“Do I take her back and face the backlash?”

I was in a relationship with this girl for 9 months, but it all abruptly came to an ended recently when we got into a….quarrel. Things escalated when she put her hands on me. I defended myself , she packed her things.

She called people to fight because she told them I put my hands on her and I called people as well. A fight happened involving both sides . This ended with her bleaching my carpets , some of clothes and ramming my car . We both ended up getting pfas (protection from abuse orders) equivalent to restraining orders, on each other.

But we both sat down and agreed those were unnecessary and the carpet she would replace. Now my question is where do we go from here, I love this girl and we usually argue, make up and be done with the situation, but too much happened this time, she went too far and too many people were involved. Do I let this go ? Or do I take her back and just face the backlash and negativity I’m going to receive from friends and family for forgetting any of this happened and going back to her . Please help, I don’t know what to do .


“He has more of a relationship with his ex than with me”

My fiancé has this ex whom he has two kids with, and no matter how horrible she is to him it’s like he can’t leave her alone.

He tells her first about things in his life where I get to find out later. He’s quick to jump and run for whatever she wants and needs. He claims he isn’t in love with her and he doesn’t want to be with her. Says he loves me and wants a future with me, but he won’t let her go…it’s an everyday battle. She always comes first no matter what. I’ve said how it bothers me and he just tells me I’m being insecure. So am I just being insecure?

“I love him but don’t see a future”

I think loneliness has been accepting myself to get trapped in an unhappy relationship for years. I know I have the will power, but the fear of the unknown is really scary.. I have been in this relationship for three years. Wow.. I cant believe it’s only been three years because looking back, it feels like it’s been eternity. Him and I began as best friends and fell in love.

My boyfriend is a nice guy. He is loyal. He is smart. He is generous and also very easy going. These are qualities that I personally wished I possessed so I have always admired and appreciated the way his way of life brought me some zen.

However, as time went on, I realized that his easy-goingness really came from his lack of engagement to anything. He could not get anything done. Or he could not even start because he is “too afraid of failing”. He always pushes things to the last minute which always ends up stressing both of us out. I am not a planner. I am a Sagittarius for crying out loud. I like adventures and spontaneity, however, I saw myself gradually turning into a mom figure. Guiding him through very simple procedures of life, making sure to keep him motivated, making sure he follows through with his plans. It has become so exhausting, dragging him along to get things done.
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“I love her more than her boyfriend ever could”

I fell in love with this girl last year and it took 7 months of being in the friend zone for her to say she loved me back. She asked me to wait for her, so of course I said yes, but during the time I was waiting for her I had a lot of personal issues going on.

It caused a few mental issues so she stopped speaking to me, then got with someone else. She’s recently got back in touch with me and told me she regrets her decision and has made it clear she’s not happy, but she won’t leave her bf and no matter how much I try, she won’t see that I love her and would do more for her than her current bf ever would.

It kills me but the thought of losing her again hurts even more and I don’t know what to do…..
Someone please help?! She’s all I’ve thought about since January 2016 and I’ve been holding this in since she got with her bf in August 2016.

“Why am I always rejected?”

Going into Senior year, never been in a relationship or even close, and not by choice.

All my guy friends say I’m hot. I have a high IQ level to where I could’ve skipped three grades (though my parents only allowed me to skip one). I am talented in music, I have good grades, I’m a respectful person, and I have good values. I’m funny and a good conversationalist. I have a great ass and body in general. I have a pretty face and a good heart.

All things I’ve heard people tell me. Yet most of those same people have rejected me. I’ve been rejected by almost 15 different people in the span of 2 years (when I first started having an interest in relationships.)

So, my point is. If all they say is true, why am I being rejected whenever I put myself out there? Just to clarify I’ve never rejected anyone except for maybe when I was in like 3rd grade once. So yeah, that’s my question. Why am I rejected if I’m “such a great person”?

“Is the spark meant to last forever?”

My girlfriend and I are fairly young and you may be tempted to not take this seriously, but please do. We are very mature for our age and are involved with numerous things and activities that require us to be so.

Some background; I myself am 18, while she is 16. We’ve been together for six months now and have had a very steady and serious relationship up until very recently. She brought to my attention that to her, she feels like the relationship is slightly different for her now. She says that she still loves me the same, and still reciprocates everything, from my kisses, to our cuddles. But, she has also said that to her it feels as if the spark for her has gone out? Continue reading

“My new man is a bit intense”

I am a 33 year old woman. Last June, I left a 7-year relationship, which included 4 years of marriage. I’m currently in the middle of the divorce. Immediately after leaving my husband, I had a 3-month intense rebound relationship with an ultimately emotionally unavailable man that left me heartbroken for longer than the relationship lasted. I decided to go to therapy and try to remain single for a while, to learn more about myself and prevent future mistakes of these types.

Before I hoped — i.e. a couple weeks ago, after about 6 months of single-hood–I met a man I really liked. He was interesting, we have a lot in common, I felt really comfortable around him, etc. I was in heaven for the past week or so, but some doubts have surfaced. Continue reading

“Should I reach out to my old boyfriend?”

I have been thinking a lot lately about an old friend from high school who I haven’t seen or talked to (aside from social media,) in a while. Although we never were in an exclusive relationship, we have a romantic history in which we were more than friends – a typical fling.

It never became anything serious because my feelings for him weren’t as strong as his were for me, and I guess you could say I just didn’t give us a chance. After a few years of him expressing his feelings for me and trying to pursue a relationship with me, he finally gave up and moved on. Continue reading

“I’m mad about a guy that loves me but doesn’t wanna be with me”

Three years ago I met a guy. He was bi-curious, meaning he wasn’t sure about his sexuality at the time. We talked a while and we ended up getting close. I knew he loved me and I felt the same way.

One day he second-guessed himself, since he was scared and still new to the whole ‘liking a guy’ thing. He ended up apologizing for leading me on and he told me that he doesn’t like guys and that he was straight. Less than a week later, he had a girlfriend and they seemed serious. I was hurt, but I never stopped loving him deep down. I ended up getting with this girl (I’m bisexual) and she and I were super happy for about a year and a half but in the end we just turned into best friends because neither of us were really feeling it. Continue reading

“I have feelings for a work colleague”

Okay here goes – so there is this guy I work with, for the past few months he’s really caught my eye but for the past week, ever since a work’s night out drinking, I feel that I have developed something even stronger. I just have this gut feeling that he has as well but there are some issues.

I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, my boyfriend was my first and I’m pretty sure his girlfriend was his, we’ve both been with our partners for a long time.
Although I’m not a geek, I feel he’s a bit more popular than me, he’s not like the most popular person on earth and we have a lot in common really, just his girlfriend in my opinion is prettier and skinnier than me which leads me to believe this is all in my head as why would he like me when he has her? Continue reading