“Should I have given him my details?”

I am starting college in a new country in September and unfortunately my boyfriend of over two years will be staying in Ireland. While I was abroad looking for accommodation I bumped into another Irish student who had just finished his first year there.

He asked me to write down my details and he would give me advice on things he wish he knew before starting college. I told my boyfriend and he got extremely jealous. He is making me feel like I did something extremely wrong, yet everyone I have talked to say that he should be supportive and happy that i have made a new contact in this strange new country.

Am I wrong for giving this boy my details or is he wrong for being so jealous over an innocent act?


“My girlfriend’s sister is ruining our relationship”

I’m in a relationship with the love of my life. She’s amazing and we are perfect for each other. The problem is that I’m her first serious relationship in a while, and her twin sister is having issues with me taking her sister away from her.

At first I got it, I’d feel bad too if someone took my best friend away from me. But recently she’s gotten seriously malicious towards me and I’m not sure if I’m pissed or upset or just confused as to what to do. Continue reading

“Am I in a toxic relationship?”

My ex-boyfriend and I of three years have had a very rough patch over the course of the years. We were so very in love but he did not treat me the way that I wanted to be. I had a few talks with him about what bothered me but there was little to no change. I decided to end it with him and try to see someone else.

That was a mistake. We tried working things out again but I left him once again. The next time I left him again and it went from a spiral. He wants me to quit my job in order for things to work out between us because a co-worker and I tried dating and another one currently has a liking towards me. I see where he’s coming from but I feel like this will be a mistake in the long run. I love him very much and I’m not sure what to do about the current situation. Any advice? Do you think this relationship will become even more toxic in the long run or will this solve some problems?

“My ex downgraded after our relationship”

Why would your ex downgrade from you after a relationship? I find myself attractive and he isn’t very. But the girl he is with now has nothing going for her. He wasn’t good to me when we were together and he treated me like shit, but with her he is so much nicer and really likes her. I don’t know what I did wrong, help?

“Will a threesome make me jealous?”

I’ve always considered having a threesome outside of a relationship and it’s something I would really want to try.

I have been in a relationship for around 6 months and am so in love, we have had very few fights but there has always been this girl I found suspicious, as she is the only other girl in his life that isn’t me. I haven’t met her and he knows her because they used to go to school together. They no longer hang out or talk but for some reason she makes me really uneasy, although his lack of contact reassures me it’s fine. Continue reading

“My girlfriend wants me to fire my coworker”

My long-term relationship girlfriend wants me to fire a coworker. She is devastated, has nightmares, is taking medication… it’s more than jealousy.  I have a good friendship with said coworker and nothing inappropriate has ever happened from either end, but we did become good friends.

We have hung out numerous times in the past, with my girlfriend, as a group. My coworker has a pretty cool group of friends. I connected with her and her friends more than anyone else in this city and I can understand how that could make my girl uncomfortable. Continue reading

“I’m upset with myself for being jealous of a friend”

So I have this friend who I went to school with, and now we’re at University together. We do different subjects and live separately so I don’t see her all that often at the moment – we’re both adjusting to the new lifestyle and such.

As background, the way that we got to know each other at school was partly through school plays. She would often be cast as a leading part and I really love drama but don’t tend to get big parts. Since we’ve arrived at University, though, that difference has grown so that now she’s been in two plays already in our first term and has another two and a student film lined up for after the Christmas holidays, and I have auditioned for a series of things, none of which I’ve got. Cry. Continue reading