“I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is gay”

For a while now, I think I’ve kinda known my boyfriend is gay. He hasn’t opened up about it or “came out” but, I’ve always known. The way he acts, the way he walks, even the way he talks just screams GAY.

I’ve tried to tell him I’ll be fine and ready to accept the fact but he keeps denying the fact. Most of his friends watch me like I’m crazy for being with him. And when he kisses me, which he rarely does, I feel like I’m kissing myself, I feel like I’m kissing a girl.

I even asked a close guy friend to help me figure things out. I explained the situation and he told me to come up with a situation as to where any regular boy would react different from a gay boy. So I texted him saying, “If you were in a room with me naked, what would you do?” He said he would try “his best” not to do anything and probably just watch TV. I mean, if he were a religious person I couldn’t be any prouder with that answer, but he is not, so sex shouldn’t be a problem. I then asked my friend what to do and he answered with, “What would you do?” And I guess that’s why I’m here, because I don’t know what to do.

2 thoughts on ““I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is gay”

  1. solstice444 says:

    Are you attracted to him? If not, then move on. Even if he isn’t gay, the way he acts obviously is bothering you.

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