“My marriage is falling apart”

When I met my wife, she was in normal fit shape, and her natural body and face is 10/10 beautiful, like unbelievably so, to the point that she could get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. If she could sing she might be famous. But I was not interested in her because she seemed so into getting attention for her looks. It put me off.

At some point she actually gained a lot of weight, like 100 lbs really fast. I was friends with her during that time (not necessarily close) and never really considered being with her, I was honestly concerned for her because she had gained so much weight incredibly fast and she would literally be dead now if she had kept that up. She eventually lost most of that weight. We got together when we ran into each other and she helped me with a place to stay on campus at our school, after a bad breakup that left me with no place to live for awhile.. As we talked, she explained how she had started focusing on spirituality in life (not any specific religion, same as myself) and I fell for her. I made a mistake believing that she had changed. I made several mistakes. I thought I would be on her side by acknowledging how her body had changed and supporting her to be mentally and physically healthy. Continue reading

“Concerned mom!”

Hello! My daughter recently got pregnant and decided to terminate the pregnancy about 2 weeks ago. (we have respected her choice although it was very hard.) She has been with her boyfriend for about a year and we are meeting him for the first time soon, as he is coming to stay with us for 4 days.

We already let him know we want to discuss the matter with him because we are very concerned about how much he cares about her. He has cheated and given her an std once before and obviously they do not have safe sex or a healthy relationship. Any advice on how to have a productive discussion and questions would be so helpful!


“It hurts to think that I’m not good enough for him”

I don’t know what to do anymore. My boyfriend won’t propose to me, and we’ve been together for over a year. I am currently 5 months pregnant with his child, and even then it seems he doesn’t want to. He is 31, and I am 25. He and I are both divorced; however, he proposed and married his ex within 1 year of being with her, even though she didn’t have his child.

Apparently it ended badly though. Anyways, I am heartbroken, and it gets worse when he mentions how marriage is “just a paper.” He says he wants to marry me someday…but I don’t know when :/ He also goes out a lot on his free time and drinks/smokes medicinal weed, which I am not a huge fan of. I am two weeks away from graduating with my bachelor of science in criminal justice and then heading to law school. I’m an honor student and have a promising future. It just hurts to think that sometimes I may just not be good enough for this man. Whatever happens, my child will always be my first and only priority. Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

“He stopped talking to me when he got me pregnant”

My boyfriend got me pregnant three months ago and ever since we’ve found out, he’s practically stopped talking to me. He doesn’t want me to tell anyone about it, or even talk to him about it, and I don’t know what to do, because we’re running out of time and I want to keep it.

He’s slowly becoming more distant and people have repeatedly been telling him he should break up with me (they don’t know about the baby). I was panicking one night after we had a fight and didn’t know where to go – I messaged one of our mutual friends, (call him m) to look for advice. He helped me so much and ever since, him and I have been getting closer. I’m scared because I’m getting feelings for him, and losing them for my boyfriend. M and I have been talking a lot lately and I doubt he has any feelings for me at all, but I can’t help it. I feel like I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. I just want to do what’s right for the baby and I don’t know if that would be me staying with it’s biological father, or me being with someone who actually wants it and cares about the both of us.

“Do I get back with my daughter’s dad?”

Going to try and keep it short…
I got pregnant by someone I hardly knew. The guy spent 3 years in prison and now that he’s out I thought I would try and have a civilized relationship with him for the sake of my daughter.

Now here’s the issue.. I find myself talking to him a lot now. I’m happy in a relationship already so I don’t want to, or plan on having a romantic relationship with my daughter’s dad. I’m so surprised at how good we are getting along, we laugh a lot, and it just feels so wrong. I try to stop his flirting but he is so persistent and dammit, he’s so charismatic. It’s weird, I don’t want a relationship with him, and don’t want to ruin the relationship I have now, but I’m having a hard time trying to stay away. HELP PLEASE!!

“It’s almost a year since we last had sex”

In February 2016 my hubby and I found out we were pregnant. We had a beautiful baby girl in November 2016.

My problem – we haven’t had sex since we conceived our daughter in February 2016! He thinks it’s gross now. That’s literally all he will tell me when I try and talk to him about it.

It’s almost a year since we last had sex!! Thoughts?

“My man is always at someone else’s house”

Me and my man have had some problems in the past. When we first got together he was still seeing his ex behind my back. When I found out I broke up with him for a while. When I found out I was pregnant is when I gave him another chance.

Since then he really has changed. Other than I found out that he stopped by his ex’s house, not to see her, but to talk to her roommate who is a much older lady who he likes to gamble with. Even though he does spend most of his free time with me, it still bothers me. Also, just yesterday his ex’s roommate ‘Alice’ was at the corner store by our house. He says hello to her and she asks where he’s coming from? Instead of him saying from my girls house he says from down the street. Then she says to go by the house later… and he said okay. Then she asked him again ‘are you going to stop by the house’, and  he replied again ‘yea later on.’ Now he says that I’m over reacting and he just told her he would, but he is not going to. Now I want to know, am I over reacting?

“My stepson and his pregnant girlfriend are counting on my husband to spoil them”

Hello, I am seeking advice on a daughter-in-law problem. Ann is not really our daughter-in-law. She is a pregnant girlfriend who lives in a small rented house with my never-been-married, 35-year-old, no-ambition, lazy, but sweet stepson. She has a five-year-old darling daughter from a previous marriage.

My husband and I have a daughter together, 30, but she is in no hurry to have children. This child would be our — but technically his — first grandchild. He is almost 60 and is overjoyed about the pregnancy. We only learned about this and met her four months ago. She is presently 6 months along.

She seems nice on the surface, but I have only been around her three times, and only a couple of hours each time. My problem is this: during these four months, she has texted my husband about five times and sent photos of her daughter. The daughter is not his granddaughter and she has not texted or sent photos to me (not that I want her to). Continue reading

“I got drunk and cheated on my husband”

I absolutely love my husband and believe he is my soulmate. We have gone through some pretty bad times together, but are happier than ever now. We mostly have a very open relationship, where we can talk to each other about many things.

Long story short, I have a minor issue with alcohol, where I lose my shit when I drink alcohol, and just do a bunch of stupid things. I leave a trail of destruction after a night out. I have stopped for three months at a time a few times because I have just hated myself so much after my actions on some nights out. I wish I had been able to stop altogether, but I guess I couldn’t. Continue reading

“My fiancé has no sex drive”

My fiancé, set to be husband in two weeks, has no sex drive. He’s 28, I’m 25, I’m not sure what the issue is. I’m lucky if we are intimate once a month. We’ve been together for three years. In the beginning it was definitely not like this. I’m more experienced & wouldn’t have a problem doing it daily.

We started to fall off before I got pregnant & now the baby is almost a year old. I’m just at a loss for self worth at this point & he is well aware of that, but still never makes a move. Am I pressuring him to much? I realize we have different work schedules, but still have at least an hour between shifts & a day or two off a week together. I’m just at a loss & don’t know what to do anymore…