“I love another guy”

I desperately need help. I have loved one guy in my life but he never wanted to commit. We had a breakup and I got married. But we never lost contact. Every time I spoke to him, he expressed how much he still loved me. I ignored it as much as I could, but could never stop myself from not talking to him. Now I feel, I am falling in love with him again. How can I let go of him forever? I confessed my love to him and asked him to help me by not contacting me , but he still wants to be friends with me . How should I get out of this situation?

2 thoughts on ““I love another guy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let him find someone be his emotional plaything. Look, you deserve better than to be this mans back burner relationship. Block his number, block him on all social media and move on. Work on your marriage. That’s the man who actually loves you. Stop disrespecting his sacrifices by letting this ass around.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing changes until you decide you have had enough. Write a list of things that made you unhappy or mad. Starting with constant rejection. Once you get mad you will find moving on easier. I have stayed friends with ex’s, but I did have to get mad first. You don’t have to tell them you are mad. You don’t owe them anything. I was always kind to them. Walking helped a good bit too. Helps to healthily work out the frustration. If he’s still hurting you and you need space, BLOCK HIM. You deserve better than to suffer for a man who made you the back burner relationship.

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