“Shall I ask him outright how he feels?”

Hi, I’m a bisexual guy and I’ve been meeting up with this guy for a few weeks now for sex basically, I’ve been to his a few times he’s been to mine etc, and the other day I told him that I actually like him, he seemed to kind of avoid saying anything like he likes me etc…

He’s really talkative in person but seems to be lacking in texting skills and always seems to blank my message when a topic becomes overused in a conversation instead of what people normally do and divert it over to something else… and as he’s blanked the message I don’t want to look like a fool by messaging him to start the conversation again.

I’m really not too sure how to go about it as some of my mates have told me just to ask him outright how he feels/if he feels anything for me and what he wants, but I don’t really want to force him into anything, or drive him away especially only having known each other for around three weeks…


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