“My sexual relations are suffering because I can’t keep it up”

My best friend/ roommate and I have never had a sexual relationship, we’ve always just been too close of friends. I will say I’ve always been attracted to him and have had desires as such. Recently we were home and one thing led to another, and it happened. Now that the seal has been broken so to speak, we have been having “relations” often. The problem is though, I can’t seem to keep my member up. Literally never been a problem for me, but for whatever reason I just can’t keep it up. It’s definitely not an attraction thing so I’m at a loss here.

Now spare me the talk about not being sexual with your best friend or roommate. We are both gay men that have pretty active sex lives.

Is there some meditation or something I should do to get out of this funk, because I’d love to make this experience…mutual shall we say?

Also, we haven’t talked about any of it, except for while it’s happening. None of our friends know what’s going on and I think it’s best that way. Opinions? Advice?


One thought on ““My sexual relations are suffering because I can’t keep it up”

  1. therapyinsdcom says:

    Sounds like you could benefit from a grounding exercise to keep you in the moment, as anxiety about ED can often bring it on. Next time you two are intimate, try matching your breath with theirs. You don’t need to let them know- just the simple task of concentrating on this can help. Let me know how it goes!



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