“Why am I always rejected?”

Going into Senior year, never been in a relationship or even close, and not by choice.

All my guy friends say I’m hot. I have a high IQ level to where I could’ve skipped three grades (though my parents only allowed me to skip one). I am talented in music, I have good grades, I’m a respectful person, and I have good values. I’m funny and a good conversationalist. I have a great ass and body in general. I have a pretty face and a good heart.

All things I’ve heard people tell me. Yet most of those same people have rejected me. I’ve been rejected by almost 15 different people in the span of 2 years (when I first started having an interest in relationships.)

So, my point is. If all they say is true, why am I being rejected whenever I put myself out there? Just to clarify I’ve never rejected anyone except for maybe when I was in like 3rd grade once. So yeah, that’s my question. Why am I rejected if I’m “such a great person”?


“Does he just want to date me for sex?”

My friend set me up with a guy friend of hers. He texted me and we planned our first date. Our date went very well, we had dinner, drinks, dessert and made out a little at the end of the night. We texted a bit the next day and then I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. When he finally texted again, he apologized for being MIA and we made plans for him to come by my place as I was ill.

He brought me some tea and soup. We watched a movie in my room and he kept trying to get me to sleep with him, without success, because I was sick. I asked if he’d like to get together the following day, he said yes, he’d be free after 7. Next day, sporadic texting and he didn’t end up being free until 11:30pm. I told him I was already in bed and let’s try again when we can hang earlier….no response. He went away for the weekend, so I figured I wouldn’t hear from him. I texted a quick, “hey stranger” 2 days after he got home, no response….that was 3 days ago. Yet he looked at my snapchat story, so I know he’s alive, but he hasn’t contacted me. I understand he’s a busy guy, but this is ridiculous. When we were planning our first date, the texts were frequent and answered almost immediately, now I get nothing. I thought we had really hit it off, but now nothing…..wtf?!

“My friends are backstabbers who leave me out”

Since the beginning of the school year (7th grade) I have been feeling left out. My friends always act as though I’m intruding. It’s as if they want me to go away and they can’t be more obvious about it, except for the fact that they can’t tell me to my face. The give each other these side looks and sometimes “joke” about how I am so annoying and dumb –though I know those aren’t really jokes– and yet they don’t ever try walking up to me and telling me how they feel to my face.

It’s a weird situation because I already know that I’m that friend that nobody likes, it’s just that I keep trying to make them let me in. I also know that if I called it quits, I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. The friend groups at school are all formed and tightly packed. Wherever I would go, I would be intruding. I tried talking to one of these “friends” about how I feel. I literally spent three full weeks opening up to them on Snapchat and they showed support, making me feel like someone that mattered. We talked at school about it sometimes and I would feel more validated than I have felt in a full year (maybe two?). Continue reading

“I don’t know how to let go and be happy”

I have a sort of uncomfortable situation that I need advice on.

There’s this girl that I have been friends for a few years. We started with mutual feelings for each other. However, it didn’t progress since she ran off with another guy when I was with her one time and she also had unresolved feelings at the time.

It turns out that she has a personality disorder and can be unstable at times. I’m not perfect either, I have post trauma and been diagnosed with severe depression a few times in my life. I can admit that I’m a bit intense as well and not always easy to deal with. Continue reading

“My guy is preventing me hanging with my friends”

I’ve been dating a guy on and off for about 7 years. He generally hates my friends, and doesn’t enjoy going to the events that I do. I used to make an effort to invite him/bring him along when I went out, but every time I did,  it just ended in him being rude and angry, and my friends not understanding why I was with him.

My friends hit me up to hang out all of the time, but if I do go out without my boyfriend he gets sullen and possessive. It’s gotten to the point that I find myself lying to my friends and making excuses not to see them just to avoid a fight. When I do go out I get anxious because I know that I’m going to be fighting to be able to go out up until I step out of the door, and that when I get back I’m going to be in ‘trouble’. Is it unreasonable to go out with my friends alone? We go on dates but he complains that he never gets to go out with me and my friends….I basically feel fucked if I do or fucked if I don’t. Advice?

“Our relationship is affecting our friend group”

My boyfriend and I were part of a pretty small friend group before we got together. We all hung out frequently, but now that we’re dating, we mostly hang out with just each other. Though I enjoy being with my boyfriend, I feared that this would happen and our friend groups dynamic would be off.

Now, my boyfriend kind of separates me and our friend groups interactions with him. Recently, I decided to visit him in the afternoon. He had told me another one of our friends would be coming over too, which I was completely fine with. While we were waiting for him, my boyfriend started talking about how excited he was to hang out with our friend alone (exact words: “I was so excited to hang out with him alone, then you came over.”) Normally, I wouldn’t be upset, but he said this after I had already asked beforehand if I could come over and he seemed fine with it. Only when I was actually there, did he say this. I left because of this a few minutes after our friend came over. Does anyone think I’m in the wrong?

“My ex has caused me to lose all my friends”

I am struggling with no friends right now. Last year I was talking to this boy and he ended up hurting me really bad. In ways I don’t want to even discuss. For one, he had a girlfriend the whole time.

Skip to a year later which is now. One of my closest friends is dating him. When she told me I was devastated. Not that I cared about the boy, that one of my best friends can look him in the eye knowing that I talked to him, knowing how much he hurt me! I got mad at her and told her how mad I was at her and blocked her. Continue reading

“When another girl touches me I get tingly”

Hi, I’m 12 years old and I’m female. Since I was a small kid whenever another girl would touch me on purpose, I would get all tingly, and I still do. I have a friend who is a boy who I will make physical contact with just as much as my friends who are girls, but I never have the same feeling. Please, can someone tell me what that is, I’m not nervous or scared, just curious.

Thank you!