“Confused about a younger guy…and my maturity”

I’ve been crushing hard on this guy I work with and it turns out he’s probably like 17. I feel kinda weird about doing anything about it cause I’m 21. Generally, I wouldn’t think of four years being a big age gap but it is when one person is still in high school and the other is old enough to be graduating college.

I doubt I will do anything anyway because I am very shy. I just feel weird cause he’s barely older than my little sister. He definitely looks old enough to be my age, and I definitely look like I’m still in high school which is the funny part. Knowing me, I’m just being ridiculous because by the time I get it together enough to even talk to the guy, he’ll be married with kids or something. I don’t know… And yes I did say I’m crushing on a guy and yes I am 21, I know I sound like a luststruck middle schooler. Maybe that just goes to show I really am not as mature as my age would suggest, I have no idea. All I know is I am technically 21 even though I still think of 21 year olds as adults and myself as not an adult. This started as a concern about age differences between a boy and myself and it seems to have become a discussion with myself and my own maturity. Not even sure what the point of this post is anymore, sorry.


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