“I lied to her about my career and family”

I’m not sure how long me and my girl have been dating, because we only go out  once a week, and we also had a packed schedule, but we have gone out for seven dates and we message each other everyday.

I would say that we had a deep connection and understanding for one another, but during our fifth date, I made a mistake. I told her that I began dating because I used to like another girl, and that I want to replace my feelings for that other girl. When I said it, I thought there was nothing wrong with what I said to her. I didn’t commit infidelity, so I decided to tell her that. But ever since she heard me say those things, she started to act distant, and indifferent towards me, but I could tell that she still liked me.

 My girl broke up with me two months ago, and I felt sad and everything.

Time has passed, and I know that I can definitely get my girl back, but I was wondering if I can still do that, if I have been lying to her about myself.

 So I have been lying to this girl about my education and also about my family. I told her that I’m currently studying at this university, but I’m actually not in school right now. I also told her that I have parents, but my mum passed away and my dad was divorced with her. So I’ve living with my aunt and uncle for almost 7 years now. 
 I know lying to her was wrong, but I felt really insecure if I told her about me. I really like this girl. Should I tell her everything when we get back together?
 Or should I just reconsider about ever being with her again?


One thought on ““I lied to her about my career and family”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you are still in mourning over your mom and this lost relationship. There is no such thing as the one and only and your not whole yet or you wouldn’t have lied about such basic things that there are no shame to. Hun, take some time off dating. At least you told her up front that part so she didn’t waste any time.

    More importantly go do things that you are proud of. Don’t lie about who you are and what you are doing. If you need to, seek professional counseling to get back to whole again.

    No relationship is going to make you completely happy. No woman wants to be the rebound. Until you can be sure of yourself, you can’t make someone else happy and vice versa.

    internet hugs I’m sorry for your loss. Good luck and best wishes. Losing your mom sucks.

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