“Do I get back with my daughter’s dad?”

Going to try and keep it short…
I got pregnant by someone I hardly knew. The guy spent 3 years in prison and now that he’s out I thought I would try and have a civilized relationship with him for the sake of my daughter.

Now here’s the issue.. I find myself talking to him a lot now. I’m happy in a relationship already so I don’t want to, or plan on having a romantic relationship with my daughter’s dad. I’m so surprised at how good we are getting along, we laugh a lot, and it just feels so wrong. I try to stop his flirting but he is so persistent and dammit, he’s so charismatic. It’s weird, I don’t want a relationship with him, and don’t want to ruin the relationship I have now, but I’m having a hard time trying to stay away. HELP PLEASE!!

2 thoughts on ““Do I get back with my daughter’s dad?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And do you know why he is so persistent? You are his meal ticket. Then he doesn’t have to deal with life, you can be mommy, a paycheck, the maid, and sex bot. He’s not going to help with his child or anything if you go back. I think its time you set up some couples counseling or at least counseling for you to help you work through this. Also put up boundaries and only talk to him about the child. Your daughter deserves better. She deserves a stable home life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think focusing on what’s best for your daughter is a good way to avoid his advances. Remember, he’s not thinking about you and his child. He wouldn’t have been in jail otherwise. He would be focusing on legal ways of supporting his new family and protecting them. Not leaving them out in the cold while getting in trouble. He’s going to lay the sugar on thick because you are someone who he can work to the bone while ignoring his daughter. He won’t be abusive until you are already won or won’t do his bidding. Don’t fall for it. Make a better life for your daughter. She’s innocent and already has a hard road to travel in life since her biological won’t ever care for her all that much.

    Know how I know? I was the daughter in that situation. Watched the biological father manipulate multiple women all his life. Was busted for embezzling twice at his places of work, took out credit cards in my mother’s name with her social for 75,000 and she didn’t find out until the divorce about them, and was fired at least five times for sexual harassment from several places.

    Would throw fits to have us for HIS weekend then cancel for months, or leave us alone all weekend in a cabin in the woods so he could go get plastered and woo bar chicks, or play in golf tournaments leaving us with which ever flavor of the week. Yelled at when we were little when he found drugs in his couch and we didn’t know what they were. Screaming, hitting the wall, crying were all fair to him. When I was finally legally able I cut him out of my life.

    You are the adult in this situation. You are supposed to protect your daughter. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

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