“My crush has turned into tension”

For the past few months, I have developed a crush on this guy at school but I’ve always been too afraid to tell him or even talk to him. However, one night whilst I was staying at my friends house, I told her that I liked him and she had convinced me to message him to initially start fresh and sort out our differences ( because of this argument we had last year ), so me feeling brave this night, decided I would do it.

He replied not too long after, being rather worried but I didn’t see this message because I was asleep by the time he replied ( like 20 mins after I know ) so I got woken up by him calling me over and over.Anyways, after this short call was done my friend couldn’t get her head around how he was being so nice to only me, it was weird. So at school everyone eventually found out that I liked him and decided to keep it quiet. However, to my surprise he started avoiding me and being embarrassed and we would always stare at each other walking by whenever we passed each other in the halls, we still do this now occasionally…

As the months kept going on, my other friends just decided to tell me that he had talked to them about me way before this happened, saying that “he loved annoying me” and “I wish she threw that bit of food on me when I passed her”,  just stuff like that. But thinking back on things, I remember when it was PE and I had to help out with the boys. He kept saying to his friends that he got distracted by me in a sarcastic tone, and this led to him asking me to play soccer with him there and then ( and I sucked at it by missing every goal ). So in the end I said the same thing he said at the start, to hint to him that I heard him.

I could list more things that just don’t make sense but that would take me all day. Now at school it makes me frustrated because it’s just this overwhelming tension between me and him, I just can’t shake the feeling. I need some advice on what to do…


One thought on ““My crush has turned into tension”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey (insert guy name here) want to go out some time? guy answers yes or no Cool.

    Look, boys are just as scared of rejection as you. If he says no, then it’s on him and nothing to do with you. Don’t involve friends in a he said, she said. That leads to unnecessary drama.

    Best wishes.

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