“I keep going back and forth between two guys”


I have a serious problem with commitment. I get so overwhelmingly into a guy and then it all crashes because I realize I would rather have the other one. I started dating this one guy in high school, and we decided to break up before college. He was always nice to me, and we lost touch. Then I started liking this other guy in college and we were a thing for a full semester. But when I took him home to meet my friends, my ex was there!

Next thing I know I broke up with the college boy and am back with the boy from high school. I NEVER doubted things with the college boy before that moment and it was like I blinked and it was all over. Being back with my ex was awesome for a good month but now I have some SERIOUS regrets because the boy from college sees me way more and understands me on a deeper level. I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do, I already have broken both of their hearts before and I don’t want to cause any more pain. I feel like such a piece of shit and I’m so worried I would just do it again if I went back to the college boy. Any advice would be great!!

“I think my wife is sending nudes to other people”

In need of some advice. This is gonna be a bit long and it’s two points that somewhat connect.

First, I’m married (2 years) and I love my wife, right now we’re dealing with distance due to my work but things are great as we’ve dealt with it periodically throughout our relationship.

1. So when we first got into a relationship I had to move away for a while and 6 months into the relationship I had an emotional affair for maybe a month with an old ex. Things got pretty rough but we obviously got through it. She had threatened to have “revenge sex” but eventually explained she could never do it and didn’t want to. She did however in a fit of anger text me old sex videos she had of her and some exes to get back at me. Well one of the videos has been on my mind a lot lately and I kind of want to watch it to use as jerk off material. So long as I can’t see the guys face and she doesn’t say a name, I can imagine it’s me just like I do with porn. I have videos of me and her and they’re great but I just want something new. HOW DO I ASK TO HAVE HER SEND THIS?? Would it be too weird or wrong?? Continue reading

“He was sexual with his sister”

Please help settle this tiff between this couple:

K says:

Okay, so my boyfriend informed me last night that between the ages of 12 and 13, he engaged in sexual activities with his blood sister. There was no penetration, but foreplay took place. He stopped once they were caught by his father. It took 6 months for him to tell me, and I completely understand why it was so difficult for him to tell me.

I feel disgusted and confused. He shows clear remorse for the situation, but also expects me to be calm and collected about it all. I cannot stop thinking of psychological repercussions. I’ve never had a sibling of the opposite sex. Is this normal? He is trying to convince me to some degree that it is not unusual and I just don’t understand.

I know the past is the past, and I love him and who he currently is. My main problem now is the length of time he took to inform me? I believe I should’ve known about this prior to us entering into a sexual and emotional relationship.

R says:

I come from a different culture and a different country — one where sex is much much more taboo in general and not easily accessible. This was somewhat of a common occurrence in my area, and while I do admit it was wrong, I do not see why I even had to tell my significant other. It should have no impact on our current relationship. I was only a child when it happened.

“I feel lonely”

I feel lonely. I have plenty of friends from high school who I keep in touch with using discord, and I’ve got a few acquaintances in college. When I say that I feel lonely, I mean romantically and sexually. I’ve tried plenty of ways to maybe ease myself into a relationship. I’ve tried self reflection to appease the requirement of loving myself in order to be capable of loving others. I’ve tried putting myself into a mindset of being indifferent so that I don’t come off as creepy while it becomes easier for me to tease and be playful.

I’m also fairly handsome (I can pull off a clean look and a rugged/scruffy look), not to brag or anything it’s just that I get that a lot, but I don’t get many advances (not that I’m really expecting so much as hoping). I want to find myself in a relationship, but I don’t have much time to even devote to one so I’m also fearful of seeking it out. I don’t want to get into a relationship and then not have the time to give to keep it going.

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“I drunk messaged a guy several times”


This is going to sound pretty dumb, but… for some reason I developed a crush on a guy I used to go to school with, but never spoke to or really noticed (this developed after school), then after learning he was living back in our home town for a few months, I drunk messaged him.

Now my drunk conversations aren’t your typical drunk talk, it’s weird and and to follow but lucky for me he was drunk too and went along with it. The next day I felt bad and apologised and we kept an awkward conversation going then let it fizzle out. UNTIL I drunk messaged him again….. after that we texted for a few weeks and it was good and fun and we got along. I ended up really liking him, however, whenever I tried to get him to hang out he would cage and get boring. After a few tries i just decided he either wasn’t into me or he was just too ‘girl shy’, so i stopped talking to him and ended up deleting his number.

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“I’m stuck in a loveless marriage”


Hi, i need some advice. I’m stuck in a loveless marriage. She has no interest in me at all. Early 40’s, 2 kids, successful career, things should be good but they ain’t.

Can’t leave and put the kids through that. I’m married, so I signed on for better for worse. I need advice as to how to inject some passion and fun back into our lives. I’m an introvert, shy, and not able to talk to her about it, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Yeah I know, man up, but easier said than done…..

“I had a sex dream about a coworker”

I’m only 19 and have been in a relationship with a guy for a little over a year. This is my first serious relationship where we both have openly expressed our love for each other. He is my best friend and has been there for me through everything that I’ve gone through in the past year (it’s been a lot of sh*t to say the least). But I often have days where I feel different about him; some days I feel so happy and completely in love with him and other days I question why I’m even with him (even though he has never done anything like cheated or been physically or verbal abusive). Only downside is that I’m not really physically or sexually attracted to him; although sex is almost a daily occurrence.

Anyways now that’s there’s some background here is my dilemma. I had a sex dream about someone I work with whom I find very attractive and sweet and could even say I have a little “crush” on. After having this dream I can’t stop thinking about him. I noticed it has been affecting the way I feel about my boyfriend, but I have not made any of this known to him. I don’t really know what to do now since it has been all I can think about. I have felt this feeling of detachment with my boyfriend before but never because of someone else. Am I just looking too far into this dream or does it mean something?


“Am I desperate for wanting to talk to him?”

So I really like this guy and I’m really close with his family. Our parents have been friends for over 20 years and I’ve pretty much grown up with this kid. He’s in 8th grade and I’m in 9th, so we don’t go to the same school. I barely get to see him. He comes to my chorus concerts because he wants to, so I get to see him then.

He’s really sweet and always texts me after a performance saying I did a good job. We just got each other’s Snapchat’s and he started a streak with me, but whenever I snap back, he leaves me on open. He doesn’t have a snapchat score, so I assume he just leaves everyone on open. But, I still want to talk to him but I don’t want to sound desperate. Please help!


“Is it weird that this guy is really into me?”

I’m 18 and have a thing for older guys.

A few months ago I had a tinder date/hookup with a 33 year old guy who was just travelling through. We had a really great night and we got along really well and the sex was fantastic. I thought it was just a one night stand and I’d never hear from him again. The next day he did the typical “wow last night was amazing” texts and all that, and I went along with it and that was fine.

He was still texting me a few days later and every now and then we chat even still. But now he’s planning another trip basically just to come and see me again. He keep telling me things like how “sexy” I am and how I’m “the best body he’s been with” (I’m not mad at him for saying that because we’re keeping it strictly about sex that way.) I know he’s only saying those things because I’m young and he’s just infatuated with that but he also told me he named his van after me and he’s always telling me how much he thinks about me.

I’d love to boink him again, but is all this a bit too much? Should I cut things off before it gets too weird?


“Her mom is getting in the way of our relationship”

Hi I’m Dee and I’ve been friends with this girl since we were 12 and we’ve been dating for most of that time, I’ve really fallen in love with her. So we are both 19 now and in our senior year in high school and she really wants a life with me after we graduate.

I really want to marry her but the only problem is her mom, she’s never really liked me and I’ve never given her a reason not to, I have a feeling it’s a race thing.

So my question is, should I marry her knowing her mom won’t be happy of our marriage, or hurt the only girl I ever’d loved?