“Is this moving too fast?”

I’ve been sharing a bed with, and pretty much living in my new girlfriend’s apartment for our entire relationship.

A little background on us before I explain the rest: I’m 20 and she’s 23, we work at the same place and have the same shift with different days off. She doesn’t go to school or have a degree, and I’m currently a full time student at an online university. We have a ton in common as far as our interests, likes, dislikes, and hobbies go. Really the only other thing worth mentioning maybe, is that she has a 3 year old and shares joint custody with her ex boyfriend, but that doesn’t really bother me at all.

Anyways, I feel like I need some advice…We were unofficially together for like a week and a half before I started staying here every night, but it wasn’t ‘official’ until last month. I came over to her place for Chinese food and a movie, and I’ve been home like twice since then. I’m really not sure how to feel about this or if this is even okay, considering the very short amount of time involved. We already know each other really well because there’s nothing to do but talk, or watch TV at her place. Because of that, we’ve spent nearly every day for the last two weeks talking about everything you can imagine (hell, she started telling me about how she eventually wants another kid. I killed that conversation because it made me a little uncomfortable…)

Here’s what’s got me tripping over this and making me wonder if I should just go back home and maybe come over like 3 nights a week or something like that:

On one hand, she’s stated on multiple occasions that she doesn’t mind me being here and has asked me to stay on some nights where I was going to go home, so it’s not like I’m imposing or anything. I’ve even asked her directly a few times if she thinks it’s a bit excessive that I’ve been here 3/7/10 days, and her response is always “No, I enjoy your company and you can come over here whenever you like.”

On the other hand, isn’t this all a bit fast? I mean the first time I actually started getting to know her was last month. 3 weeks later we’re officially in a relationship, and I basically move in to her place. I don’t feel uncomfortable here in any way, but I kind of wonder if I’m just being blinded by something that’s keeping me from seeing why this is a bad idea.


2 thoughts on ““Is this moving too fast?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with it other than she introduced you to her kid too fast. If you are gone in three months and that kid has to deal with a revolving door of boyfriends then it’s a issue for her and her kid. If you are happy and she’s happy and everything works out then there is no real issue here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love a girl who was previously in a relationship with my friend but friend didn’t love her but they were together and they broke up because my friend was abusive to that girl. Meanwhile I and that girl came close and we’ve perfect chemistry and my friend didn’t knew about this. We kissed but all of sudden my friend said to girl that he love her and he is sorry for all the things he did. They knew each other for almost 4 years and first were just friends. Now most of the time they are together. The girl say that he loves me but still have feelings for my friend and cannot hurt him. And all we did was wrong but she is not letting me go because she say she loves me. But all this is hurting me and I get jealous all the time. The girl talk to me on phone and tell me that how much she loves me

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