“I feel completely disrespected and betrayed by him”

My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for 3. I have 2 children from a previous marriage and he and my children bonded quickly and the family dynamic between the 4 of us felt effortless and we were all happy.

Since we’ve been married though, I have found text messages between him and 3 different girls. I tried to improve myself to see if he would stop, I thought it was something I was doing to push him away but then I found out he was saying awful things about me and my kids to a girl while he was telling me how much he loved me. Continue reading


“Shall I ask him outright how he feels?”

Hi, I’m a bisexual guy and I’ve been meeting up with this guy for a few weeks now for sex basically, I’ve been to his a few times he’s been to mine etc, and the other day I told him that I actually like him, he seemed to kind of avoid saying anything like he likes me etc…

He’s really talkative in person but seems to be lacking in texting skills and always seems to blank my message when a topic becomes overused in a conversation instead of what people normally do and divert it over to something else… and as he’s blanked the message I don’t want to look like a fool by messaging him to start the conversation again.

I’m really not too sure how to go about it as some of my mates have told me just to ask him outright how he feels/if he feels anything for me and what he wants, but I don’t really want to force him into anything, or drive him away especially only having known each other for around three weeks…


“My boyfriend of 6 years is texting another girl”

My boyfriend and I of 6 years have broken up and have been broken up for almost 2 weeks now. We’ve been dating since high school. Ever since we’ve broken up, not much has changed. We still see each other everyday, he’s still on my phone plan (we have a great rate) and are pretty much on this break to work on being better so we have a stronger relationship once/if we get back together.

Yesterday, he kept telling me that he loves me and that I’m his best friend and that more likely than not, we’ll be together in the end. I felt that he brought it up kind of randomly and that there was something peculiar about what he was saying. With lack of better judgement, I look at his phone records and it says that he’s been texting someone.

He had been texting this person since 8am all way until 12 at night. This morning I confronted him about this just to see where we stand and if he is moving on to someone else. He says that they they are “just talking” and they are “just friends”. In the last six years he has never had any female friends, he works a retail job for his parents and only has 2 coworkers that he always complains about. I even looked up her name and the area that this girl lives in, which is not in our local area. He says that he loves me and just me and cares about just me and that he’s only interested in investing his time in me.

I find it kind of hard to believe that I’m the only one, when he texts somebody else 15 hours a day. He says it’s not going anywhere. And today he even texted her at like 6.30 in the morning.

Should I trust what he tells me? I feel that his actions/reactions are not adding up. Is it really that likely that if a guy and girl were texting for 8am-past midnight were not interested in each other? For those of you who are familiar with the show Friends, I am Team Ross. I don’t think my ex is doing anything wrong by texting her, but I don’t believe that he has feelings for just me as he is trying to lead me to believe. I am looking forward to hearing advice from outside parties. Please indicate if you are a male or female so I can understand your perspective. Thanks.

“My boyfriend ‘half’ cheated on me”

My boyfriend “half” cheated on me, meaning I caught him flirting, texting, and trying to meet up with this girl. Our relationship was awesome at the time, even he admits it, so I have no clue why he’d act like that. She sent him “racey” pictures, so it’s not like they were meeting up to discuss world views.

Years later, I notice they’re still friends on Facebook!? He probably gets on Facebook once every 3 months, so it’s unlikely they’re actively chatting, but when your girlfriend’s upset about you attempting to cheat, wouldn’t that be a smart step to take, unfriend her? This is a deal breaker for me, but I’m unsure if I’m out of line, since he’s not an avid Facebook user.

“How do I ask her out?”

I went to high school 2 years ago with a girl whom I never talked to until now, as I am shy about meeting people. She recently moved back in town after a pretty bad breakup, though I don’t know the details. I’ve gotten out of a relationship with someone who cheated on me twice in the last 9 months, as well.

I think she’s really beautiful and deserves someone who is loyal and treats her with love and respect, but I don’t know if I should say anything to her about how I feel, as I’ve sorta only texted her for 2 weeks. I asked her out for coffee, but I haven’t gotten a reply. I’m an awkward texter, so I’d rather talk in person where my charm is.

“My husband was texting another woman”

My husband and I have been together for 10 years ( 5 years married.)  For the most part we are happy and we have 2 handsome boys. Sunday I was going through his phone and he had this weird flirtatious conversation with a male friend I didn’t know he was talking to. Long story short, it was actually a female ( he put it under a male name so I wouldn’t notice) and they work together.

Looking through phone records they don’t text each other everyday, but he has erased all their messages. He swears that all the conversations before have been innocent and they were only joking in the messages I saw, and that he doesn’t have feelings for this girl and I have nothing to worry about. He said the only reason he changed the name and erased the messages was because he didn’t want me to get mad. He says he’s really sorry and didn’t mean to hurt me and he swears there is nothing going on. Continue reading

“My boyfriend won’t text me photos when he’s out with his friends”

My boyfriend goes out to his friend’s house almost every weekend. That’s okay to me.  Previously (ages ago) I asked him to take a photo at their place, and he did, very reluctantly.

Yesterday he went out again, and I asked him to take a photo for me, and he completely refused and ignored me straight afterwards.

He came back today, and I asked him why he refused. After a while he snapped and said, “Then do you want me to just message you 24/7? Just take random pictures while I’m chilling with my friends just for you?” Continue reading

“Is she interested in me?”

I’m 26m, independent person, met a girl introduced by a mutual friend. Hit it off quite well, she’s independent too, about my age.

Asked her out for some desserts and coffee and she said yes. Texted very little because I prefer to see her and not be a text buddy (I found that I always initiated first). Offered her to pick her up, but she prefers to meet at the place, so we met at the place and hit it off really well. We talked for almost 4 hours effortlessly, didn’t felt like it was that long, she had to go cause she had a family dinner and I offered to walk her to her car. She initiated text by saying she reached home and had a good time.

During the date, she showed signs like playing with her hair and sharing some very deep personal stuff talking about her life on top of the casual stuff we talked about having fun.

I maintain texting her, initiating every about 2 days and she replied rather quickly, and there was teasing and I threw a bit of sexual double meanings to indirectly let her know that I want her and not to be a friend and she played along with me. Continue reading

“My wife won’t stop texting her guy friends”

Should I stay or leave? We’ve been married for five years, dated for seven, have two kids, life great, no problems.

So here it is: my wife has always had guy friends. Before we met, she had slept with a few of them. So, when we started dating, I requested that they keep their distance. Fast forward to a year ago when I picked her up, very drunk, from night out. I found a text on her phone to one of these guys from the past whom she slept with saying “what you at.”

A fight started and she says that she can’t remember why she would text.

Fast forward.

She’s in a new job, and has met friends (guys & girls). She’s friendly with one guy, which is okay, but she wouldn’t stop talking about him every day and about what they got up to, and texting with him constantly. I sat down with her and explained that guy friends are okay, but this guy was getting too close. She said she would back off and respect my boundaries — just talk at work, but stop texting all day. Continue reading

“I caught my boyfriend texting other women”

I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven years now and we’ve been through a lot, but we seemed to get on with it anyway. Over the years I’ve caught him texting other women, including his ex, telling her through text that he’s single. We’ve been together about a year at this point.

Recently I (wrongfully) checked his messenger, and he was telling another girl how beautiful she was. I confronted him and he said he was sorry and messed up big time.

Just tonight we were cleaning, and the charger from his old phone was sitting out and I threw it it a bin bag, and when he went to bed, it was sitting on the sofa (which means he had to dig to find it). I asked him about it, and he said he must have took it out without thinking. What? Continue reading