“I don’t trust him sexually or financially”

(Disclaimer! This is a male/male same-sex relationship)

I’m engaged to someone I don’t trust sexually or financially. We will have been together two years at the end of October this year, and he proposed a few weeks ago. Another bit of information is he has a neurological disorder that can cause tremors every so often, and he can become highly sensitive to certain sensations like water, soap, a sudden cold breeze. This doesn’t appear to be all that often, I’d say once or twice a day he will experience these things. He also has a daughter that is 7 years old, the result of a boozy encounter with one of his friends. Continue reading

“He sent me videos of he and his boyfriend having sex”

I really like a guy I met a couple years ago. I’ll call him S. He was 26, and I was 19. We started talking in March of 2015, after both of us were coming out of relationships.

We started hanging out almost daily. Before we’d even done anything, I was already very into him, as this was the first guy I’d been with in person since coming out of the closet in 2013. I was new to being in a “real-life” relationship, especially with a guy.

One night, we’d been drinking and I’d told him about some pretty dark stuff that happened to me, and he’d told me some things about himself. He kissed me when I started to tear up, and essentially that night, he took my virginity. We didn’t finish, though. I wanted to stop because I was feeling kinda gross, and I didn’t want to be drunk for this. So we did.

The next night, I went to his house again, and I was sober. This time, I was definitely the initiator. But he kept pushing me away. Eventually, he said he felt uncomfortable, and he went to sleep. I stayed up, because I felt kind of gross, even though I enjoyed being next to him.

The morning after that mess of a night, I confessed to him that I did like him. That’s when he let me down and said that he didn’t feel the same. Continue reading

“I’ve never felt like this towards another guy”

Okay, so I’ve recently befriended this 20-year-old Christian male. I’m male, too, and also a Christian. I’ve always had feelings for females, never males. But now that we’ve started talking, every day we always have a really good time.

We’ve talked about the subject of homosexuality and if we were accepting or not of it, and we both are. The thing is, we are fairly new friends, but I’ve never felt like this in my life. And it’s not just sexually-thinking, it’s genuine-thinking. I want to go see movies with him, and cuddle. I don’t want to sound like I’m stereotyping, but he did sorta come across gay when I met him. But we’ve talked about his past relationships and how he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, who’s very much moved on. I want to let our friendship grow, but all I want to do is flirt and talk to him about how freaking perfect he is to me.

“His friend accused me of being manipulative”

I met this guy playing an online game. I was attracted to his personality right away, but for him it took a little longer to reciprocate. After a few months though we had grown closer and I confessed my crush. We started an online relationship where the pros vastly outnumbered the cons of such an arrangement.

I’m gay but my family and for the most part my friends don’t know. His family knows he is gay, but he is very shy and introverted. So even though an online relationship isn’t ideal, it really kind of worked for us both. Everything felt amazing. He was amazing! We talked everyday for hours. He was constantly on my mind. He was the best thing about my life. Yes we had disagreements but we always worked through them.

Then one day things changed, it wasn’t gradual. Suddenly he felt like a completely different person who was only trying to pretend to be the person from before. Bad things were going on in his life and I held out hope that once they were worked out he would be himself again. It never happened. We tried to continue on, adapt to the way things were now. I loved him so much and didn’t want to lose him, but depression was consuming him. He felt guilty for changing and thought it wasn’t fair to me so we decided to take a break. Continue reading

“I’m in love with my flatmate”

I share a flat with one other gay guy, and I’ve totally fallen head over heels for him.

We’re similar ages, body shapes/sizes and have similar interests. We’ve shared our living space since the end of May, but I’m finding myself falling harder and harder each day.

He’s quite hard to read, but is always very flirty. He shows little sign of obvious desire, but drops the odd hint here and there. We’re both also on gay hookup apps, which he’s on very regularly, but seems to meet very few people from (of what I know anyway!)

Things are going really well and we’re getting to know each other more and more as time goes on (we didn’t know each other before moving in together) but I don’t know what to do…?!

Do I build on the friendship and just hope and pray that it blossoms into something, or am I upfront and more direct about my feelings and what I want, but potentially make the currently great living situation very awkward…?!

Would appreciate some advice!

“I think my boyfriend is gay”

I think my boyfriend is gay? Have been with him for 6 months and tried to have sex, but he could not keep it up. And then he asked me to Google the bus timetable, and I found gay porn on his phone, then Grindr, where he download it, then took it off his phone, then downloaded it again. But I did not tell him. He wants to move in together. But he has not tried to have sex again since. When he was younger, he thought he was gay, but said he found out he like women. What do I do?

“I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is gay”

For a while now, I think I’ve kinda known my boyfriend is gay. He hasn’t opened up about it or “came out” but, I’ve always known. The way he acts, the way he walks, even the way he talks just screams GAY.

I’ve tried to tell him I’ll be fine and ready to accept the fact but he keeps denying the fact. Most of his friends watch me like I’m crazy for being with him. And when he kisses me, which he rarely does, I feel like I’m kissing myself, I feel like I’m kissing a girl.

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“This is my partner’s first gay relationship, and I can’t handle his inability to communicate”

I’m a 30-year-old male. I began dating a 19-year-old guy 6 months ago. This is his first gay experience/relationship. From the beginning he’s struggled with everything pertaining to a relationship (gay or heterosexual) but refuses to let me go.

During the first 2 months we engaged in oral sex a few times. He’d clam up and eventually even that stopped. Besides the lack of sex, there’s a serious lack of romance, consideration and communication on his part. I’ve broken things off twice so far. During those times he contacted me non-stop, pouring out his emotions and begging for reconciliation. Each time he promises to add effort, romance, sex and communication. These are things he says he wants us to have because we are “perfect” for each other.

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“My (gay) boyfriend doesn’t want to use a condom for our first time”

I am in a homosexual relationship, and have been with my partner for about two years now. He has always been trustworthy, and from what I know, has never cheated. We have had oral sex, but we have yet to do anal, as we are young and curious, but not very brave.

Anyways, we now want to try it, but he does not want to use a condom, because he believes it is more natural. We both know that we don’t have STD’s. He says I should take his word and that it’s just gay sex, so there’s no risk of pregnancy.

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