“I have a crush on my teacher”

I’m only 16 but I’ve always had a thing for my science teacher. Recently it’s got so bad, that I accidentally ‘fell’ and touched his crotch, and I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m getting obsessed with him. No one knows and I don’t want anyone to, but I need help to get over it.

One thought on ““I have a crush on my teacher”

  1. Anonymous says:

    First off write a list of the qualities in your teacher that you like. This will help you with what you want in your dates. Now, know your teacher could be arrested for doing ANYTHING sexual with you. Even just texting you hi has gotten some teachers fired and put out of their career. You care about him so you wouldn’t want to do that.

    Time to focus on you a bit and not on him, because the first step is seeing that this is becoming a issue and I applaud you for knowing that. What you did is sexual assault. It’s not appropriate and you need something else to focus on, because if you’ve crossed a line. If reversed and a male teacher “accidentally” fell and touched your boob he’d be in jail and his career ruined. It’s not ok. You wouldn’t like it in a reverse situation.

    Time to focus on something else. I suggest getting a part time job. You’ll meet boys and have money. Also, whatever after school activities you are interested in. College is only two years away. What are you doing for scholarships? Even if you don’t have great grades you can get scholarships. Just fill out every form your school counselor will give you. Look in the local newspapers, because businesses and politicians love to give to kids for college too. There are band ones, sports ones, arts ones… you get the idea. Do you have hobbies you love? Put more into them. Volunteering for local charities and churches is also good. They have a added benefit of having something to put on the scholarships and college transcripts as well as doing something good in your community and meeting others your age who want have something in common.

    A significant other will not complete you or make you happy in the long run. Only you can do that and you do that by doing things you love and building your personality.

    Good luck! I believe in you and know you are smart enough to do well. You wouldn’t have asked for help otherwise.

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