“I like a younger woman”

I’m a 32 year old single male and am interested in a girl. We hang out every now and again, however she’s only 25. I worry about age difference as I’m getting older – I know there’s the “half+7” rule and stuff like that, but what is the real socially acceptable age difference? 7 years isn’t a HUGE gap, but I don’t want to come off as weird or creepy.

“Should I date this guy who’s younger than me?”

I met this really cool guy on Periscope a couple of weeks ago. We texted a lot, Facetimed, and we really vibed. So we decided to meet up and hang out this past week. It was cold and rainy so I told him he can just come over to my house. We hung out in the living room, watched basketball, talked, etc. Then it started getting really flirty so he moved in for a kiss. We literally made out for the next couple hours, him just holding me in his arms and showering me with kisses. So sweet.

Now here’s the dilemma. Yes, I like him a lot and he wants to hang out again BUT he’s 21 and I’m 28. Is that too much of a big difference? He says he doesn’t care about my age and he seems pretty mature, but guys are really good at saying exactly what you want to hear. I even told him I was concerned that we don’t want the same things, and he said “What do you want? A family? How do you know I don’t want the same thing? I’ve had my fun and I’m looking forward.” I just left the conversation as is because I really didn’t want to get too deep, too serious, too quick.

Should I give it a chance? Just let things unfold? Or should I just back off? I mean I fall for people really hard and I don’t want to get hurt again. I’m still trying to get over my ex too, who so happens to be a really close friend of mine. My friends are giving me mixed feelings. Some think I should give him a chance, some think I should run, and some think I should just talk to him to get over my ex.

Ugh this is extremely frustrating. I’m freaking 28 and can’t handle simple dating!

“The age gap doesn’t bother us, but his parents don’t approve”

I’ve had a crush on this guy for a really long time, and this summer, I figured out he felt the same way about me. I had an amazing summer with him, and we were together all the time. We were in the same youth group, so we went on a lot of trips together this summer (Dallas, Lookout Mountain, Whitewater rafting, camping).

On the bus ride home from camp, he sat by me and told me how he felt. We’ve both never been in a relationship before, but he’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He puts God and others before himself in every situation and is such a great guy. Continue reading

“He offered me money to do sexy things with him”

I’ve arranged to meet with someone online and do sexy things with him. But I’m still a virgin and kinda want my first time to be special. This man is 49, whereas I’m nearly 18. He has offered me £150 to do just low-level sexy things with him for 2-3 hours. Now I could really do with that money with Christmas coming up and all that jazz, and 150 is a good amount to spend on friends and family. I’m just not sure if i really want to do this, but the money aspect is very alluring. Any advice?

“He’s a homebody, and I wanna go out to clubs and hang out”

I think I want to end my relationship of four-and-a-half years for a coworker who is nine years older than me. I don’t find any excitement in my current relationship, and I feel as if we just go through the motions. We are two different people now, he is a homebody and I wanna go out to the clubs and hang out.

We got together when we were 15, and I think a big part of why we’ve been together so long is to just be able to say we have been together for like ever and because we both have only had sex with each other. I am not saying I want to go a be a hoe, I just wanna have fun and be able to flirt with my coworker and maybe make out.

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“Our 20-year age gap is starting to affect our marriage”

This is incredibly difficult, because I have never articulated my situation in words to anyone before this. Here we go.

I am a married woman, 28 years old, and the mother of a beautiful toddler. My husband of 4 years is 20 years my senior. I feel this age gap, once a charming quirk of our relationship, is now a source of unhappiness. Notably, our unfulfilling sex life. I am a young, energetic, sensuous woman. Sex is very important to me spiritually, emotionally, and certainly physically. Tensions do build up! My husband is less interested, not just in intercourse but all the trappings of a passionate relationship. I estimate we “do it” about 6 times a year. All my attempts to arouse him are met with outright rejection or apathy. My self esteem suffers. When we do manage, the sex is uninspired and entirely one sided.

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“My younger boyfriend contributes nothing to the relationship”

I’ve been feeling unfulfilled in my six-month relationship for roughly the entire time we’ve been together. No, really… I’m 10 years his senior and figured with a little patience, he’d rise to the occasion. Well, recently I lost my patience and I asked him to gather his thoughts so that when we came together later that evening, he could tell me what he had to offer our relationship and what he expects me to bring to the table as well. His immediately response was that he brings love. I told him while that’s very important, there has to be more than love.

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“I’ve fallen in love with a guy I’ve never met, who lives in another country”

I met a guy four days ago online, and we have been talking ever since. He was looking for a relationship, but I wasn’t, so I told him we could be just friends. He is nice to me, and he is a gentleman as well. He will be relocating to my country in September, and I’m the only person he knows here.

All of a sudden, I found myself liking him, and getting upset when he doesn’t text me. It’s been only four days, and I don’t know what’s happening.

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“Dating younger”

(18f) So I’m a senior is HS and I recently starting falling for a sophomore. I’m like99% sure he likes me back. We’re constantly flirting. I usually have no prob dating guys a year younger, but he’s not even 16 yet. Should I go for it or is it too much of an age difference at this point in our lives?

“Romantic conundrum”

I’m in a 4 years long relationship with a sweet man who is 4 years younger than me (I’m 28 and he’s 24) but recently, we’ve made new friends, particularly this one guy. I get along famously with him and my boyfriend is ok with it as he’s used to me having male friends (if he wasn’t I don’t think the relationship would have lasted this long) but a few days ago, I started realizing that I care a little too much over my new friend
This new friend is 3 years older than me and, if I’m to be honest, lately the age difference with my boyfriend began bothering me and I’ve been turning more flirtatious with this friend and the more this happens, the more I think about him.
I care for my boyfriend, I always thought we’d spend the several years together (I’m a cynical person so for me to think that most relationships endure through a lifetime it’s difficult, to me it seems like a 1 in a 1000 kind of thing) but this friend causing my resolve to weaver.
The worst part is that I’m afraid of letting my boyfriend go since he’s very unstable emotionally: He’s been a very lonely person all his life and I’m his first girlfriend, he’s absolutely devoted to me, as I was I till now, so I’m afraid of the consequences of me breaking the relationship.
Part of me is scared of what may happen to him if my feelings for this friend grow stronger, but the other just wants to take the leap and I don’t know what to do.