“Am I desperate for wanting to talk to him?”

So I really like this guy and I’m really close with his family. Our parents have been friends for over 20 years and I’ve pretty much grown up with this kid. He’s in 8th grade and I’m in 9th, so we don’t go to the same school. I barely get to see him. He comes to my chorus concerts because he wants to, so I get to see him then.

He’s really sweet and always texts me after a performance saying I did a good job. We just got each other’s Snapchat’s and he started a streak with me, but whenever I snap back, he leaves me on open. He doesn’t have a snapchat score, so I assume he just leaves everyone on open. But, I still want to talk to him but I don’t want to sound desperate. Please help!


“He gave me his number then ignored me”

So there is this guy who I know because he works for my parents. He is 3 years older than me and super cool! We talk occasionally when at my parents’ work and what not. So over the New Year’s I went to a festival which he was also attending, we both knew that each other was going as we had talked about it months prior.

About 2 months before the festival was gonna happen, I went to a work function and he was there also, we were talking about the festival and he ended up giving me his number and said give us a call when you’re up there, if anything goes wrong or you wanna hang, and I was like yep cool awesome!

So once the festival comes around I was debating whether to get in contact with him or not, because I was scared he wouldn’t want to hang and because low key I find him attractive and have a little crush. I got up the courage to message him on the first day to which I got no reply. On the third day I rang him and no answer and later that night I messaged him on Facebook so I would know if he read my message. Again no reply. I was feeling kind of bummed because I was really hoping to catch up with him at the festival.

Two days after the festival I posted something on Instagram to which he viewed it, so I know he has been on his phone. Why do you think he would give me his number and then ignore my efforts to reach out? Also please note 4 days after my Facebook message he hasn’t opened it even though he has been online.

“I’m not sure why he’s being distant”

So I have been with this guy I met off Tinder for about 6 months. I met him in March of 2017 and ended things with him in May 2017 since he didn’t want to be in a relationship and I did. He came back around during the summer in June and told me how much he fucked up, how much he was trying to resist the person he truly wanted.

So, me being the one who still had major feelings for this guy – I gave in and we started talking again. Our relationship seems to be organic, we can be ourselves with each other, it’s so comfortable being around him. But it seems like I am always the one who opens up to him and tells him how much I like him and don’t want to lose him, etc. He recently graduated and went back to his mom’s for a few weeks but now he doesn’t really talk to me. Continue reading

“I like him but he’s creeping me out”

There is this guy who was an acquaintance of mine who somehow got my phone number 6 years ago. He texted me and I texted back because I didn’t see any harm in it. I found funny pictures to send or sometimes we would just chat about our day. I guess a friendship sort of developed from this, but from the beginning he’s been trying to push for a romantic relationship that I have never shown any interest in.

He sometimes texts me creepy comments or takes my pictures of of my social media and types text over them, about how bad he wants me and he sends them to me or posts then on my wall. Today he recorded himself saying my name and making weird noises, and sent it to me and it was super creepy and uncomfortable. I told him that but he said he was trying to be funny. It was not.

I’m really shy and I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. And I feel like some of it is my fault because I continued to talk to him even though I was not interested.

Lately I ignore his texts for days at a time but end up responding because I feel bad because he’s been there when I needed to talk for the last 6 years! Honestly, he creeps me out so much but I don’t know how else I can tell him without hurting him.

Please help me.


“I lost my virginity to him and he never calls me”

Hi 🙂 I’ve been pretty sad lately. All throughout middle school and high school, guys had limited interest in me. As a senior in high school, I got a job at a pizza shop. This was the first time a guy really gave me attention. I don’t think I really knew how to handle myself. We started texting in April and our first date was in May. We had a few dates and then he started getting busy during the day with questionable friends (he hadn’t gotten drunk until he started hanging out with them).

We kept texting everyday until probably late July. Sometime during that time I invited him to sneak over to my parents house at night so we could hang out again. He did and we made out and watched a movie. Then he went on a trip and the texting got sparser. I went on a trip later in early August so we could hang out. Then he snuck over once more before I went away for college about 3 hours away. Continue reading

“My crush has turned into tension”

For the past few months, I have developed a crush on this guy at school but I’ve always been too afraid to tell him or even talk to him. However, one night whilst I was staying at my friends house, I told her that I liked him and she had convinced me to message him to initially start fresh and sort out our differences ( because of this argument we had last year ), so me feeling brave this night, decided I would do it.

He replied not too long after, being rather worried but I didn’t see this message because I was asleep by the time he replied ( like 20 mins after I know ) so I got woken up by him calling me over and over. Continue reading

“I’ve caught him staring from afar”

I really like this guy who is into my music and physics class. He is kinda quiet, not shy at all and just super sweet. Loads of people seem to have a crush on him. I’ve never really been in a relationship before, so I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. I was quite flirtatious for the first couple weeks I’d met him, up until he dropped the girlfriend bombshell, that’s when I backed off. I’ve tried so hard to change the way I feel, with little success, and here I am over a year later, still just as crazy. Continue reading

“I feel compelled to send him nude pics”

For the past two years I’ve been sort of sexting/sending the odd nude to this guy. Recently though, he’s gotten into a relationship, however we have still continued sexting etc. We’ve never slept together, it’s strictly ‘cyber’.

A few weeks ago, and I don’t know why I did it, after stalking his gf, I sent her screen shots of our messages. He told her about it before she had chance to see the messages, and she deleted my message request. He told me he felt hurt about what I did, because we were ‘friends’, but the only times he would talk to me was when he wanted nudes or to sext.

He even told me he only talked to me because he was bored and lonely. I don’t know what to do, we still sext and talk from time to time, but I feel like a fool. I don’t know how to let him go and move on, I feel compelled to talk to him. When I don’t talk to him, I think about him constantly, I’m 20 and feel like I’ve passed the phase of stupid crushes. I know I don’t want a relationship with him, but I crave his attention. I know I can’t compete with his gf (he describes her as the ‘love of his life’ and his ‘best friend’) but I still crave intimacy from him. Am I a fool? How do I get over this obsession?


“He wanted me then acted extremely weird”

Last week, I hung out with some people from work. This extremely attractive guy I’ve worked with for two months began flirting with me, when he realized I didn’t have a boyfriend, like he’d thought I did all along. He seemed really interested and we had a bit in common. Eventually, after a few more beers he asks where I live and he follows me back to my house where he meets my mom and my grandmother.

He’s very drunk at this point, and I’m pretty naive, but he starts kissing me and picks me up and stuff, then keeps trying to touch me and other things of that nature. I thought he genuinely liked me, but I would be like “No, cut it out, I don’t know you that well” but he would be like, “But I’m not!” and yet continued to take my pants off and I’d have to pull them back up. Continue reading

“He calls me his wife and I’m not even his girlfriend”

I was friends with this guy for a while and we were talking one day, and he started being really perverted, and telling me that he wanted to have sex with me, and he continued telling me those types of things, even after I specifically told him I was uncomfortable with it. (I should mention I’m 14 and he’s 16).

Even after he stopped he was acting obsessed with me, he’d always tell me that he’s thinking about me and he’d put my name on his story every night and he wouldn’t give up doing those type of things and more, even though I stopped acknowledging him entirely. He even asked me out twice and I rejected him both times, and after both of those times he got upset, bitched about me to other people and said I was being “unfair” because I “didn’t even give him a chance”.

There really isn’t a reason why he’s so obsessed with me, since he started acting stalker-ish, I’ve been more of a bitch to him, I feel bad for being so rude, but he honestly just drives me insane, it’s gone to the point where he calls me his wife and tried to buy stuff for me (he tried to spend €90 on a teddy bear for me before). He talked about me to my friends calling me “the girl of his dreams” and other things. My friends are creeped out too, one of the best explanations any of them can offer is he just wants to go out with me so he can brag about someone actually wanting to go out with him. Honestly I don’t know what to do, should I try to never talk to him again, give him a chance or something else?? Thanks for reading x