“I’m stuck between by boyfriend and his brother”

I need some advice on a crazy situation. I had been dating this guy for a year now, and awhile back I started going to school with his brother.  I kinda started to like him because I had gone to school with him before I dated his brother,  and then we started to secretly date. We did acid, all 3 of us, and it was fun, but that is where it all started .

I really thought I was in love with my boyfriend’s brother, but then he fell super in love with me and started to freak out and stress, about not being able to date me. Then his aunt saw us kissing at school one time, then his parents found out, but they said that they wouldn’t tell my boyfriend, because he is unstable with that kind of news. Continue reading

“I’ve made a good and bad list about him”

So I am having a really hard time deciding if I should stay with my current boyfriend of 3 years. When I first met him I was 100% sure he was “the one”. We have shared a lot of good times and a lot of bad. I’ve been told by a lot of people that I shouldn’t settle for him and that there is better out there for me.

Part of me believes it, and another part can’t stand the idea of him being with anyone but me. My best friend told me to make a good and bad list and though the bad list is longer, there’s a lot of value to me in the good list. Continue reading

“He wanted me then acted extremely weird”

Last week, I hung out with some people from work. This extremely attractive guy I’ve worked with for two months began flirting with me, when he realized I didn’t have a boyfriend, like he’d thought I did all along. He seemed really interested and we had a bit in common. Eventually, after a few more beers he asks where I live and he follows me back to my house where he meets my mom and my grandmother.

He’s very drunk at this point, and I’m pretty naive, but he starts kissing me and picks me up and stuff, then keeps trying to touch me and other things of that nature. I thought he genuinely liked me, but I would be like “No, cut it out, I don’t know you that well” but he would be like, “But I’m not!” and yet continued to take my pants off and I’d have to pull them back up. Continue reading

“How do I tell her he’s a cheat?”

I’ve been sleeping with this guy for the past few months and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend, so I agreed to sleep with him. Just moments ago, I was on Facebook and his gf popped up on my recommendations, and I clicked on her and her Facebook was full of him.

They have been dating for a little over 2 years. I am beyond pissed off. I want to tell his gf so bad, but she looks so happy and I can’t possibly ruin her happiness, but I can’t let him continuously do this anymore. She believes that he’s the best bf ever and she loves him so much. But how can I possibly show up out of n where and tell her that he’s cheating on her and it’s been for a long time now? Please, please help me.


“I had sex in the park with a co-worker”

I have this guy friend.. we were co-workers for two and a half years. Everybody knew him as funny and flirty. He has been in a relationship with a store manager from a sister store (everyone knew that too) for years. Well I started actually working with his shifts (graveyard shifts), because I was having problems with my then-current bf so I moved out of town and closer to where I worked, except I was by myself living with roommates so therefore I had to pay more bills and find rides to work, because I have to give up my car to pay rent. Continue reading

“He worries about money and never initiates sex”

I have recently moved in with my boyfriend of over a year. I love being with him, but two things have bothered me since we moved. First and foremost, he is extremely concerned about money – this would be normal, but he has approximately 1000 dollars more than me currently, and I paid for all of our furniture/home essentials/most of our food.

Given that I don’t drive, he gets very upset about spending gas money (we hardly drive anywhere and he drove all the way home without me this past weekend, 3 hours away). It got to the point where we really needed another trash can, and he wasn’t going to buy one because a large one in Walmart was $10… so I caved in and bought it. It took him 2 weeks to pay back his $80 share of our internet/router. I really don’t have much money left but he expects me to pay half/more than half our groceries.

The other thing is, he just doesn’t seem attracted to me anymore. If we have sex I am the one to initiate, and he barely touches me and normally just wants me to get on top of him. We spoke about this and have had good sex twice since (I initiated though).

The money thing is very, very, very uncomfortable for me though, and I don’t even know how to bring it up. He gets very angry and acts like I’m crazy/doesn’t believe that I’ve paid for as much as I have. My stress levels have been through the roof and I’ve been crying and panicking a lot. He seems confused about that, too, and gets frustrated with me very quickly when I show any emotion or am not super happy or active. I think he may be stressed and acting like this due to that in part. But I need outside perspective. My friends are a little biased.

“I don’t trust him sexually or financially”

(Disclaimer! This is a male/male same-sex relationship)

I’m engaged to someone I don’t trust sexually or financially. We will have been together two years at the end of October this year, and he proposed a few weeks ago. Another bit of information is he has a neurological disorder that can cause tremors every so often, and he can become highly sensitive to certain sensations like water, soap, a sudden cold breeze. This doesn’t appear to be all that often, I’d say once or twice a day he will experience these things. He also has a daughter that is 7 years old, the result of a boozy encounter with one of his friends. Continue reading

“Do I lose my virginity to him?”

I started dating this guy on September 16th, and my birthday is October 12th. He’s my first real boyfriend, my first kiss. But is it okay to give him my virginity? Especially if there’s no way to hide that from my parents, who told me not to give my virginity to my first boyfriend? He’s planning something sexual for my birthday, he’s already hinted at it. He’s said things like, “me, you, and nobody else.” I really want to do it, but I’ll be turning 16 and I don’t know if it’s okay to give my virginity to my first boyfriend, especially after having been with him for only three weeks, give or take a day or two. So, can I give him my virginity, taking all this into consideration?

(P.S: Yes, we’ve said we love each other. And I really do love him.)