“My sexual relations are suffering because I can’t keep it up”

My best friend/ roommate and I have never had a sexual relationship, we’ve always just been too close of friends. I will say I’ve always been attracted to him and have had desires as such. Recently we were home and one thing led to another, and it happened. Now that the seal has been broken so to speak, we have been having “relations” often. The problem is though, I can’t seem to keep my member up. Continue reading

“Do I have a crush on my best friend’s boyfriend?”

My best friend just recently started dating this guy, and I didn’t really know him that well, but thought he was cute. Then, gradually, as I’ve gotten to know him a little, I think I’ve started to like him.

I’m not sure if this is just jealousy because my friend got a boyfriend, or if I really do like him. I feel so bad because I don’t want guy-drama to get in the way of our friendship. I even told my friend I may like him, because I trust her that much. What should I do next?


“I’m getting mixed signals”

I have been best friends with my friend (let’s call her Krista) ever since senior year of high school. We go to the same college and I’ve always had certain feelings towards her. I just thought they were friendship feelings…. we are both 21 now.

Recently, I have been picking up vibes that she likes me a little more than friends, but I’m unsure if she’s just being friendly. She’s bi, she told me a couple of years ago. I recently came out to her as bi about a week ago. Continue reading

“I hate my best friend”

We’ve been friends for 15 years. I helped her through so many bad periods. But recently (the past several years) she’s gotten so annoying. She’s always been a bit extreme in her opinions. Vegetarian, super against killing animals, pro freedom ect ect. But she developed it into far extremes. She went for example for a waste-free life. A good cause sure, but she got angry when we spend the night there and I brought locally grown, pesticide free peanuts (I though I’d please her with it) which so happen to be packages in a cheap plastic bag. She got so mad saying she did not want trash in her house. Continue reading

“He loves both of us but chooses her”

My friend Jake and I have been best friends for 6 years. I was with our mutual friend, Greg, for 5 years. We got engaged and then we broke up because we knew we were better as just friends. He couldn’t give me what I needed and we both knew it.

Jake has been with Riley for 15 months. During the time I was with Greg, Jake and I were only friends; nothing ever happened.

 4 months after my breakup, Jake and I got drunk and made out. Continue reading

“I’m losing my best friend”

My best friend, who I’ve known since we were 5 years old, is slowly starting to talk to me less and less. We’ve gone months without seeing each other, and when we do try to make plans to meet, she always says “something came up”, but then I see her with her new friends that I haven’t met, constantly.

She takes hours to reply to my texts, even in a bad situation, for example when my dog died a few months ago I texted her about it when I was upset, and she didn’t reply for an hour, even though I could see her commenting on other people’s posts. She always used to complain about how she’s “barely my best friend anymore” but it feels like I’m the only one who’s ever put in any effort. What should I do? I don’t want to lose my best friend but she doesn’t even feel like the same person anymore.

“My girfriends’ stories about her ex are upsetting me”

I keep finding out from my girlfriend (been dating for 3 months) about boys that she has kissed or given blowjobs to in the past before we dated and it really messes with my head, especially because of the biggest issue.

About 2 months before we started dating (neither of us even liked each other at the time) she was “friends with benefits” with my best friend, and would constantly describe what kind of actions she would do for him, and the worst of all, he gave me very specific details about the time that he took her virginity (they only had sex 3 times, the first time being her very first time ever).

My girlfriend truly does regret it and wishes it didn’t happen, but my mind cannot get rid of those specific details that I was told, and even a video that my best friend showed me (before her and I dated) of him getting a blow job from her. It hurts every time it crosses my mind and it’s started to hurt our relationship and it’s starting to make me very sad. I would like help to be able to clear my mind and come at ease with the whole situation.

“We don’t want to invite her to the wedding”

I’m maid of honour at a wedding, we have a close-ish group of girl friends who are mostly all invited, except for one, who the bride (and her partner and I agree) don’t really want to invite. She is mostly just in the friendship group because it’s been the same since high school, rather than because we have a lot in common.

She can be very loud and disruptive and frankly won’t make a nice addition for the wedding, and isn’t a good friend of the bride. Anyway, the bride already sent her a save the date, because she was afraid of hurting her feelings, but now is sure she doesn’t want her at the wedding, also swayed by the fact she didn’t realise that most of the rest of the group didn’t care for her much either. Any advice on how to break it to her? Or do we just never send her the invite (feel like that may be hard/ cowardly to do). Or are we being horrible and we should just invite her?

Tldr – how do we not invite one person from the friendship group to a wedding (when she’s already sent congratulatory card / flowers, knows the date etc)

As I’m writing this I realise I sound horrible, but surely if it’s your wedding you should invite whoever tf you want, not just people to save their feelings? She hasn’t been the kindest person in the past, and no one is going to mind if the friendship is broken. But fair enough if you think we sound like big meanies!

“My best friend hates my boyfriend”

One of my best girl friends has started acting a bit suspicious when it comes to getting together with others. It’s starting to feel like she is tactfully excluding my boyfriend and I’m wondering who is in the wrong and how to address this situation.

Let me start off by saying, I love a girls night! I’m perfectly content ditching our boyfriends, fiances, and husbands for a night just us girls. This is not the issue. The problem is other times, when we are all going out (brunch at a restaurant, drinks at a bar, a get together at a mutual friend’s house) where there will be people of both genders, she makes it a point to exclude my boyfriend. I’m not sure how it affects her if my boyfriend is there or not. Let me give some examples:

Brunch with a group of friends, she told me “no boyfriends allowed” per one of the men attending’s request. I found this odd and decided not to go. Funny thing is, we actually ended up meeting the said man before the brunch and he asked why we weren’t joining them.

A bunch of our friends are all getting drinks at an outdoor bar this weekend, there is a Facebook event for it. She invited me and the other girls in our friend group but none of our boyfriends, even though they are friends with a lot of the people attending.

There have been many situations like these and it doesn’t seem to be just my boyfriend she excludes, 2 of my other girl friends have boyfriends as well and she excludes them the same.

My question is, if other guys are going to be at these events, why is it an issue if we bring our SOs? These are public places and they have every right to be there. I don’t really understand how our partner’s presence affects her, besides the fact that we aren’t available to make small talk with other men, who think we’re single.

Are we both in the wrong? Or just one of us? Is there something I should do to address this moving forward?

“Do I break away from these friendships?”

I have a friend, more specifically two friends who I am considering ending the friendship with. One has changed from being someone who is fun to hang out with, to just a jerk. He thinks I’m his punching bag, yeah we screw around, but recently it’s not been a joke. I’ve tried getting him to chill, but he won’t. It’s not like I’m even provoking him in any way.

The other friend has gone from a funny person to be around, to a self centered jerk. We could screw around and have fun, but now he’s got a girlfriend, and his girlfriend comes along, and then he becomes a jerk trying to impress her, and acts like he’s better than me in every possible way. The annoying part about him being a jerk around his girlfriend is I’ve told him how I felt about him treating me. So, that’s the situation. Do I break away? Do I make a last effort? If I break apart how do I do it?