“My boyfriend won’t text me photos when he’s out with his friends”

My boyfriend goes out to his friend’s house almost every weekend. That’s okay to me.  Previously (ages ago) I asked him to take a photo at their place, and he did, very reluctantly.

Yesterday he went out again, and I asked him to take a photo for me, and he completely refused and ignored me straight afterwards.

He came back today, and I asked him why he refused. After a while he snapped and said, “Then do you want me to just message you 24/7? Just take random pictures while I’m chilling with my friends just for you?” Continue reading


“My friend gave me mixed messages, then said I broke the girl code”

Here’s some backstory so you can better understand my situation:
I used to be friends with a girl, we’ll call her D. So D was dating this boy, we’ll call him M. D wasn’t a very good friend, she was super dramatic, problematic, and argumentative and she also lies ALL THE TIME. So D and I met in 8th grade. In 11th grade, D and M started dating. They both went to the same private school but I went to the public school. Whenever I was around both of them she would start problems and run out of the room crying and all this other dramatic BS. M and I became friends, and D didn’t mind that at all really. Eventually they broke up, but I stayed friends with both of them. D encouraged me to date M, and said things like, “you two would be so cute together,” “can I be a bridesmaid in the wedding?” “when are you gonna date already?” etc. Continue reading

“My husband is acting inappropriately with his coworker”

I caught my husband direct messaging a girl coworker several times, but he deleted it all before I could read it. He insisted it was innocent and that he was helping her out, because she was new. I chose to believe him, but now I found out he bought her a big bottle of vodka and put it in her car at work for her birthday.

Now he says the same thing, that he was just trying to make her feel good, because she is going through a hard time. No matter what I say or do, he just keep insisting it was completely innocent. He also keeps getting mad that I don’t believe him and says I have insecurity issues. My mind feels so messed up and confused at this point.

“My wife won’t stop texting her guy friends”

Should I stay or leave? We’ve been married for five years, dated for seven, have two kids, life great, no problems.

So here it is: my wife has always had guy friends. Before we met, she had slept with a few of them. So, when we started dating, I requested that they keep their distance. Fast forward to a year ago when I picked her up, very drunk, from night out. I found a text on her phone to one of these guys from the past whom she slept with saying “what you at.”

A fight started and she says that she can’t remember why she would text.

Fast forward.

She’s in a new job, and has met friends (guys & girls). She’s friendly with one guy, which is okay, but she wouldn’t stop talking about him every day and about what they got up to, and texting with him constantly. I sat down with her and explained that guy friends are okay, but this guy was getting too close. She said she would back off and respect my boundaries — just talk at work, but stop texting all day. Continue reading

“He seems like a great guy, but I can’t get over my trust issues”

I have a rather complicated story, but I really need some advice, so please bear with me! I met a guy about three weeks ago on a dating app, and on the first date, he established that he was looking for a serious relationship, and not just a hookup. Since then, we’ve been seeing each other and speaking quite a lot over the phone (which is very unusual for me).

We share a lot of common interests, and so far he has been a very nice guy. A few days ago, he asked me if I wanted to go exclusive with him, and in the spur of the moment I said yes. Now I’m beginning to wonder if it was the right thing to do. I know it is unfair for me to judge him based on my past relationships (I was cheated on by my now ex-fiancé, and I was abused for many years by a male relative in my childhood).

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“Is my wife flirting with a bodybuilder?”

My spouse has been working out tremendously over the last 6 months. She looks great, feels great. Great! So today she is on Facebook and notices that one of the bodybuilders she has been following, and had done routines that he designed, is in our city at another gym. She posts to his Facebook to “come to Anytime Fitness tomorrow at 7:00 am to work out” with heart emojis at the end. WTF. Then she gets mad at me for getting upset!

“My boyfriend is super-sneaky with his phone”

My boyfriend practices very sneaky behavior:

  1. He deletes all text conversations, including mine, upon ending them. Remaining text logs include his mom, dad and sister. He says it’s a habit.
  2. He rejects incoming calls but will immediately respond to incoming text messages. Tells me it’s because our time together is valuable.
  3. If he does happen to answer an incoming call from an unsaved phone number he immediately & discreetly lowers the receiver volume. He had no excuse for that one. Said he won’t do it again.

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“My wife caught me snooping through her phone, but I have a legitimate reason to do so”

I need some advice. The last time my wife changed the password on her phone, I found out she was talking to one of her exes, and she tried hooking up with him. It was quickly foiled when I confronted her about it, and the issue was resolved. She hasn’t spoken to him since. HOWEVER, I recently noticed she changed her password again.

I got caught trying to snoop, and she FLIPPED OUT. She threatened to divorce me and kick me out of the house. My question is, was I justified in thinking something wasn’t right and checking up on her?

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“My boyfriend hasn’t cheated, but I can’t stop checking his phone”

I have been with my boyfriend for three-and-a-half years now. He is beyond perfect for me. He’s always there, he’s so romantic, and I know he loves me. I’m his first girlfriend.

I have been cheated on and hurt in the past, and I still have my guard up, but my boyfriend doesn’t even show interest in other girls, and always makes me feel special and tells me how pretty I am, and it does make me feel amazing. But whenever I see him talk to someone else or add someone on Facebook, I get extremely jealous, and it always turns into an argument!

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“Can I forgive him, or should I leave?”

I’ve been with my boyfriend 15 months, living together for 6. I’m 27.

Up until a week ago, my life revolved around this man. I never believed in soulmates or anything, but he was my best friend. He made me feel like it could be true. I trusted him with my life.

About a week ago, I was talking to a friend about a girl my boyfriend used to live with. My boyfriend had told me this girl was obsessed with him, that she had kissed him on the cheek once, but that was it. Nothing else had ever happened.

I had a niggling feeling, and I remember asking him a few times about this girl. Each time he got cross and told me I had to trust him.

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