“I’ve caught him staring from afar”

I really like this guy who is into my music and physics class. He is kinda quiet, not shy at all and just super sweet. Loads of people seem to have a crush on him. I’ve never really been in a relationship before, so I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. I was quite flirtatious for the first couple weeks I’d met him, up until he dropped the girlfriend bombshell, that’s when I backed off. I’ve tried so hard to change the way I feel, with little success, and here I am over a year later, still just as crazy.I think that despite everything, he still might like me back?!? But everything is constantly changing. When we first met, he and I were starting to become quite good friends. He complimented me quite a bit, sat next to me in music and we talked loads too; sometimes just about school and at others on a more personal level; like who he disliked in his friendship group, a bit about his family, etc. The big thing for me was that I caught him looking my way sometimes and seeming flustered if I caught him.

Then exam season hit and we stopped talking for a while. We hardly talk anymore, and I just about thought I’d lost him, but then I heard from a friend of mine that he argues a lot with his girlfriend, and the two of them just aren’t what they seem. Plus I’ve been talking to another guy (with no feelings whatsoever) and on a few occasions that my crush had been around too, I’ve caught him staring from afar, looking quite jealous before averting his gaze.

I don’t know how to get him back, even as just a friend because he always made me so happy. And I don’t know how to interpret his actions either… do you think he likes me at all???

2 thoughts on ““I’ve caught him staring from afar”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Possibly, but we can’t read minds of some boy we’ve never met any better than you can. Talking to him will clear that up, but don’t wait around. Shoulda, woulda, coulda never solved anything and if he’s too shy to take the chances you’ve given that’s his problem not yours.

    Also, stop using multiple endings to your sentences. It makes you look unprofessional, dramatastic and nieve.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Echoing the first commenter, you talk to him to get him back as a friend. You also talk to him to find out if he is into you, but don’t wait around. You are worth more than being someone’s back up in case their relationship fails. You are a person and not a doll on a shelf. The grammar thing is annoying, but I’m sure you will grow out of it in time. It makes me happy that I didn’t grow up in the social media age where I could be judged for it.

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