“My declining sex drive has ruined our relationship”

I have serious problems with sex in my relationship. We are both in our thirties, been together for 8 years and have two kids (so, opting out is no real option).

When we started going out we had lots of sex but, even before the kids, my desire started to decline. We talked a lot about it, but even I myself have no idea why I lost interest in sex. My doctor could not find anything (physically) wrong with me and still finds no hormonal imbalance. I also do not use any hormonal contraception and never did. Continue reading


“My girlfriend wants me to fire my coworker”

My long-term relationship girlfriend wants me to fire a coworker. She is devastated, has nightmares, is taking medication… it’s more than jealousy.  I have a good friendship with said coworker and nothing inappropriate has ever happened from either end, but we did become good friends.

We have hung out numerous times in the past, with my girlfriend, as a group. My coworker has a pretty cool group of friends. I connected with her and her friends more than anyone else in this city and I can understand how that could make my girl uncomfortable. Continue reading

“I don’t know how to move forward”

My boyfriend of 4 years is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He’s wonderful. I love him in one thousand different ways.

He’s been engaged before. Last year we went to get rings sized, but both agreed we could wait several years. The other day he said he doesn’t believe in marriage, and we will never get married. It was during a discussion about a friend of ours getting married.

I fully plan on being married someday. Do I just end things now instead of wasting more time in a relationship that doesn’t have the future I want? I don’t know how to move forward.

“I’m in a relationship but stuck dreaming about a guy I work with”

I’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years with a good guy. He’s honestly a good person. We’ve been together since I was 20 and he had just turned 30. The first four months of our relationship were amazing. Total honeymoon phase. But after we started living together, he started to show his true emotional weaknesses.

He would play video games for hours, sometime bordering on days. He would come home from work and ignore me until bedtime where he would toss and turn until morning only to do it all over again. We never did anything fun or went anywhere together. I was starting to feel incredibly trapped and unappreciated. We fought all the time, with me always conceding my side to calm him down or make him happy. Continue reading

“Are we wasting time because it’s never going to work?”

Me and my boyfriend have been together 18 months. I sometimes feel like we’re just too different and we’re wasting time together because we’re working on something that’s never going to work. I love him so much but sometimes I feel that I feel more for him than he does for me and it gets me down a bit.

I try SO hard to make things good with us.  If we argue I’m the only person to fix it, if something’s wrong, I fix it. We live about 3 minutes from each other’s house and I’m at his house everyday but when I ask him to come to my house he never wants to…. I always have to make the effort. He does spoil me a lot but I just feel like a lot of our relationship is one sided. I ask very little of him and I really don’t get much in return of what I ask for him. Continue reading

“He hasn’t told me he loves me”

My reason for coming to this site is to get advice on my boyfriend. About four months ago I told him that I loved him with no response back. I thought to myself, this is strange. We do not normally say it, I say it here and there and he will say ‘me too’ or something like that. But, considering we are going on almost two years and he has not said it, has me wondering.

I let it go thinking that I have my Birthday, our Anniversary, and Christmas all within a month. My thought was that he would show me at one of those times how much I and our relationship mean to him. He did take me for a staycation for my Birthday, no real celebration, we were even hanging with his friends and it was never mentioned. So basically, my Birthday, our Anniversary, and Christmas came with no acknowledgment on his part. Continue reading

“He used to be the man of my dreams”

I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years. I am currently 26. When I was a teenager, he was the man of my dreams, but as we aged and matured, we’ve became roommates that hold each other down from actual love possibilities, for convenience of our children and living situation.

He feels differently, though. This weekend we had an argument about something stupid. And he left. I figured a hour or two to blow off steam. But when I woke at 5 am, he was nowhere to be found. Instant panic attack. I called , phone’s off …

He strolled in at 2 pm. After hours of mixed emotions and thoughts of where he could possibly be. He told me he was at the hospital. I’ve already basically premeditated his funeral, mentally prepared to be a single mom, and had a partial break down. Inside , the damage was done. He left. He didn’t call. He turned his phone off. I wrote him a proper notice to leave , and slept alone last night. Continue reading

“How can I revive my marriage?”

I have been married for almost 20 years. For 10 of those years, I have lived apart from my wife. There are no jobs in my hometown, and I am eager to work. With that being the case, I have been working out of town for the past 10 years. I have moved back into town for short stints over the year, but the best employment has always been elsewhere.

She has never wanted to move with me. It has always been the house from her previous marriage, the kids, the job, the church, the family, or the friends. Recently, something changed. I used to drive four hours each way every week to be with her. All of a sudden, I didn’t want to be with her anymore. I told her that I wanted a divorce. A better man would have been able to tell his woman to quit her job and join him in the new location, but that is not me. I work government contracts, and they are usually for less than a year in length. When I told her that I wanted a divorce, she told me that she wanted to meet every weekend in our midway point. The midway point is my house, which is midway between where I work and where she lives. I said no, she showed up anyway. She wanted to remain in contact throughout the end of the year. I agreed. Not because I wanted to, but because she seemed to need it.

Continue reading

“My boyfriend is having doubts about our relationship because of what our friends told him”

Hi, my guy and I have been in a relationship for the past nine years. In the past three to four months,we’ve been facing difficulties due to our common friends, as they’ve been telling him things about me, and he’s really hurt.

He really wants to get back together, but is confused and hurt, and is having second thoughts about our relationship. Please help us get back together asap!