“I slept with a guy I met at a conference”

I went to this international scientific conference halfway around the world from where I am from. On the first day of the conference, I met this awesome guy whom I have connected with during that night’s social event. We connected so well that we ended up being the last ones to go from the conference hall. The night ended with a friendly hug.

Then the second day came, we saw each other again (it was a relatively small crowd so it was inevitable to miss people). The conference being an opportunity to network and meet other people, I tried to open myself and converse with other humans. However, every time I tried to strike a conversation with anyone (especially males) he’d always be there to try and befriend the guys I am talking to or just plainly steal the conversation and grabbing my attention. He invited me to hang out with him the second night, but I accidentally stood him up because I fell asleep (credits to jet lag). Continue reading

“I get nauseous every time we get sexual”

I need help. So I’ve been seeing this girl for months now and everything with her is perfect, until we get into the bedroom. Every time without fail anything gets even remotely sexual with her, I start to feel REALLY nauseous, to the point where I have on multiple occasions run off and had to throw up. It could be anything from fooling around on the couch, to even just lying next to her in bed.

We’re both virgins, but want to get into the more real stuff soon. I’m worried this will get in the way, and could use some advise. I’m a perfectly healthy person, and it is in fact rare for me to be ill or to throw up, so this is all really confusing for me. Might be worth mentioning I get this feeling when I’m with her in a restaurant too, and we’re just finishing food, a very sudden nausea feeling which I can’t ignore and am forced to run off quickly to the toilet.

“I’m breastfeeding and don’t want my husband touching my breasts”

My husband and I have three kids, and I am still breastfeeding the youngest. I’ve requested that while I’m still breastfeeding, I really don’t want him to touch my breasts. They just have a different sensitivity right now, and it doesn’t feel good at all. In fact, it puts me out of the mood almost instantly if anything touches my nipples, to the point that I don’t even go bra-less at night.

This being our third child, these limitations are nothing new. The last time we had sex, though, he kept reaching for my breasts. I was trying to subtly push him away, but he wasn’t getting the message, or at least was pretending he doesn’t. Now I don’t know whether to mention it to him, but it’s been several weeks, and I still DREAD having sex because I think he might do it again. Continue reading

“This guy I used to hook up with is now my neighbor”

This guy I used to hook up with is now my neighbor.

About a year ago, I met this guy from class. He was cute, charming, and I was definitely attracted to him. I just got out of a long-term relationship, so I felt ready to get out there.

We hung out casually, and finally went out. On that night, we hooked up. I felt good because it was the first time I got back out there after my breakup. We hung out a few times after that, but stopped talking after a while.

Close to a year later, I see that he’s my neighbor. He instantly texts me and after talking for a bit, he asks to come over. I knew exactly what he wanted, -and I wanted the same thing. We hooked up again. It was strange this time around – meaning little chemistry. I think it was mainly because we didn’t talk and just went straight to it. Continue reading

“I’m falling in love with an escort”

I have been seeing an escort for paid sex on an irregular basis since April. I had seen other girls before, but this one was the first that I liked enough to see again. I understand you may have already judged me as some vile pervert just from those first sentences, and I would not blame you. I take no pride in it, but hear me out. I really like her. We connected on a physical and intellectual level, I enjoyed the conversation as much as the sex, which says something as the sex is incredible.

I also think that because I’m the only client near her age — I’m 24 and she’s 21 — she feels that she can open up and relax with me. Last time we met she didn’t seem to want me to go, despite my paid time being up, because we were so deep in conversation. I had to stop it to leave as I felt bad I was taking up her free time. She also seems to like that I care that she enjoys our time as much as I do and comments about my oral skills every time.

I’ve recently joined the Army and start in less than a week. I told her that this means I can no longer see her due to the risk on dismissal and that this week will be the last, but she wants to write to me while I’m at training and even said she wants to send me pictures to keep my spirits up. I’ve had feelings for her since we first met, thus why I continued to see her, but I thought she would never see me as anything more than a client. I’m still not sure. It feels like she’s taking a personal interest in me, but I might be misreading the situation. I also don’t know how to win the heart of a girl who has men pay for her company, not that her profession bothers me.

If something were to blossom between us, I wouldn’t put any pressure on her to stop. That can only be her choice. I see her on Saturday, I’m thinking of just telling her how I feel. I doubt she’ll be shocked, but at least I’ll know where I stand after that.

“He offered me money to do sexy things with him”

I’ve arranged to meet with someone online and do sexy things with him. But I’m still a virgin and kinda want my first time to be special. This man is 49, whereas I’m nearly 18. He has offered me £150 to do just low-level sexy things with him for 2-3 hours. Now I could really do with that money with Christmas coming up and all that jazz, and 150 is a good amount to spend on friends and family. I’m just not sure if i really want to do this, but the money aspect is very alluring. Any advice?

“My boyfriend is only using me for sex”

My boyfriend and I have been together for one-and-a-half years. He was my first time and ever since that first time, we usually have sex a lot. It seems like that’s all he ever wants. We’ve tried everything — anal, bj, missionary, different sex positions. We’ve run out of options and now I just feel like a porn star.

His favorite is anal, and it’s not comfortable for me, but if I don’t ever want it, he just gets upset about it. He’ll get upset if I don’t know anything new to try, but how can I? I was a virgin before him, he thinks we don’t have enough sex, but usually we’ll have it 4-5 times a week. I used to be so into it, but now he just wants to get in and get out. I have to use lube just to get started. Now because he won’t have foreplay with me anymore, he thinks its a chore to turn me on. He just wants to do it. Continue reading

“My partner and I are bored with our sex life”

My partner and I have both gotten bored with our sex life. We’ve tried different positions, different lubes, even different ways of foreplay. At one point we even put up a porno to watch while we were doing it and that didn’t help.

We need help. We both feel like we need to do something different but we can’t think of anything. Please give me some advice!

“My ex-boyfriend keeps using me for sex”

I’m heartbroken and tired of being “played with.” My ex and I broke up about two months ago, and I am still devastated. I genuinely feel like he forced me to break up with him, because the moment it was even suggested, he agreed and wouldn’t let me take it back.

I haven’t been living here very long. I moved here a couple of years ago, but, haven’t made very many close friends yet. He was my best, and almost only friend. I am friends with people I work with, but I don’t see them outside of work. He has lived here his whole life and has a good network of friends. While we were together, they were kind of my friends too.

After we broke up, he basically insisted on staying friends. I have tried this in the past and know that this is very hard to do! Continue reading

“How can I make sex good for my girlfriend again?”

I’ve been with my girlfriend for three years now, and things haven’t been so great in our sex life for at least two. I have a premature ejaculation problem, which sort of just started happening a year into our relationship. Our sex life has gone from a daily thing we both enjoyed, to an awkward thing we hardly ever do anymore.

We have talked a lot about this issue and we have come to the conclusion that the only thing that can help is more sex, but that’s just the problem now — she needs me to make it good for her again for her to even want sex with me. It seems like she is avoiding any opportunities in which I could initiate sex, and it’s not easy to get an opportunity as we live in a small house with flat mates who are always around. Continue reading