“My friends don’t care I was hurt by my ex”

I know there’s nothing I can do, but if anything, I just wanted to vent. I’m just feeling somewhat upset that my friends remain such close friends with my ex. It’s been years since things ended, but he cheated with my best friend at the time, among other things, so it left me with lasting insecurities.

I’d prefer never to see him or hear about him again, but we share so many mutual friends. I was hoping at least my closest female friends would understand how I feel, but it doesn’t feel so. Last night, I was out with a few girl friends, and they invited him out too. They got incredibly drunk and kept giggling about how much they adore him, how cute they think he is, how much they want to hook up with him, how they message him every single day, etc. They kept talking about it all night, and I felt so uncomfortable. I know I can’t dictate who my friends are friends with, and I know it’s ancient history.

Regardless, it was a part of my life that really messed me up, and I had hoped my closest friends would sympathize. I don’t expect them to never speak to him again, but I at least would imagine they wouldn’t constantly invite him to our girl’s nights out,  or gab about him incessantly in front of me. I just feel invalidated, like they never even acknowledged how hurt I was. I wish I could change the way I feel about this.

“I can’t stop thinking and talking about him”

I really, really like this guy, who also happens to be a good friend. I’ve known him for almost two years and felt nothing romantically towards him at first, but after getting to know him, I realized I like him more than a friend.

He often gives mixed signals, we’ve matched on Tinder about a dozen times now, but we don’t mention it, and I know he’s matched with some of his other friends. He’ll message me almost everyday, about little things like his cat or asking for help with college work, or gossip, or something bad that happened to him. He will also try drag out the conversation as much as possible. Continue reading

“I think I’ve developed feelings for a girl”

I attend an all-girls school. This new school year a girl moved into our school and ended up in my base class. She seemed really nice, and I was excited to get to know her. It’s been a few months since the beginning of the year now and I think I’ve developed feelings for her. I’m unsure, as previous to now I never would’ve thought that I was anything other than straight.

Whenever she talks to me I seem to tense up, and I often catch myself staring at her. At first I thought that it was some sort of ‘platonic crush’, but I have no idea. This has made becoming friends with her a problem. One day I might be completely confident and we’ll talk etc., but on other occasions I’ve found myself to be completely anxiety-ridden whenever she speaks to me. What do you guys think? Am I actually crushing on her or what?

“I caught my friend having virtual sex online”

Recently I had introduced my friend to a social game online. It was supposed to be something fun that we could do together and maybe goof around with. However, things have taken an unexpected turn. I caught my friend having virtual sex with multiple people online. I’m not sure if they know that I know what they’re doing, but now they’re spending more time going in dating rooms, and having virtual sex with people.

Again, I wasn’t expecting this. I’m just worried about my friend, as I don’t think this behavior is healthy… maybe I’m just a judgmental prick. Also, if it helps, we’re 18 years old…

“Have I pushed her away?”

About 2 years ago I developed a crush on this girl, I was walking about by myself trying to clear my head one night and thought about asking her out when I ended up seeing her with her boyfriend.  Only just realising she had a boyfriend, she waved and gestured me to come over but I just continued walking and then started to cry.

For a while after I took walks pretty often by myself to think, and I always somehow ended up seeing her with her boyfriend, as if the universe is trying to tell me she has a boyfriend. After that I convinced myself we could just be friends, I ended up meeting her boyfriend and we honestly have loads in common and he’s my best friend now. Continue reading

“I’m torn between this girl and all my friends”

I have a new girlfriend, we have been dating for about a month. but some of my friends demand that I break up with her, or else I will lose theirs and many others, respect. Why?

One night, a bunch of friends gathered at the beach, late in the night. I was busy the following day so I didn’t go. This gathering lasted from about 12 to 4pm. My girlfriend secretly took her dad’s car to drive to the beach. She has no licence, and not much experience (we’re both 16.) Once the night was over, many of her girlfriends got drunk, I’m not sure if she was drinking or not. She had to drive her friends back home, probably just to her house. One of her friends told one of my friends about the night, and described how she got home and the way my girlfriend was driving. She wasn’t angry at her, she said she found it fun and it was crazy. She was driving unlicensed, she ran several red lights and was driving on the wrong side of the road supposedly. Continue reading

“I’m in love with a guy who has a girlfriend”

This is going to be a bit long I guess, but please bear with me because I am in a difficult place and I need help right now. So, I met this guy, A, in 6th grade and we became close. We admitted back then that we had a crush on each other but then our friendship kind of faded because we didn’t hang a lot anymore again and I forgot why.

Then in 9th grade we became close again and I really enjoyed being around him but I only saw him as a best friend as I was having a crush on another guy at the time. And then at 10th grade, he and another guy confessed to me they liked me but I stupidly chose the other guy and he turned out to be a jerk. Continue reading

“Shall I try to stay friends with my ex?”

I dated this girl for a little over a year. We were very close, closer than I had ever experienced with someone before. Going into college, our relationship seemed to go very well for a few months.

At the beginning of November, however, she switched gears completely. She stated that she no longer “loved me like I wanted her too”, and it evolved to us breaking up, temporarily at first, then permanently. We had established we very much wanted to stay friends, but my attempts to maintain contact failed. Eventually she told me she didn’t see me in her life at all, but the way she talked and how she had suddenly decided that seemed wrong to me. Continue reading

“My friend is a compulsive liar”

I have a friend of 6 years who I do love and we have had great times. But over time (and it’s getting worse as time goes on) I have realized that this friend has a serious issue with guilt tripping and attention issues. I’m bringing this to a place like this now, because it really is getting serious.

The friend’s mother had a seizure, and it was found out that she had a small tumor in her frontal lobe, which is being removed in a few days. I want to be there for my friend and I will be, but we got into a shouting match very quickly yesterday because my friend showed up in the middle of my school’s art show, and started every conversation with every person who saw them with ‘well my mom is dying from cancer so I’m doing horrible’ and then proceeded to make more similar comments, etc. Continue reading

“My boyfriend wants me to talk to other guys”

My boyfriend has 4 jobs including grad school and we never see each other.  I’m perfectly fine with having a mix of a long distance relationship and a seeing each other relationship, but he thinks I grow unhappy and wants me to talk to other guys while we continue having our relationship.

I’m personally not that girl but he insists he doesn’t want me to have sex with them, just talk to form some type of relationship. I’m at a loss…