“I like this girl but she is still into another guy”

I really like this girl, and she says she likes me too. But at the same time she is still open about how she’s not over this guy she’s been having sex with for about a year. I’ve talked to her about it and she said she’ll tell me when she’s over him, but I don’t know when that’ll be. My question is – Should I just ghost her until I don’t feel anything for her anymore, or should I continue to cuddle with her and try to win her over, even when I know she likes and is probably still having sex with another guy??

Info – We’re both college students, we go to school together, the boy she can’t get over lives four hours away in her home town.

“Shall I try to stay friends with my ex?”

I dated this girl for a little over a year. We were very close, closer than I had ever experienced with someone before. Going into college, our relationship seemed to go very well for a few months.

At the beginning of November, however, she switched gears completely. She stated that she no longer “loved me like I wanted her too”, and it evolved to us breaking up, temporarily at first, then permanently. We had established we very much wanted to stay friends, but my attempts to maintain contact failed. Eventually she told me she didn’t see me in her life at all, but the way she talked and how she had suddenly decided that seemed wrong to me. Continue reading

“I did terrible in my first semester of college”

I’m almost done with my first semester in college and I did terrible. Unlike high school I actually tried my best and did my homework and studied hard for tests. I’m pretty sure my GPA is going to be between a 1.6-1.8 and that’s so bad. Even worse than my high school GPA.

I cried about it all day today because I’m so disappointed in myself. And I’m terrified to tell my parents. All they wanted from me was at least a 2.0 and I couldn’t even give them that. Also I’m really scared that I won’t even be able to get my GPA up. I know I have the rest of college but I’m not sure. I also really wanna change my major but I’m not sure. I have to retake bio and maybe Chem and that’s embarrassing. I feel so stupid and hopeless…..

“Is my secret relationship with an older woman wrong?”

I am a college-age female living away from home for the first time, going to school in a state about 200 miles from home. I am not a really experienced person in life, this is my first time living independently and I admit to being pretty socially awkward – shy, quiet, not too visible.

I have never had any serious relationships and have not really spent much time developing my sexuality. I did not date much in high school and have never been certain about my interest in males, I went out with two boys but only a few times. I have had close female friends and experimented with kissing them but not much more and really drew away from any complicated interaction, keeping to myself and paying attention to schoolwork and lots of other things. I don’t feel that I missed out on anything especially but also think maybe that I am too introverted and shy and maybe I should pay attention to all these things.

So when I arrived here, meaning where I am attending college, I got a room near campus. The woman who is my landlord is a middle-aged woman (late 40’s) and she was very sweet and kind to me. Perhaps because of my nature I allowed her to become very involved in my life. She turned out being around me all the time and perhaps I allowed that, not establishing any boundaries. Again, I am not forward as a person. Continue reading

“My roommate is making my life a misery”

Hi, I’m a freshman in college and I’m having roommate issues. I have 3 roommates and we live in an apartment-style dorm room, so we each have our own room but we share a living room and bathroom. I love 2 of my roommates but the other one is causing issues.

About a week ago, let’s just say she called me a really rude name. I don’t care if people call me this name in a joking manner, I don’t care if people call me this name and I deserve it, but she wasn’t joking and I didn’t deserve it, so it made me upset. Continue reading

“We’re getting fed up with her anxiety”

A friend of mine at school has extreme anxiety issues, a crappy home life, and extreme depression. I just met her at the beginning of school last semester, and she is kind of like a little sister to me, but she has been quite an inconvenience lately.

Several times in the last few months, I have had to drop what I was doing and go to her to make sure she is okay. In addition to that, really weird things set her off — things that we can’t just tell people not to say. The rest of our friends are also getting fed up with it. Also, it is getting to the point where it feels like she’s taking advantage of us.

We have all tried to get her to see a counselor (we are all in college, and they offer free counseling services if you need it). Every time that we bring it up, though, she just says back to us, “You guys are all targeting me,” and then gets upset, cries, and does other stuff to try to make us feel guilty, and then storms out. Continue reading

“My mom is having a hard time with me being away at college”

I am a freshman in college right now. My college is about an hour-and-a-half away from home. I had to work really hard to convince my parents to let me go to that college. I come home every other week. My mom really wants me to transfer to a college that is closer to home. I don’t really want to but, everyone keeps telling me that my mom is having a really hard time adjusting to me being out of the house. I really want to stay at the school that I am at but, I don’t know what to do.

“I need advice on my schooling/employment conundrum”

27 year-old male from Greece, trying to get my future together and I need some good advice.

I was born and raised in a great family enviroment, not wealthy, but fair, and enough to keep me going with great support!

I studied IT tech at technical college at 2007 and been working as a computers technician for the past eight years. Due to my coutry’s condition and foreseeing a not-so-great future in tech support, I decided to follow a spark of mine and study programming in a University by placing all of my resources (plus an investment plan of my parents. I started the University a year ago achieving excellent grades and the investment plan went off I have the money to pay exactly the amount needed for the following two years. The past year and more I’ve been working at companies that didn’t hire me to get insuransed (which is very common) but still I am trying to collect work and knowledge to keep myself running and by the time I’ve developed some new skills that keep the gears moving. The following winter my support insurance will be terminated which is not something that I am well with. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a night shift IT support which is a great opportunity to solve all of these problems. Continue reading

“My employer wants me to hide my tattoos and piercings”

I’m starting a job soon, and I’m having major regrets for even agreeing to take it. I’m admittedly an artistic person, and it shows. I have a few (dainty) tattoos and multiple ear piercings. Nothing too extreme, right? I’m going into a career with fashion so beauty and style are incredibly important to me. But the job I’m taking (at Cracker Barrel) feels very oppressive to me. The dress code is strict, which is sort-of okay. I don’t really mind wearing a uniform too much. But what really irks me is the fact that I can’t show any piercings or tattoos, wear any more than one piece of jewelry at a time, my makeup is be as minimal as possible, and my hair color has to be natural looking. Makeup, jewelry, and body art are a part of me and being forced to hide them for the sake of making minimum wage feels wrong to me. Continue reading

“Why are my friends acting so weird?”

Why are my crush’s friends acting so weird? And they’re actually my friends too. I’m a freshman girl and I have a crush on my sorority president. Let’s call her Naomi, and it seems like she likes me too. She usually gives me intense stares, checks me out, and accidentally (not accidentally at all) bumped into my arm and kept her arm touching mine until she left — bearing in mind that we were outside in the open and it was just like a dozen girls there.

She also gives me this look where its like, her mouth is open and she lowers her eyelids … anyway I’m friends with two of her friends. Lets call them Annie and Kelsey. And she has another friend who is very quiet, Lily.

Annie and I met because we do charity work together and we became friends and I would hang out with her, and she would ALWAYS bring up Naomi, all the time, telling me what church she goes to, things they’ve done to her and how she reacted etc. Even once when I mentioned eating these amazing muffins, she was like “oh me and Naomi went to this amazing coffee shop the other time but I cant remember what its called, I’ll ask her for you”.

Kelsey and I would also hang out and she would also always bring her up, try and link whatever we were talking about to Naomi. But Kelsey would also seem to have a crush on me anyway. We were having hell week and were supposed to graduate but didnt because of issues with transport. Continue reading