“I’m losing my best friend”

My best friend, who I’ve known since we were 5 years old, is slowly starting to talk to me less and less. We’ve gone months without seeing each other, and when we do try to make plans to meet, she always says “something came up”, but then I see her with her new friends that I haven’t met, constantly.

She takes hours to reply to my texts, even in a bad situation, for example when my dog died a few months ago I texted her about it when I was upset, and she didn’t reply for an hour, even though I could see her commenting on other people’s posts. She always used to complain about how she’s “barely my best friend anymore” but it feels like I’m the only one who’s ever put in any effort. What should I do? I don’t want to lose my best friend but she doesn’t even feel like the same person anymore.

What do you think?

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