“He doesn’t even let me touch his penis”

My boyfriend and I are together 6 months.
 We’ve had sex a few times, but mostly because I ask him. 

We were dating about 2 weeks, when we decided to have sex, and it was amazing.
 The third time, he came quick, and I made a comment of asking, is he done? 
That offended him, and literally we didn’t have sex for 4 months.

He kept throwing it in my face, how I made him feel little, and not man enough, I’ve apologized numerous times.

 He said it was okay, then once, I asked him again, and he laughed, asking what don’t I understand, about him feeling not man enough , so I left it.

 Then, I started to notice, he started chatting with other women, then deleting messages etc.

That’s when I saw him, sending nude photos, and receiving nude photos

 and I confronted him, and he told me he was sorry. 

And I forgave him.

 And we moved on .

We are both highly sexual, but not with each other at all.

 Whenever he has some beers, he’s more than willing to have sex, but the moment he’s sober, he always has an excuse. 

He’s tired
, he’s got a headache
, he’s not in the mood.

1. He doesn’t work

2. He sleeps a lot

He has a bike, I’m helping him fix it up because he wants to start buying and selling.

 My thing is, why can’t he be sexually into me, unless he’s just not. 

I’ve told him many times, how insecure I feel, that I don’t feel sexy enough for him. 

But he always say it’s not that.

 But, he never shows any interest really

, no kissing
, no touching,  
no sex

. I can’t touch his penis, cause he pushes my hand away or lays on his stomach.

 I have no idea what to do.

4 thoughts on ““He doesn’t even let me touch his penis”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Run like hell from this child. He’s strait up cheating on you, dismissive to your needs and feelings, blames you instead of learning from the experience to have better sex… You live in a forest made of red flags.

    You deserve better than this.

  2. yeahbutwhatif says:

    Wow, ok. First off, him not feeling like a man has nothing to do with you. The way he is acting says more about his “manliness” than anything else and he seems to have quite a few issues. Yes, he is cheating it seems and quite frankly I’m not sure what he is giving you that is worth this. I feel you seem to be codependent. I would suggest reading “codependent no more”, I found it amazing at helping me see what was going on around me much better and be able do the right thing for me. Get out of this relationship, if it is supposed to work it will have to be with him being a man about it but the options are 1. you leave and he steps up to win you back 2. he doesn’t and you’re better off.

  3. renea says:

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