“I have a crush but my friends don’t like him”

I have a crush on a boy. This boy is really sweet and funny. I’m afraid to tell any one because everyone thinks he’s weird. Even my best friends make fun of him. People say he’s bad for me because he has a bad reputation, but the truth is, he’s there for me.

He understands what I’m going through and supports me, my other friends just can’t do that. I want to date him but I’m afraid people will make fun of me. What should I do?

2 thoughts on ““I have a crush but my friends don’t like him”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Make new friends. Also, would you want to date someone who would be afraid to tell your friends about you? No. If this is really what you are worried about, you may not be ready for a dating relationship yet. Maybe you should talk to your parents/ guardians and ask what they think. They will have your back much longer than those fair weather friends or the boy for that matter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    GO FOR IT. You’re never gonna get a guy like him and your friends will either learn to adapt or be terrible friends and get lost.

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