“My younger boyfriend contributes nothing to the relationship”

I’ve been feeling unfulfilled in my six-month relationship for roughly the entire time we’ve been together. No, really… I’m 10 years his senior and figured with a little patience, he’d rise to the occasion. Well, recently I lost my patience and I asked him to gather his thoughts so that when we came together later that evening, he could tell me what he had to offer our relationship and what he expects me to bring to the table as well. His immediately response was that he brings love. I told him while that’s very important, there has to be more than love.

Fast forward to today, three days later, all I’ve been able to do is reach him through text and brief phone calls. None of which the topic of expectations had been mentioned. Again, I lost my patience and asked what happened to our meeting. I didn’t get a straight answer but, again, he told me not to worry because he brings love to our union.

At this point I’m overly frustrated, annoyed and STILL unfulfilled. Course of action here, folks?

2 thoughts on ““My younger boyfriend contributes nothing to the relationship”

  1. Ken says:

    Seems like there are maturity differences. You are looking…demanding…someone mature and can listen to you. He doesn’t seem to fit that mold.

    I generally don’t think it’s a great idea for women to be 10 years older simply because women mature earlier in life.

    Perhaps it’s time to think whether he is worthy and deserving of your commitment.

  2. Dennis Hong says:

    If you’re in a relationship where you feel the need to measure each other’s respective contributions, then I’d say your relationship probably isn’t meant to be.

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