“I don’t like the way he touches me”

I have had many problems with my boyfriend but we always work it out. Or at least I thought we did. We had a big fight recently and he confessed a lot of feelings he had kept bottled up for a long time and the thing that bothered me the most was the way he talked about a problem we had with consent.

I told him I didn’t like being touched many times and almost every time he tried I would move his hand away and/or tell him no or to stop. He has stopped since we had a very serious conversation about how violated it made me feel when he ignored me and kept insisting and guilt tripping and pressuring me to do things I didn’t want to. He ended up crying and apologizing over and over and said he didn’t realize what he was doing and he stopped doing things I didn’t want. But when we were fighting he brought it up and said “oh yeah like when you apparently felt like I ‘assaulted’ you or something” and asked how I can touch him and then “act like” I don’t want him to touch me. We’ve had a lot of misunderstandings because of the way he sometimes words things incorrectly but I really don’t know how to go about this.

“He spat in my face and threw a TV remote at me”

My partner and I have been in a relationship now for over 5 years. It’s been a lot of turmoil. We recently moved to California, where he was offered a job as a tattoo artist at one of the best shops in this town. We come from a small Texan town.

He doesn’t let me visit him at work and I’m pretty sure it’s because he tells people he’s single. So last night I got a bit insecure and tried to express it. It ended up, him spitting in my face, throwing a TV remote at me, and smacking me around with his fucking hat. Continue reading

“Do I confront him and risk losing him?”

I met this guy on a dating app (we’re both guys) and at first I thought we were just in it for the sex, but then he started getting sweet on me: hanging out for more than sex, cooking me meals, Netflix and chill, spending every day after classes (we’re both in university) together. We basically became a couple in all but name.

We had a row and he made it clear that he doesn’t like me ‘that way’, but we still continue as if nothing changed. We also made it clear that we were just friends, despite everything we did together, and so we began seeing other guys on the side. However, this has led to both of us fighting even more.

He’s said over and over that he likes me as a friend, and he’s limited our sexual contact which I’ve respected, but we are still very intimate physically and spend every night together (just no sex). We practically live together. One night, I came home, not completely sober, and he kissed me, despite having banned it previously.

I get the sense that perhaps he isn’t ready to face his feelings for me, but I feel that if I confront him about this I might lose him. What should I do?

“Do I take her back and face the backlash?”

I was in a relationship with this girl for 9 months, but it all abruptly came to an ended recently when we got into a….quarrel. Things escalated when she put her hands on me. I defended myself , she packed her things.

She called people to fight because she told them I put my hands on her and I called people as well. A fight happened involving both sides . This ended with her bleaching my carpets , some of clothes and ramming my car . We both ended up getting pfas (protection from abuse orders) equivalent to restraining orders, on each other.

But we both sat down and agreed those were unnecessary and the carpet she would replace. Now my question is where do we go from here, I love this girl and we usually argue, make up and be done with the situation, but too much happened this time, she went too far and too many people were involved. Do I let this go ? Or do I take her back and just face the backlash and negativity I’m going to receive from friends and family for forgetting any of this happened and going back to her . Please help, I don’t know what to do .

“My wife and I are fighting over another guy”

My wife and I have been fighting over an issue that came up a while back. It was brought to my attention that a friend of hers seemed overly “friendly” when I wasn’t around. This, coupled with some things that I saw in their interactions, made me confront her and ask why someone thought this.

She immediately took his side and began defending him and their relationship. The fight progressed into a huge fight in which I asked her “do you care more about his feelings than mine?” Her answer was YES, I was completely floored by this and could not believe she would say that to me.

Since then we have several altercations and every time it ends the same, she acts like my feelings are not important and his are. I feel like there is something going on at a subconscious level, as I do trust her and we both work too much to have any time to mess around with somebody else? So how do I let go of how this makes me feel, she has apologized and I believe she is? HELP

“My parents are constantly fighting”

My parents constantly fight (I’m 12-14.) I don’t like it because my mom doesn’t want to be with my dad anymore, but she is doing it for me because we only have one income and it is my dad’s. When my dad goes on business trips, everyone is much happier, but when he is home there is always fighting.

I really don’t like it and kind of want them to just divorce because it scares me and it has since I was little (5 or so). I think I’m becoming depressed because for a while I have just wanted to die and when my dad is away I feel better. What do I do, because I like my dad but he really upsets me, my sister and my mom when he is home because he is always miserable. Help please!!

“My boyfriend sent his ex videos of us”

I don’t know what to do at this point. So me boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years. We had our ups and downs. Before me he used to mess around with girls, had a couple of long-based relationships, but mostly messing around.

When we got together, we were bumping heads, but we did fall in love and worked things out. Recently there’s been one girl he used to mess around with — I found out that he sends her videos of us and basically gets off to it, trying to I guess convince her to get into it, too.

When I found out, I lost it. I knew her sort of because we’ve talked before. I told her I didn’t want them talking and she was being cut off after I went to him first. After the yelling, the crying, the begging, and him deciding to go to therapy, we are slowly working on this. And it’s better. Continue reading

“My wife has a slight drinking problem”

My wife has a slight drinking problem. Not an alcoholic but she just can’t control how much she drinks when we’re out with friends. We can’t go out and just have a couple beers or glasses of wine and enjoy an evening.

It starts out as one beer that gets drunk immediately, not chugged, but rapidly drunk, swallow after swallow. It’s like compulsive, it’s there and I have to drink it. Then she needs another one. Can’t just sip and enjoy it, nope, has to consume it because it’s there. About the third beer in, she’s getting intoxicated, but denies it. If I try to get her to slow down, she gets defensive and belligerent. Now it’s up to 5 or 6 beers and she’s loud, belligerent and nasty. We fight and argue about it and go home. Next time we go out I try to get her to control it but it never works, another spoiled evening, because she consumed too much, too fast and will not stop. She usually apologizes the next day and says she won’t do it again. Always does. This is very frustrating. She refuses to get help or counseling as she is convinced in her own mind that everything is fine. What do I do?

“My mom and I constantly argue”

I can’t seem to stop fighting with my mom, and it’s tearing me up inside. We have big differences in ideology and faith and obviously age, but we’ve always been pretty close. She came to visit me during Thanksgiving, and I found myself becoming very easily annoyed with her (and other family) and snapping and fighting.

Since then, it’s been so hard to go very long without having a huge argument over politics, opinions, each other’s choices, etc. She makes me feel like if I question her logic (I have been in school in the science field, so it’s hard for me not bring up objections to logic), that I think she is stupid and I hate her. But I have explained it’s not personal, then she says incredibly mean and cruel and yes, illogical things to me. Continue reading