“Do I have a crush on my best friend’s boyfriend?”

My best friend just recently started dating this guy, and I didn’t really know him that well, but thought he was cute. Then, gradually, as I’ve gotten to know him a little, I think I’ve started to like him.

I’m not sure if this is just jealousy because my friend got a boyfriend, or if I really do like him. I feel so bad because I don’t want guy-drama to get in the way of our friendship. I even told my friend I may like him, because I trust her that much. What should I do next?


2 thoughts on ““Do I have a crush on my best friend’s boyfriend?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anything other than interupt their relationship. Seriously. Get busy so he’s not on your mind. Get a job, volunteer, join clubs, read, start a garden (I’m aware that it’s the middle of the winter – you can plant seedlings in cups on your window seal), take up crocheting, build a engine, discover the cure for cancer. Whatever it take s to make you busy and live your life the best way possible. Meanwhile while you are living that life you’ll meet people with common interests beyond significant others.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave it alone. It’s not worth ruining your friendship over. If you truly have strong and genuine feelings for that guy, you might even have to distance yourself. They’re in a relationship for a reason.

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