“I found pics in his phone of his stepsister in a bikini”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. I recently found a section of his notepad on his phone where he was keeping nude pictures of porn stars. I also happened to find pics of his stepsister in a bikini. What do I do? Before this, we never had any trust issues, but now I’m just disgusted. I love him and don’t want to just give up, but should I?

7 thoughts on ““I found pics in his phone of his stepsister in a bikini”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok the nudes of porn stars is forgivable imo. Most men and most women look at porn. It doesn’t mean he loves you less. Just that he has a “fap” bank to release stress or for morning wood or when you just aren’t around atm.

    As for the stepsister, that may just be vacation photos, but follow your gut. It she’s in the folder with the porn stars move on. If not then you are over reacting.

  2. A says:

    I think most guys watch porns, so keeping nude pics of porn stars shouldn’t be a big deal. And bikini pic of his step sister is normal too imo. Ppl go to the beach and look at girls in bikinis all the time lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looking at porn at times is different than keeping those nude photos on one’s phone. Is there a date posted on the photos of when they were saved to his phone? Was it before or after he met you? If before, perhaps he forgot to delete them. If after, personally, it would make me feel insecure of his fidelity for me. Yes, those are just photos but what would he do if he was alone with one of those sexy naked women that he is apparently sexually attracted to???

    As for the stepsister, the post above about following your gut, sounds best.

  4. Dave says:

    OMG, I’m going through this RIGHT NOW. I had a female friend. She was just a friend, I never had sex with her…and I never even kissed her. In fact, the last time I saw this girl face to face was before I met the woman who would become my current wife. Before I married my current wife, I told her I had a female friend. So I was not hiding anything.

    About a year after I married my current wife, I get an e-mail message from my friend. She’s on vacation. With her mom. The two are on the beach. Wearing bikinis. She sends photos, comments “Wish you were here”, normal sh*t like that. I think nothing of it.

    Fast forward a few years and my wife (who is cheating on me, btw) suspects that I might be cheating on her, because she is getting BAD MARRIAGE ADVICE from one particular friend of hers. So my wife asks me for the passwords to my e-mail accounts. I have nothing to hide, so I give her the passwords to my e-mail accounts. In return, I ask her for the passwords to HER e-mail accounts. She gives me the password to one of her e-mail accounts but refuses to give me the password to the other one…

    Anyway, my wife is snooping through my old e-mail and finds the message from my friend with the bikini photos. She thinks my friend is flirting with me. She goes ballistic, like it’s the end of the fricking WORLD…

    The pornography means nothing. The bikini pics of the step-sister probably mean nothing. Don’t end your relationship by being stupid. This very issue might ruin my marriage, which just PEGS the irony meter…
    (she thinks I’m a cheater now, and I’ve caught her cheating twice…and SHE’s the one painting ME as the bad guy…go figure…)

  5. anonymousannaxo says:

    Hey, I don’t know the full situation, but my partner is a porn addict and it truly has impacted our relationship. I would just talk to him, ask him when the images were saved. Personally for me, I don’t tolerate porn in relationships because in my personal opinion it’s cheating. If you’re not okay with porn you should mention that to your boyfriend. Also Reboot Nation is a great forum for porn addicts and partners of addicts. It’s been a great resource for me to understand why my partner was addicted, and how it was not about me at all. The sister in a bikini is a bit strange, so just ask him about it even though it might be awkward. Honesty and open communication is the best policy in relationships.

  6. Matthew Lopez says:

    Porn is not natural for men or women. It is a fantasy world that rewires the mind and can cause detachment, secrets, and may lead to affairs. In any event it places unrealistic expectations on unsuspecting partner and the user. Keeping pictures of any person in secret is suspicious. The stored secret pics of a step-sister is more than likely related to a pornography issue.

    If you are having sex with this person, then stop having sex. Your emotions are tied up in this and you may see yourself as the problem becoming the victim and/or will not talk it out you will become an enabler. Check the website below for more information on pornography addictions.


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