“My man is always at someone else’s house”

Me and my man have had some problems in the past. When we first got together he was still seeing his ex behind my back. When I found out I broke up with him for a while. When I found out I was pregnant is when I gave him another chance.

Since then he really has changed. Other than I found out that he stopped by his ex’s house, not to see her, but to talk to her roommate who is a much older lady who he likes to gamble with. Even though he does spend most of his free time with me, it still bothers me. Also, just yesterday his ex’s roommate ‘Alice’ was at the corner store by our house. He says hello to her and she asks where he’s coming from? Instead of him saying from my girls house he says from down the street. Then she says to go by the house later… and he said okay. Then she asked him again ‘are you going to stop by the house’, and  he replied again ‘yea later on.’ Now he says that I’m over reacting and he just told her he would, but he is not going to. Now I want to know, am I over reacting?

One thought on ““My man is always at someone else’s house”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your “man” is cheating on you and always will. You need to speak to a lawyer to find out rights for child support and move on.

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