“I’m not sure why he’s being distant”

So I have been with this guy I met off Tinder for about 6 months. I met him in March of 2017 and ended things with him in May 2017 since he didn’t want to be in a relationship and I did. He came back around during the summer in June and told me how much he fucked up, how much he was trying to resist the person he truly wanted.

So, me being the one who still had major feelings for this guy – I gave in and we started talking again. Our relationship seems to be organic, we can be ourselves with each other, it’s so comfortable being around him. But it seems like I am always the one who opens up to him and tells him how much I like him and don’t want to lose him, etc. He recently graduated and went back to his mom’s for a few weeks but now he doesn’t really talk to me. He goes MIA and texts me for a little bit every day, doesn’t answer my calls or FaceTime calls, doesn’t answer my texts unless it’s a question. He says that he puts his phone away because then he will be on YouTube for a long time. So he just watches TV and goes in and out of sleep. But I would still like to know if he is for sure at his mom’s, and what his plans are – if he’s going to stay with his mom for a long time, etc. I just want to know if he’s genuinely okay. I don’t know how to react to this except be sad, I want to ask him what the hell he is up to and why he REALLY doesn’t talk to me and if we are okay. Any advice as to how I should go about this?


One thought on ““I’m not sure why he’s being distant”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Say, “we need to talk” in a text and give him a good time that you can talk. Explain one more time and only once that you are worried and want to know where this relationship is going, because the way I’m looking at it, he’s not that into you and this relationship is going no where. See what his answer is and listen, really listen. Don’t interrupt him. Then think about what he said and how he said it.

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