“Should I make a fresh start and leave the love of my life behind?”

I’ve been in a two-year relationship with a girl I’m in love with. We used to argue about little things and disagree a lot. However, I love her more than I have ever loved someone in my life, and I can’t imagine my life without her. She has changed me for the better and taught me valuable things in life that I will never forget.

For the past 6 months, though, we’ve been on-and-off because of our arguments. Recently I started talking to someone else. She is a really nice girl, and we have a lot in common. I thought maybe this could be my fresh start. Continue reading

“The age gap doesn’t bother us, but his parents don’t approve”

I’ve had a crush on this guy for a really long time, and this summer, I figured out he felt the same way about me. I had an amazing summer with him, and we were together all the time. We were in the same youth group, so we went on a lot of trips together this summer (Dallas, Lookout Mountain, Whitewater rafting, camping).

On the bus ride home from camp, he sat by me and told me how he felt. We’ve both never been in a relationship before, but he’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He puts God and others before himself in every situation and is such a great guy. Continue reading

“He sent me videos of he and his boyfriend having sex”

I really like a guy I met a couple years ago. I’ll call him S. He was 26, and I was 19. We started talking in March of 2015, after both of us were coming out of relationships.

We started hanging out almost daily. Before we’d even done anything, I was already very into him, as this was the first guy I’d been with in person since coming out of the closet in 2013. I was new to being in a “real-life” relationship, especially with a guy.

One night, we’d been drinking and I’d told him about some pretty dark stuff that happened to me, and he’d told me some things about himself. He kissed me when I started to tear up, and essentially that night, he took my virginity. We didn’t finish, though. I wanted to stop because I was feeling kinda gross, and I didn’t want to be drunk for this. So we did.

The next night, I went to his house again, and I was sober. This time, I was definitely the initiator. But he kept pushing me away. Eventually, he said he felt uncomfortable, and he went to sleep. I stayed up, because I felt kind of gross, even though I enjoyed being next to him.

The morning after that mess of a night, I confessed to him that I did like him. That’s when he let me down and said that he didn’t feel the same. Continue reading

“I really like him, but I’m nervous like he is”

So this guy and I have known each other for about a year-and-a-half now. We go to the same school, and I normally see him like 2-3 times a day. We mostly talk through social media, so it’s really awkward when we are together in person.

I see him in the morning in the library with both my friends and his friends. Some days, he leaves the library a few minutes after I get there. He sometimes looks at me, and other times he doesn’t.

In the hall, when we pass each other, he either looks at me for a few seconds and keeps on walking, or he looks at me quickly and tries to move for his side more like he’s trying to escape or something. He gives me a lot of mixed signals, and that’s why I can’t tell if he likes me, but is just really shy, or just not interested at all. Continue reading

“What was he thinking as he looked into my eyes?”

I am 21, and I have a crush on a guy who is 6 years older than me. I have known him since I was 12 or 13, and I have liked him since I was 15. We first meet at a family reunion retreat sort of thing and he came because he is a friend of my older cousin. This family reunion is held every year around September and every year my cousin invites him. That is the main time that I usually saw him for several years. My cousin would always bring all of her college friends with her to the retreat every year.

I developed the crush on him when I was 15 and I was thoroughly embarrassed that I liked an older guy. I got to know him a bit better over the years, but I knew he would never see me in that way. When I was 16 my older brother decided that he wanted to go the same college that my crush had recently graduated from. My brother got to know him better and later on even ended up living in the same apartment that my crush used to live in.

When I graduated from high school I decided to go to the same college as well (for completely unrelated reasons). I was only there for a year a suffered academically (I wasn’t sleeping at night because there were mice in my dorm room) and ended going back home to go to the local community college. Back home I learned that my crush had bought a house near where I live and used my dad as the real estate agent. Continue reading

“How do I get out of the friend zone?”

I’m crazy over this girl who I’ve know for years. She has me friend-zoned. I’ve told her before about my feelings and it didn’t work. So we’re still really close and she texts/snapchats me all the time and is constantly looking for my attention, but keeps me friend-zoned. I think maybe she is waiting for me to mature a little because, I can admit, she’s a lot more mature than me. I’m more into partying and drinking, and she’s more into studying and going to bed at nine o’clock.

We’re both 21, and I really think it could work between us. I don’t let the fact that I have feelings for her stop me from living my life. I’m open to meeting other girls, but, if she ever called me I’d leave any date at the drop of a dime. I’ve tried forgetting her and ignoring her, but I’ve never lasted more than a few days.

I wanna give up so badly but at the same time I’m clinging on to the little hope I have. One night we were both talking about how lonely we were and she told me that she wished she had more options and wouldn’t have to settle and that really hurt. But you can’t force anyone to like you and can’t get mad if they don’t. My analysis of the whole thing is she keeps me wanting her by giving me just enough of her attention but keeps me friend-zoned.

“I have a crush on my boss”

So, I started working my current job when I was 18. I’d never had any sexual/romantic interest in another person at this point in my life, and never thought I would, until I met my boss.

He was a breath of fresh air compared to the younger boys I worked with, had a great sense of humor and was really easy to tease/get flustered, which I enjoyed. He’d tell me I was like a little sister, easy to read. But like most of these stories go, he was already in a relationship.

He would randomly mention his fiancee when we spoke so I took that as a signal to stop speaking to him so much, which I respectively did even changing shifts to give him space. Some months went by and it was kind of awkward between us because a mutual friend had told him I was crushing on him and he kept asking why I was dodging him, he felt lonely. Continue reading

“Everyone thinks we’re perfect for each other, but he has a girlfriend”

I think he likes me, but he has a girlfriend who’s also my friend. What to do?

Me and this guy have been close friends for 2 years now. His girlfriend and I have been classmates for almost 7 years, but she and I aren’t very close.

The guy and I have almost everything in common. We’re like two sides of the same coin. Everyone thinks we’re nice together. One day he just came and was like, “aye, my mom thinks I like you.”

Like always, we laughed it out. Then another time, he was like, “so I was talking with someone and they was like I’m your perfect match.”

And again, I laughed it out. All his friends think we’re perfect. We love the same things. But, he has a girlfriend. They constantly argue. They do have one or two good moments, but it’s mostly arguments. Continue reading

“Should I tell him I like him?”

I need help. I like a guy who rides my bus. He is a sophomore and I am a freshman. Most people won’t date freshman at my school. I kind of want to tell him how I feel because then he has all break to think about his feelings, but introvert challenge. I occasionally catch him looking at me on the bus, he sometimes makes it a point to talk to me. We also have an inside joke. Should I tell him that I like him or play it out for another year?

“I might be crushing on my bf’s BFF”

My boyfriend refuses to talk to me about anything anymore. We’re always arguing, even though we never used to. I just feel so useless, everything I do upsets or annoys him, but he is a really nice person.

It’s a good relationship, but I’m just not sure how long we’ve got left anymore (and it’s not just me wondering that).

And to top it off? I’ve been slightly losing feelings for him… and developing them for one of his good friends…

what do I do??