, is because on different occasions with two different people regardless if I said no, they continued to do sexual things to me and I would just let it happen because I assumed they would continue even if I fought it. Well, my boyfriend of three years knows all of this, and now sometimes he does this to me too. I will tell him to stop and he will continue even if I try to fight it. I feel like all of the progress I have made over the last few years is slowly withering away, and I do not want to be that person again. I am just scared that this is how it is going to be for the rest of my life….

“Do I leave him because I’m a rebound?”

I met my boyfriend 4 months ago and we have been dating exclusively since that time. We spend nearly every night together and overall get along well. 2 months into our relationship I figured out that he had broken up with his girlfriend of nearly 3 years about 2 weeks before we met. She was terrible to him, cheated on him constantly and he eventually had enough. Essentially, I realized I was a rebound.

He tells me he cares about me very much, considers our relationship to be serious, but is “hesitant in his feelings for me.” He said it is frustrating because I am the best woman he has ever been with. Continue reading

“I love him but his family hates me”

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years, and we have a 6 month old son together. But lately it feels like I have to constantly remind myself why I love him. His family hates me, and makes me miserable almost every day of my life, and it’s been this way for the last three years.

Every time his mom or sister calls, I get a pit in my stomach wondering what they are going to say, and my anxiety goes through the roof when we go to visit his grandparents. I just don’t think a relationship should be this way. I have tried talking to him about it again and again but nothing changes and we just end up fighting. Every day I wonder what my life would have been like if I chose someone else, and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I love him, I do but I’m starting to wonder if it’s even worth it at this point?

“My boyfriend’s roommate needs a room for his shoes”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. I am a mother of an almost 3-year-old. Being in a relationship with someone that had a child is hard on both ends of the relationship. My daughter comes first before myself or anything.

My boyfriend has a house he shares with his roommate. My boyfriend and I talked about moving in together, but he wanted to check with his roommate to see if he was comfortable with the idea. The house has 3 bedrooms and a basement. My boyfriend has a room upstairs, while his roommate uses one room to sleep in and the other room as his shoe/game room.

When my boyfriend told me it wasn’t a good idea for us to move in, he told me that moving us in would be forcing his roommate out and that his roommate had waited two years to have that extra room for his shoes. I understood the factor of not being comfortable with having extra people in the house, but it bothers me that my boyfriend agrees that his roommate having a shoe room is more important than my two-year-old daughter having her own room. Continue reading

“My boyfriend is really stingy”

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over 3 months now, and things are really good mostly. But I feel like he is really stingy with money when it comes to putting money into our relationship, like going on dates, buying me a gift for valentines day, or anything really. But he has no problem spending money on energy drinks for himself or an $80 video game.

I just don’t understand why he is like this. I understand he has been single for a long time, so maybe he’s just not used to the changes that happen when you’re in a relationship. Am I over reacting? Am I being silly? Should I try to talk to him about it? What should I do?