“Her mom is getting in the way of our relationship”

Hi I’m Dee and I’ve been friends with this girl since we were 12 and we’ve been dating for most of that time, I’ve really fallen in love with her. So we are both 19 now and in our senior year in high school and she really wants a life with me after we graduate.

I really want to marry her but the only problem is her mom, she’s never really liked me and I’ve never given her a reason not to, I have a feeling it’s a race thing.

So my question is, should I marry her knowing her mom won’t be happy of our marriage, or hurt the only girl I ever’d loved?


“She’s been creeping on him for years”

Hi. I have a friend who has had a crush on a classmate in high school,  for 4 or 5 consecutive years. She buys his laundry detergent, so she can smell like him, and although she likes him, which is an understatement, she will not talk to him.

She has been creeping on him for so long, and will not let it be. How do I convince her that she has a problem and needs to seek mental help?


“I like her, but she’s got a boyfriend”

I am a sophomore in high school, and I’ve never had a girlfriend. There is a girl in my band/the local youth orchestra who is a freshman, and I swear the most beautiful person I have ever seen. She is, in short, incredibly pretty. However, she is also very funny and shares my “interesting” sense of humor.

She is the first person I have really connected with who I would also consider a relationship with. I look forward to seeing her every day, even if I only get to talk with her for 30 seconds. The problem is: I found out last week that she has a boyfriend who she has known for years, while I am just getting to know her.

The obvious thing to do is wait, but can I really hope for anything?

“Shall I just ask her out?”

I’m a senior in high school and I really like this sophomore girl. I met her last year. We had one class together, and I was the only older guy in the class. I only had one friend in the class so I wasn’t too social, and she started talking to me around the last few months of the year. I saw her in free sometimes, and she would always say hi, compliment my shirt, flirt a little. I liked another girl, a friend of hers, at that point, so I didn’t exactly realize she might be into me. We’re both pretty popular in our grades and both pretty good looking.

Now I asked the other girl out a couple months before school ended and she rejected me. We hadn’t even really talked before, so not a smart move on my part, and I’m over it. Don’t know if the girl I like now knows about that, but she seemed to show signs both before and after that all happened. She said we were practically dating (jokingly) once, stole my phone and took pics on it, insisted on taking pictures with me, even said she would have went to prom with me.

She was sending me these signs, but I am clueless when it comes to girls, so I didn’t realize until  summer started. I didn’t see her over the summer. Our only interaction was liking each other’s Insta photos and stuff.

Now, a week or so into school and she continues to show she might like me. I no longer have a class with her, so I only see her after school. She always starts the conversation, walks up to me, says hi. She has never been very shy and doesn’t hesitate to talk to me in front of her (or my) friends, She has wished me good luck in sports games multiple times and asked how my day was going, how was my summer, etc. Now that I really like her, too, I have been trying to show her that by doing some of the same. We can never talk for too long, but we say hi (she usually says hi first), talk a little, ask simple questions and stuff. Lately I’ve seen her flip her hair around or glance my way as I’m walking her way.

I’m only afraid that she thinks I still like someone else or I’m reading the signs wrong. I really do think she likes me, but I’m not quite sure how to let her know I feel the same way. We have a mutual friend, a girl in my grade, who I think may be a help to find out if she likes me back. So should I have her investigate? And of course I can always just go and ask her. Either way, how should I go about showing her that l like her back? Do you really think she is interested in me and would say yes if I asked her out?

“People at my school are calling me a terrorist”

I’m in high school and I’m Indian. I live in an area without much diversity and most of the people are white. I’m being bullied by a lot of people and they’re calling me a terrorist.

I have tried telling the school staff and they’ve called the students’ parents and since then they’ve stopped saying it to my face. I still hear about the things they say, though, and it’s upsetting me because I know if I tell the teachers again, it will make them hate me more and just make sure I can’t hear about it anymore. They would do that instead of stopping because they realize they’re being racist. I don’t know what to do, please help.

“My teacher is picking on me”

I am in high school, and a pretty good student, known for being well behaved. Last semester I had gym with the teacher now teaching me science. She isn’t very good, but last semester I made an effort to be good to her, because it is her first teaching job and I wanted to be helpful.

This semester, however, I’ve had a really hard time concentrating in her class because she doesn’t control behavior, and other students are really noisy. I tend to not pay attention sometimes, and I know that it’s wrong, but no one else in my class pays attention. I get grades between 85 and 100 in her class.

The other day she yelled at me in front of the class and then told me to meet her after school to discuss my behavior. During the meeting I felt really bad, apologized, and promised to make a better effort. These last two weeks I have been copying all the notes and paying perfect attention, yet she still gives me terrible looks and says harsh things to me. There are students who yell at her, insult her, and act dangerously in her class and she says nothing to them, but continues to pick on me. What should I do? All my friends are angry about the way she treats me, but I just feel confused. I don’t want her to feel badly, I just want to make it stop.

“Torn between believing he is interested in me or not”

I’m 16; a high school student, inexperienced with relationships and boys. I mean I have some, such as my first kiss (at 13) and “hooking up” (making out) on a cruise when I was 14. Nothing else happened, until now. This boy (also 16) added me on Instagram and Snapchat and we started talking. It went great, we had similar interests such as sports and dancing. He was also really funny. I learnt that he loves kids which was something I took note on. He even sent me a video of him playing with his niece. He bought his mom shoes for her birthday recently too. He seemed nice, caring AND met all the standards I looked for in a boy. One day he asked me if “we could chill at his house”. Continue reading

“How can I talk to this guy when I’m too shy?”

I’m a freshman in high school, and there is a Korean transfer student who is a junior. I’ve been meaning to talk to him for a while, but i’m terribly shy, so I ended up writing a note that basically said that he seems cool and that I would like to talk to him, but I’m shy, so don’t bring it upon yourself to talk to me; I’ll have to find my courage.

I somehow ended up with his number and we talked that afternoon. That was two days ago and I want to text him but I’m: 1) worried I might bother him ,2) really fricking shy, and 3) I’M REALLY WORRIED THAT I MIGHT BOTHER HIM. Not to mention I’m kinda too shy to actually talk to him at school, so it’s more like whenever I pass him in the hall, I smile and wave awkwardly. I need all kinds of help.

“I’m having sex even though I’m saying ‘no'”

In high school, I was one of those people who just wanted to be accepted. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a boy who I thought I was in love with. (Cliche right?) Anyway, that started my downward spiral and I ended up having sex with several different people, just because it was easier to do it than to say no.

My reason behind that, is because on different occasions with two different people regardless if I said no, they continued to do sexual things to me and I would just let it happen because I assumed they would continue even if I fought it. Well, my boyfriend of three years knows all of this, and now sometimes he does this to me too. I will tell him to stop and he will continue even if I try to fight it. I feel like all of the progress I have made over the last few years is slowly withering away, and I do not want to be that person again. I am just scared that this is how it is going to be for the rest of my life….

“I’ve had a gay crush on my high school teacher for years now”

I am a female high school senior, and I’ve had a crush on my female teacher since tenth grade (I’m not out to many people yet). She’s single and 17 years older than me. I’ve been trying to get rid of this crush for years, but it won’t budge, even after I stopped taking her class. She’s just so ideal to me: smart, funny, interesting, and pretty … I really fell hard for her and it sucks. I am pretty sure she suspects I like her, but she ignores it (like she should). We have a pretty good professional relationship, and sometimes we talk about our outside lives.

I’ve been mentally debating a lot about whether or not I should just tell her how I feel on the last day. I don’t want her to return my feelings, but rather I think it will give me the closure to get over it and move on in college. Continue reading