“Dating younger”

(18f) So I’m a senior is HS and I recently starting falling for a sophomore. I’m like99% sure he likes me back. We’re constantly flirting. I usually have no prob dating guys a year younger, but he’s not even 16 yet. Should I go for it or is it too much of an age difference at this point in our lives?

3 thoughts on ““Dating younger”

  1. DavidIsGreat says:

    It isn’t that big of a difference. Although check your state laws for like age of consent if you end up getting physical

  2. JustMe89 says:

    Age is only a number 🙂 and it really isn’t much of a gap in reality, but yeah I do agree to stay within the law if the relationship was to progress to physical 🙂 good luck

  3. Anonymous says:

    You feel the age difference less as you get older, but in high school years, you feel it a lot. Try following the “half your age plus seven rule”. 18/2=9. 9+7=16. So 16 is the youngest you should be dating. If he is close to turning 16, then there is really no problem with it. Good luck!

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