“My new man is a bit intense”

I am a 33 year old woman. Last June, I left a 7-year relationship, which included 4 years of marriage. I’m currently in the middle of the divorce. Immediately after leaving my husband, I had a 3-month intense rebound relationship with an ultimately emotionally unavailable man that left me heartbroken for longer than the relationship lasted. I decided to go to therapy and try to remain single for a while, to learn more about myself and prevent future mistakes of these types.

Before I hoped — i.e. a couple weeks ago, after about 6 months of single-hood–I met a man I really liked. He was interesting, we have a lot in common, I felt really comfortable around him, etc. I was in heaven for the past week or so, but some doubts have surfaced. Continue reading


“Am I in this relationship because it feels safe?”

I’ve been in a relationship with a guy I met online when I was in high school (I’m currently a freshman in college). We instantly clicked and we’ve been dating for a little over two years. He lives in a different state. He has come to visit twice and it definitely confirmed our feelings. We work so well together and he is my first love, as well as the first person I’ve ever had sex with.

We’re both in college and both very busy but we’ve always made time for each other and while it is a long distance relationship, we are always very connected (we FaceTime, call, and text constantly). In the beginning of our relationship I hid him from my family, however, my parents found out about us and didn’t like the idea of me talking to someone I’ve never met. I spent most of my time on the phone with him and it caused a lot of tension between my parents and I, which upset me because we have always been very close. Continue reading

“I have a crush on my teacher”

I’m only 16 but I’ve always had a thing for my science teacher. Recently it’s got so bad, that I accidentally ‘fell’ and touched his crotch, and I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m getting obsessed with him. No one knows and I don’t want anyone to, but I need help to get over it.

“Our relationship is affecting our friend group”

My boyfriend and I were part of a pretty small friend group before we got together. We all hung out frequently, but now that we’re dating, we mostly hang out with just each other. Though I enjoy being with my boyfriend, I feared that this would happen and our friend groups dynamic would be off.

Now, my boyfriend kind of separates me and our friend groups interactions with him. Recently, I decided to visit him in the afternoon. He had told me another one of our friends would be coming over too, which I was completely fine with. While we were waiting for him, my boyfriend started talking about how excited he was to hang out with our friend alone (exact words: “I was so excited to hang out with him alone, then you came over.”) Normally, I wouldn’t be upset, but he said this after I had already asked beforehand if I could come over and he seemed fine with it. Only when I was actually there, did he say this. I left because of this a few minutes after our friend came over. Does anyone think I’m in the wrong?

“I have a crush on an old friend over the internet”

4 years ago when I was about 13 I had an Xbox 360 “squad” of a couple of people from different parts of England. I had two main/best friends in the squad who were Joe and Andy (names changed because I am paranoid). They lived in the same area as each other but about 18 miles away, and I always really liked Joe. Everything down to his laugh and his jokes made me want to hug him. Back then he felt the same. Continue reading

“My girlfriend isn’t romantic at all”

I’m in a 5 month relationship and yesterday we had a bit of an argument, we were playing basketball and when we sat down I asked her a rather silly question but it was serious, would she go to my games when I joined the college team, she replied with ‘I don’t know.’

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit angry because I always try to make her happy with everything and even if she has to lie to me I would figure that the correct answer is yes. I got thinking why I was angry at that little thing, even though it would have been best to say yes. From what I thought, I was angry because I just don’t see her fair share of romantic stuff. It’s not about effort because we see each other every day and always talk but it’s a bit more than that. Continue reading

“My ex downgraded after our relationship”

Why would your ex downgrade from you after a relationship? I find myself attractive and he isn’t very. But the girl he is with now has nothing going for her. He wasn’t good to me when we were together and he treated me like shit, but with her he is so much nicer and really likes her. I don’t know what I did wrong, help?

“My ex has caused me to lose all my friends”

I am struggling with no friends right now. Last year I was talking to this boy and he ended up hurting me really bad. In ways I don’t want to even discuss. For one, he had a girlfriend the whole time.

Skip to a year later which is now. One of my closest friends is dating him. When she told me I was devastated. Not that I cared about the boy, that one of my best friends can look him in the eye knowing that I talked to him, knowing how much he hurt me! I got mad at her and told her how mad I was at her and blocked her. Continue reading

“Shall I date him or his best friend?”

About two months ago, my best friend since childhood confessed that he’s liked me for the last couple of years. Me, being myself, decided immediately that I wanted to preserve the friendship. We were the type of friends that both had really busy schedules but we’d hang out for hours and be at each other’s houses till the middle of the night.

So after a while of thinking things through, I decided I wanted to try a relationship. After informing him, he repeats that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship and that he’s talking to a different girl. I know that he takes a long time to get over people in general so I’m unsure why he’s going after a different girl. I don’t know what to do. Should I hope for him to eventually stop liking her or should I get over him and date his best friend?