“He wanted me then acted extremely weird”

Last week, I hung out with some people from work. This extremely attractive guy I’ve worked with for two months began flirting with me, when he realized I didn’t have a boyfriend, like he’d thought I did all along. He seemed really interested and we had a bit in common. Eventually, after a few more beers he asks where I live and he follows me back to my house where he meets my mom and my grandmother.

He’s very drunk at this point, and I’m pretty naive, but he starts kissing me and picks me up and stuff, then keeps trying to touch me and other things of that nature. I thought he genuinely liked me, but I would be like “No, cut it out, I don’t know you that well” but he would be like, “But I’m not!” and yet continued to take my pants off and I’d have to pull them back up. Eventually he ended up fapping onto my stomach. I acted kind of awkward and disinterested while he was doing that, in retrospect, and refused to fuck him or put it in my mouth or even touch it. As he was leaving he got extremely weird. He kept telling me I was going to “Be ok” like I was upset or something (I wasn’t), that I “don’t need a man”, and saying “maybe I’ll come back here someday” then left for work, still decently hammered.

The next day he consistently makes eye contact with me and smiles at me constantly, and keeps asking me what I’m doing later, but never asks to hang out. Two days after that, I get called in for dinner shift, and he ends up coming in as well. I’m leaving at that point, assuming he’s gone home for the night as everyone else has, when I see him leaning against his car, drinking a beer and having a cigarette. He immediately comes toward me and apologizes for the other night and gives me a hug and talks to me for a while. I muster the balls to ask if he wants to hang out again sometime, and he immediately says he’s not looking for a girlfriend, but also immediately comes up with an idea of what we should do (he’d bring his dog over and we’d go for a run). Eventually he asks what I’m doing when I go home, and I say probably going to sleep, and he says he has family visiting. We hug again, then I drive away.

A little backstory about me, I’m apparently a “good looking girl with something wrong upstairs,” as a guy I met briefly described me to someone. I have an embarrassing social skills issue and my behavior/mannerisms are very childlike/choppy/awkward. I’ve been told by numerous people that no matter how attractive I supposedly am, my weird demeanor deters guys who would ordinarily be interested because I’m “hot” (I think that may be bullshit because I’m pretty sure hot girls don’t get rejected like this.)

Anyways, I’m so confused, and it’s killing me: 1. Could it possibly be that I’m just not attractive enough? 2. Do you think he genuinely likes me or was just drunk? 3. Has there ever been a very good looking girl that you rejected/just weren’t interested in for some reason? 4. General thoughts on the situation?

Would be very very appreciated!


3 thoughts on ““He wanted me then acted extremely weird”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This guy wanted a one night atand or easy sex. Mark him off your list and never let being drunk be a excuse for poor behavior.

  2. Paige B. Keith (@paigemey779) says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like he just wanted to get his rocks off; now he’s trying to make it seem like there’s a chance of hanging out when he really is just trying to get out of seeing you again. It’s likely not you, just the type of guy he is.

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