“My wife didn’t come home last night”

The other day my wife texts me saying that she is going to work a little later, and if I can pick up our son. She says it won’t be too late. About an hour later she calls asking if everything is going okay, wondering if I needed her to come home otherwise she was going to work just a little longer. I said everything was fine, this is approx 6:00pm. At about 10:00pm I hadn’t heard from her in a while so I try texting, calling, no response.

Then I see her coworker is on Facebook messenger, so I ask the coworker if she could have my wife call me. She then tells me that my wife told her that she was going to work from home that day. I tried calling and texting my wife 20 times with no response. Finally I get a text from my wife saying, “yeah I lied, I’m out with my friends and I’m not coming home tonight”,  and I didn’t hear from her until the next morning. Should I be concerned?

9 thoughts on ““My wife didn’t come home last night”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Yes you should worry! In a marriage, you should do those things. If you are, it should be at least talked about. She could have at least given you a heads up. Not just lie to you and those at her office.

    I think there’s more to this than her just “hanging out with friends”. You should really sit down and talk about this and deal with it. Don’t let this slip.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is the sky blue? This is not acceptable. See marriage counseling right away with her. She needs to understand that’s not ok from a third party. If she won’t go, then go alone, because no one does that in a working marriage and you’ll eventually need to get out of this one.

  3. Sam says:

    I did this when I was having an affair. I was caught in a very similar lie and my husband had a very emotionally charged conversation with me. We spent a week apart. I ended the affair, cut off all contact with the other person, and we are trying to work on our relationship.

  4. bianca22 says:

    First of all, YES. This is something to be concerned about. Let’s start with giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming that she truly was out late with her friends.. this is understandable because we all need a getaway sometimes.. BUT, she’s still wrong because she not have lied about it and simply been honest in telling you she needed a girls night. She should have told you the truth and keep you updated on where she was and when she was coming back. Now, let’s assume what seems to be the obvious, she’s lying because she is hiding something or… someONE. Either way.. she’s wrong. With scenario 1, she’s wrong because she should not have lied and kept you in the dark. With scenario 2, she wrong because obviously she shouldn’t be hiding anything or anyone if she’s in a marriage. Either way, SHES WRONG & you need t get to the bottom of this. Be rational though, you’re probably only going to find out the truth by approaching the situation with caution. Best of luck. Sorry this happened to you.

  5. bengt says:

    no reason to beat arund the bush – for your both sake drop the bomb now – ask for divorse when she returns OR as i did get a bussnes card or some papers from a divorce aturny and acidently left hem on my desk.

  6. Disgusting Handsome says:

    She doesn’t respect you and testing you how far she can go. She definitely cheated on you. She’ll probably try to blame you for it to, but keep your cool and passive. Take responsibility for picking this woman. Get a lawyer and send her back to the streets. The best revenge is to get in great shape and work on yourself, go for excellence and do the fun things you always wanted and have stories to tell about them. Please don’t stay in this marriage. Let this be a motivation for you to achieve this.

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