“I like him but he’s creeping me out”

There is this guy who was an acquaintance of mine who somehow got my phone number 6 years ago. He texted me and I texted back because I didn’t see any harm in it. I found funny pictures to send or sometimes we would just chat about our day. I guess a friendship sort of developed from this, but from the beginning he’s been trying to push for a romantic relationship that I have never shown any interest in.

He sometimes texts me creepy comments or takes my pictures of of my social media and types text over them, about how bad he wants me and he sends them to me or posts then on my wall. Today he recorded himself saying my name and making weird noises, and sent it to me and it was super creepy and uncomfortable. I told him that but he said he was trying to be funny. It was not.

I’m really shy and I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. And I feel like some of it is my fault because I continued to talk to him even though I was not interested.

Lately I ignore his texts for days at a time but end up responding because I feel bad because he’s been there when I needed to talk for the last 6 years! Honestly, he creeps me out so much but I don’t know how else I can tell him without hurting him.

Please help me.


2 thoughts on ““I like him but he’s creeping me out”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your gut is screaming loud and clear. This boy is bad news. Like stalker scary. I would block him on everything. You don’t owe him a explanation. You don’t owe him a romantic relationship. You are not leading him on. You don’t owe him anything. The longer you talk to him, the more he is going to do these creepy things for your attention and escalate them.

    Also, i would make a list of the dates, times and weird things he did and keep them. Something tells me he’s going to get worse and you might need to go to the police. Be aware of your surroundings! Don’t be another victim.

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