“My soulmate isn’t interested in me”

I don’t know what this means! I’ve been friends with this guy for 7 years and we’re very close. We talk on the phone every night and discuss our feelings and problems. The other night we were talking about soul mates. And he said he didn’t think their was one person for him. And I said you mean like you can’t find someone who can speak to your soul, but make you laugh and in the same breath? To which he replied well, the only person is you, so unless you clone yourself…and then he trailed off.

I really don’t know what to think. I’ve shown interest towards him in the past and he has always turned me down. I don’t know what to think…


“My best friend doesn’t want to be my friend anymore”

Hi there! I’m in need of a little friendship advice. I really need help, so please respond! My best friend and I were recently split apart when I moved to the city, about an hour away from our old ranch. My best friend and I promised we would stay in touch, but she became best friends with someone I really didn’t like.

We hadn’t talked for while, and I was hiding  all these feelings of regret and pain, so I messaged her, apologizing for every time I hurt her feelings, and told her how much I missed her, reminding her of all the fun we used to have together. Then she straight up told me she didn’t want to be friends anymore. I kept trying to apologize, telling her how much she meant to me until I was balling my eyes out. Finally I told her I couldn’t talk to her anymore. Continue reading

“A guy I like asked my best friend out”

This week has been a shitty emotional roller coaster. Monday morning in class I was really happy because the guy I like sat by my computer even when I was working and we just talked all class and it was great. I was convinced that he felt the same way. Then he asked my best friend out that day and I was just devastated.

Initially I was in denial, because I was so sure that he liked me. I honestly thought that he was gonna ask my friend about me and saw me and then panicked, which is completely ridiculous. So I moped all the way through Tuesday and Wednesday, until Thursday, when a friend of mine told me that this guy was upset that he messed things up between us. This just confused me more because 1. I didn’t know he thought that there were “things” between us to begin with and 2. Why would him liking my friend ruin things between us?

Long story short, I still think about him all the time and I keep thinking of ridiculous scenarios where we could be together. I really need help trying to get over him while still being friends.

“I moved and now my best friend doesn’t talk to me”

Not too long ago, about last year, I moved away from my hometown. I, sadly, had to leave behind almost everything I knew from the country, and settle for a city home. Back home I had a best friend – the one and only person I could confide in, and be my pure self around. I was sure that we would stay close – but I was wrong.

She never called, never returned my calls, and never visited. Slowly, I lost all hope that I would remain friends with this person. During the summer I made a new REALLY close friend, only to have HIM move away at the end of the summer. Now I am really wanting my best friends back – so I need double advice. Continue reading

“My best friend is bi and hinting that he wants me to ask him out”

Things have gotten … complicated with my best friend. I’ve known him for the better part of three years, and I’d personally consider him my closest friend at the moment. I’m a guy, by the way.

However, things are beginning to get complex between us. At least, I think so. Some context: He’s been dating a girl for the last few months, and they really love each other. However, my friend has very recently told me that, as well as liking women, he likes men, too.

Since then, he’s been … playful with me. Holding hands, accepting my back massages, sitting on my lap. Stuff like that. Today, when we were talking, he said he doesn’t mind me flirting with him in response, and that he’d probably say yes if I asked him out … if he weren’t already dating a woman. Continue reading

” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what could be”

My best friend recently told me that he was b,i but not in the way he would have a boyfriend. I myself am bi and when we were teenagers (now 22) we messed around for a few years secretly until he stopped it, saying he wasn’t gay.

I had strong feelings for him that took a long time to go away, so him recently coming out bi kind of broke my heart a little. I’m wondering how I can slowly approach him and see if he would be interested in trying a relationship with me, but he’s a very anxious person and despite coming out to me I know he hasn’t told anyone else. I really like him and we’re best friends, but I don t want to try anything if it would ruin the friendship we have. I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about what could be.

Please help 🙂

“I have a gay crush on my best friend”

I’ve got a friend who’s probably been one of the closest people to me in the world for a few years now. I know it sounds kinda dumb, but I have definitely developed feelings for him. Only, two issues present themselves:

a) I’m a man, and he mostly likes women. However, I know he has a thing for big, beefy men. I, unfortunately enough, do not meet this criteria.

b) One of our best friends has gotten into a relationship, and we both kinda hate how touchy-feely they are. I’m pretty sure we also agree that relationships among friends should be a no-no.

Should I open up to him about it, or should I just wait for this to blow over?

“I’m sick of being the ugly friend”

So I’m in a bit of a situation, which is obviously why I’m here, and I don’t really don’t know if this is the right place to put it, but it’s worth a shot right? Pretty much, I’m sick of being the ugly friend, the one that’s constantly left behind or the second option. This has been at least the third time where I’ve liked a guy, and I’m pretty sure he’s almost liked me back, and then I introduce them to my best girl friend, and suddenly they completely forget about me and move straight on to her.

They use me as a connection to try and get with her, and because of the person I am, I feel obliged to help them, but I want them to like me, if that makes any sense. And I’d rather not bring it up with her, because it’s not her fault that she’s absolutely stunning and amazing in every single way, but it’s really getting to me. I just want someone to choose me, you know?
Anyway, thanks.

“I have feelings for my best friend”

Hi, I have a problem and I was wondering if I could get peoples’ honest opinions about it, because honestly, I am utterly horrible with relationships and feelings, and I figured there are likely people out there with more experience and relationship smarts than me. I honestly feel kind of stupid for going somewhere for advice because I’ve always been the kind of person to keep my problems to myself, but this has been going on for about a year and I guess I’m just tired of not knowing what to do.

So, anyway, here goes. My best friend and I go way back – we’ve known each other since before we went into elementary school. But, in this last year or so, I’ve been starting to finally realize that I’ve been starting to like her as more than friends. Continue reading