“He’s a homebody, and I wanna go out to clubs and hang out”

I think I want to end my relationship of four-and-a-half years for a coworker who is nine years older than me. I don’t find any excitement in my current relationship, and I feel as if we just go through the motions. We are two different people now, he is a homebody and I wanna go out to the clubs and hang out.

We got together when we were 15, and I think a big part of why we’ve been together so long is to just be able to say we have been together for like ever and because we both have only had sex with each other. I am not saying I want to go a be a hoe, I just wanna have fun and be able to flirt with my coworker and maybe make out.

All my friends tell me that I should just work on my relationship, but I think I either need a break to do me, for like a week, or maybe even a break up.

Another thing is that I don’t have any family where we live and so if we broke up I would be screwed and have no place to stay. He is really sweet, I just think that I need some space and some time to see if he is something I need in my life. What should I do – stay with my boyfriend and work it out, or break up and do me, or just take a break and figure out what I want to do? HELP!!

One thought on ““He’s a homebody, and I wanna go out to clubs and hang out”

  1. JB says:

    If you do not wish to be in the relationship anymore, you must end things. You have to make a clear decision on what you truly want in life. If you truly wish to end things, the best thing to do is start making plans for a different place to stay. Either sharing a place with roommates, or getting your own apartment. Things will only be difficult if you decide to “take a break” and then continue living with him.
    You have to make a concrete decision in this, otherwise things will not change.

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